Student & Father Sue University Over C+ Grade

I have a libertarian friend, whose wife is a English Professor at CMU(who is also a libertarian). We were talking at a party, about the entitled-to-a-trophy generation and she says: ‘You don’t know the half of it. I have parents calling and scheduling appointments to bitch at me about how I graded their kid. A university student! I have to remind them that their child is a college a student and needs to put on the big boy pants and do the work, to get the grade.’

Megan Thode isn’t the first Lehigh University student who was unhappy with the grade she received in a course. But she may be the first to sue to get it changed.

The C+ that Thode was given scuttled her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor and was part of an effort to force her out of the graduate degree program she was pursuing, said her lawyer, Richard J. Orloski, whose lawsuit seeks $1.3 million in damages.

Orloski said his client is the victim of breach of contract and sexual discrimination, and a civil trial began Monday before Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano over the claims. They’re nonsense, said Neil Hamburg, an attorney for Lehigh University.

“I think if your honor changed the grade, you’d be the first court in the history of jurisprudence to change an academic grade,” Hamburg told Giordano.

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2 Responses to Student & Father Sue University Over C+ Grade

  1. Ray Davies says:

    Way the hell back when I was teaching here at the U, I had a student come in and give me hell because he got a C-. After he ranted for a while I told him he deserved an F and that was what he was going to get if he didn’t shut up and get out. He was- 1 Black and 2 a Wrestler. You can’t believe the shit I caught for the C- when he needed at least a C. The dumb SOB didn’t even know how to get 10% of a number.

  2. fubar says:

    She NEEDS that 1.3million $ to pay back her student loans…

    Oh wait. She doesn’t have any.