What Our Future Commute Will Look Like?


Loading up the family truckster and driving the whole clan cross-country to Wally World will look like this in the future if the “greenies” have their way…and our lives will be better off for it. Click on the link to have a good chuckle for the day. It’s a good read for a Monday.

Instead, I spent nearly an hour at the Milford service plaza as the Tesla sucked electrons from the hitching post. When I continued my drive, the display read 185 miles, well beyond the distance I intended to cover before returning to the station the next morning for a recharge and returning to Manhattan.

I drove, slowly, to Stonington, Conn., for dinner and spent the night in Groton, a total distance of 79 miles. When I parked the car, its computer said I had 90 miles of range, twice the 46 miles back to Milford. It was a different story at 8:30 the next morning. The thermometer read 10 degrees and the display showed 25 miles of remaining range — the electrical equivalent of someone having siphoned off more than two-thirds of the fuel that was in the tank when I parked.

I wonder how well these electric cars are doing in the aftermath of winter storm, Nemo. Probably as worthless as a one-legged soccer player.

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2 Responses to What Our Future Commute Will Look Like?

  1. Trebor snoyl says:

    If he thinks he’s got problems with the range of the Tesla, wait till the lithium ion battery catches fire!