VA State Run Monopoly Cutting Hours Due to Obamacare

Even state governments are cutting back worker hours in order to deal with the economic disaster that is Obamacare.

More than 600 part-time employees at the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will soon have their hours cut as the state prepares to enact the Affordable Care Act.

Under the Affordable Care Act, employers would be required to offer health care insurance to employees who work more than 30 hour a week.

As a result, legislation to limit the number of hours worked by the Commonwealth’s part-time work force was introduced in January and will be enacted in late April, a memo from the Virginia ABC said.

A Virginia ABC employee contacted 8News about the change, saying he’ll soon lose nine to 11 hours of pay each week, when the new policy goes into effect.

Now they will have to buy their own insurance as required by law but they will have smaller paychecks with which to do it. That is hope and change, Obama style.

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