The Next Director Of The CIA Calls Jerusalem ‘Al Quds’, And Speaks About The Beauty Of Islam.

In the clip he starts by speaking English. Then he changes to speaking Arabic, during which he refers to Al Quds while the crawler at the bottom reads Jerusalem. At the end he again calls it Al Quds and clarifies by following up with ‘Jerusalem’.

I don’t know what the significance of this clip is but I think it should be seen by Americans. If Brennan is in fact a Muslim convert, and if he does not see Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he is no friend to Israel or the Jewish people. The existence of Israel will be more uncertain if he is confirmed.

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4 Responses to The Next Director Of The CIA Calls Jerusalem ‘Al Quds’, And Speaks About The Beauty Of Islam.

  1. James says:

    This guy is contaminated.
    Just like the excutive office guy.

  2. Ray Davies says:

    I don’t know folks, am I depressed or have gotten to where I just don’t give a shit anymore? We have this clown as DCIA, we have Hagel for DOD we have the president, none of which give a damned about the Freedom and safety of this Country. Now we nave NoKO with their ICBM and a pocket nuke, the Iranians building them, and the AQs ready to spread terror across the world at a single word. Is it wrong to think just let the shit hit the fan so we can deal with it now while some of us still can? Keep the Faith, my friends, God will do as He sees fit.

    • RUDE JUDE says:

      Indeed, “God will do as he sees fit”. I think sooner than later at this point. Is it bad to wish it to come real soon?

      • notamobster says:

        The only people who refer to Jerusalem as ‘al quds’ are Muslims. The name refers to the Dome of the Rock, not the city of Jerusalem. It has been co-opted as the name of Jerusalem, by Muslims, because Islam requires that Muslims set themselves apart from others. They refer to the city, by the affectionate name of it’s most prominent mosque. This is the same ideal which caused the ground zero mosque association to name their foundation “Cordoba House”. Their is historical religious significance.


        As for sooner or later… If the fight must be had, I pray that it come now, or soon.