Obama Nominates Muslim Convert & Liar To Head CIA

I would like to think that a qualified man of any faith could be nominated to head the CIA. I don’t think that. I’m actually quite concerned about it. Especially so, given President Obama’s lethargy concerning prosecuting the war on terror and his relative disinterest in finding those responsible for attacks on America.

Word is that John Brennan converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Wahhabi Islam, which encourages, funds, and provides material support to Al Qaeda. Remember that Obama has made “making Muslims feel better about themselves” a large part of NASA’s mission.

Did John Brennan lie under oath? The answer appears to be yes.

Here’s the backstory. Senator Marco Rubio asked Brennan about Harzi, who was detained in Tunisia and eventually released by the Tunisian government. When Rubio asked why the United States couldn’t prevent Harzi’s release by the Tunisians, Brennan responded that the United States must respect Tunisian law and traditions. “The Tunisians did not have a basis in their law to hold him.” And when Rubio pushed further, Brennan dismissed his concerns and made a claim that simply isn’t true.

“We didn’t have anything on him, either,” Brennan said. “If we did, we would have made a point to the Tunisians to turn him over to us, but we didn’t have that.”

We didn’t have anything on him?

First, Harzi had a history. He’d been detained by the Tunisian government for five years, from 2006 to 2011, on terrorism charges. Among other concerns, he was then seeking to join his brother, a midlevel operative in Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Second, after the Benghazi attack Harzi was detained in Turkey, at least in part on the basis of intelligence provided to the Turks by the U.S. government.

Third, Harzi was held in Tunisia for three months on the strength of intelligence the U.S. government collected about his involvement in the Benghazi attacks. According to the Daily Beast, that intelligence included real-time social media updates from Benghazi about the unfolding attack.

Fourth, Harzi’s own lawyer says that the Tunisian courts are still monitoring Harzi because he remains charged with membership in a terrorist group.

If Brennan believes the U.S. government doesn’t have “anything” on Harzi, it’s hard to find others who share that assessment.

We could stick to the fact that he’s apparently a liar, but no one cares about that anymore.

Should we have a Muslim as Director of Central Intelligence?

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8 Responses to Obama Nominates Muslim Convert & Liar To Head CIA

  1. notamobster says:

    Wow. Not a single response?

  2. Cold Warrior says:

    It’s worse.
    Whether he’s a Muslim convert or not, the fact remains that Obama and Brennan and our general officers have hired Muslim Brotherhood members at some of the highest levels of government in Homeland Security, DoD, the FBI, CIA, State, etc.
    And Panetta, Dempsey, Brennan, Obama, Jarrett, Hillie and all the rest have done their best to isolate Israel and usher in the Caliphate all across North Africa, the Middle East and every other place they can help make it happen.


    • notamobster says:

      Imagine what happens if a Muslim DCI decides we don’t really need to track terror threats, or worse, if he were a sympathizer and decided to aid our enemies…

      They can support the caliphate all they want. They’ll take my head, before they ever bend my knee.

  3. TN-Cat says:

    Can you imagine if they pull off disarming America? Illinois, California, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, screw you. Elections have consequences. You have time to move if you have half a brain left.

    • notamobster says:

      One of many reasons I WILL NOT SUBMIT! Not to anyone, ever. Not the govt. Not the caliphate. No one. Not ever.


  4. TN-Cat says:

    With you Brother.