Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wasn’t impressed with Bronco Bama

I don’t know what the hell is going on with McCain.

Obama was talking immigration reform when this occurred.

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12 Responses to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wasn’t impressed with Bronco Bama

  1. BigJimTX says:

    Looks like somebody shoved a cattleprod up his ass.

    • Eddie says:

      That cattleprod has probably has never experienced so much s*** and needs to be retired. Just like that old coot!

  2. John McCain has become an embarrassment to the republican party and that is not hard to do these days. John…….do us a favor……………retire before your dementia really starts to set in and you start to drool.

    • Doc says:

      …been sayin’ that for YEARS! Apparadently, the co$t of a Senate seat in Arizona is $25,000,000.00-approximately th’ amount of money he spent to beat a TALK RADIO SHOW HOST!

  3. Jim D says:

    His nutz itch.

  4. messup says:

    The Honorable, venerable, War Hero (veteran), John McCain was a:1) turn coat, 2) is a Progressive New Left Activist and 3)kowtow’s to the RNC/GOP party line…what’s new?
    John McCain’s daughter Megan McCain is Progressive New Left Activist’s darling! What’s new?
    Both are members of We The Elite People of Culture of corruption permeating everything America and American in Washington DC.
    This “cadre” of cancerous parasites, suckling at governments teats are America’s and Americans Scourge. Trouble is, 95 million Americans, on some form of government programs, are also in agreement with Progressive New Left Activist’s mantra of “the more, the merrier!!!Sad for We The People of Tea Party faithful. A tough slog for We The People, but if We The People fully wake-up, We The People can win this fight…We The People did it before…sure CAN DO, again! Pray. Amen.

  5. sortahwitte says:

    Are mccain and shoomer dating again? They both have that post orgasmic look. I know, I know, it won’t get out of my head, either.

  6. Bruce says:

    Lindsey Graham seems to be enjoying the moment as well.

  7. Uke says:

    Shumer looks like he’s trying to keep from mussing up his freshly applied nail polish.

  8. notamobster says:

    Lindsey Graham is a RINO of the first order. He’s a terrible republican. He should switch his affiliation.