Your Daily Dose Of Nature

The osprey catches fish better than anyone I know. Watch this full screen. First it catches a whole handful of fish at once. Second it dives under water to get a sole or flounder. Third it catches one as big or bigger than he is.

Really remarkable footage. Slo-mo too.

Thanks to Wirecutter

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6 Responses to Your Daily Dose Of Nature

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Look at the way he shakes himself off at about 1:18. I don’t know if I have seen anything like that before.

    That last fish probably didn’t enjoy the chance to go flying, huh?

    Good stuff.

    • RUDE JUDE says:

      I saw this last night R.D. and then got up and showed it to my Dad while waiting for my Mom to go into some risky surgery. He loves stuff like this. The shaking off of the water was really amazing!!!! Nature in itself, is amazing!!

  2. RJ says:

    I didn’t know birds besides ducks had submersion mode.

    Strength to weight ratio for that bird with the big fish at the end has to be off the charts.

  3. sortahwitte says:

    I love it! He was riding that last fish like a surf board.

  4. Lerxst says:

    I caught myself doing a little body english trying to “help” the bird with that big fish. Amazing!

  5. notamobster says:

    That was incredible. Thanks, Jim.