Victory Bourbon To Reduce Alcohol Content


Actually, it’s Makers Mark who will be watering down their bourbon to meet the high demand of the spirit. They plan to reduce their 45% alcohol by volume down to 42%. Now it will just take a few more drinks so you can achieve that warm and fuzzy state that you seek.

Maker’s Mark announced it is reducing the amount of alcohol in the spirit to keep pace with rapidly increasing consumer demand.

In an email to its fans, representatives of the brand said the entire bourbon category is “exploding” and demand for Maker’s Mark is growing even faster. Some customers have even reported empty shelves in their local stores, it said.

After looking at “all possible solutions,” the total alcohol by volume of Maker’s Mark is being reduced by 3 percent. Representatives said the change will allow it to maintain the same taste while making sure there’s “enough Maker’s Mark to go around.” It’s working to expand its distillery and production capacity, too.

This is stealth inflation, or hedonics, I believe, where products are substituted for less quality or quantity to be able to meet current price. Despite the government claiming there is no inflation, go to your local grocery store and check out food prices. Better yet, don’t just look at the prices, take a look at the quantities of the product you are looking at. Do they seem smaller than they use to be in the past? Are you getting less bang for your buck than you once had? Of course, this is nothing new. Hershey’s chocolate bars always sold for 5 cents back in the day. Depending on the price of cocoa, they would alter the size of the chocolate bar so it would remain 5 cents. If cocoa prices went up, the bar got smaller.

This type of inflation is tough to track and much harder to notice. It’s still inflation.

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One Response to Victory Bourbon To Reduce Alcohol Content

  1. Locke n Load says:

    See now, this just pisses me off. Who in the hell told the world about Makers Mark anyway? Had myself a nice little thing going then all of a sudden BLAM, the price shot up and now this…
    Screw watering it down, just ramp up production and sell 2 versions, one at a lower proof and the original. Hell, even Crown went to a gold label product.