Democrats to control the weather

Step back non-believers, or the change will never come! Someone start that fire burning, somebody beat the drum.

Liberal senators are helping President Barack Obama make good on his plan to address climate change during his second term, and are set to announce comprehensive legislation on the topic later this week.

Democratic Sens. Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer will hold a news conference on Thursday to announce new legislation that would put a fee on carbon dioxide emissions to help fund green-energy projects such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass.

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23 Responses to Democrats to control the weather

  1. RUDE JUDE says:

    My brother recently told me about H.A.A.R.P. and the ionosphere or whatever it is they manipulate to make weather events happen. It’s too much for me to write about so I just thought I’d suggest you look it up. It’s rather interesting and scary at the same time. If you’ve ever wondered about those white cloud streamer looking things in the sky, it may not just be the endtrails of jets.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      With all due respect to your brother Jude, I am pretty sure that is one of those things that is blown way out of proportion. HAARP is about deep penetrating communications in the ionosphere and, at its most powerful, is a tiny fraction of the power of every one of tens of thousands of lighting bolts in the ionosphere every day.

      The contrail thing is just pure hokum. There are plenty of real ways in which the government is destroying this country to focus on. I don’t have time for conspiracy theories, dear.

      • RUDE JUDE says:

        No problem there R.D. I figured it was something like a hoax but I had never heard about it before. I really appreciate that the REVO is here for us everyday to keep us focused on the real stuff. Happy Valentines Day!!

        • notamobster says:

          I differ with RD on this topic. I have absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind, that our government is actively pursuing weather modification. One of the stated purposes in the patent applications for a system, just like the one at Gakona, Alaska, was weather modification. There were other things like mind control, and directed energy weaponry listed as well. (Much of it was pipe dreams trying to sell an idea, I think)

          Anyone who thinks they wouldn’t seek suck a strong battlefield implement, with all due respect, is fooling themselves.

          The problem then, becomes proving it. Aircraft contrails exist. some of the ones we see at varying elevations, shouldn’t. They also exist in strange patterns. I took pictures years ago (in Louisiana) of checkerboard contrails with sometimes as many as 5-6 planes making the pattern.

          I don’t know what the purpose was. I would imagine weather modification. Our largest enemies are trying to gain control of the weather, why wouldn’t we?

          • RUDE JUDE says:

            That’s the place in Alaska that my brother was talking about too. Makes ya wonder really. I mean, for example…when a meteorologist shows an area with low humidity and clear skies, and then a little while later, a rainstorm? I dunno. Seems like sinister people will try anything to rule.

  2. notamobster says:

    I don’t/won’t ascribe malice or sinister intent to the issue. I don’t think it’s some secret cabal, bent on world domination. I wouldn’t have any way of proving something like that, so it would discredit me as a “conspiracy theorist”.

    What I believe, is that our govt (probably with DARPA) is trying to learn how to modify the weather. I don’t know that I even have any issues with the idea. If someone is going to have the technology, it might as well be us. I’d certainly rather we be on the cutting edge of development, as opposed to being cut by someone else who wasn’t afraid to pursue it.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I don’t doubt that researchers, secret and otherwise, are trying to control the weather.

      HAARP, however, puts RF in in the ionosphere. The ionosphere has little to do with the weather and RF sure as hell isn’t going to change the ionosphere enough to do anything, anyway. Every single lighting bolt sends a hell of a lot more RF into the ionosphere than anything humans could muster.

      Furthermore, my standard objection applies. The Air Force, the Navy, the University of Alaska and a bunch of other organizations are involved. Too many people to keep a sinister conspiracy a secret.

      The public explanations for HAARP perfectly explain its purpose. Why assume there is anymore to it?

      As for the contrail thing, I don’t know much about the theories around that but what I have seen seems to argue that the government is purposely poisoning us with a massive crop dusting-like operation. C’mon.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Hell, the HAARP facility is wide open. Students work there without security clearances. They let foreign nationals in. They have open houses. Each summer, the HAARP holds a summer school for visiting students, including foreign nationals.

        • notamobster says:

          Actually, it’s been closed to the public since 2007 when the USAF & USN took over completely. They allowed the public in for one day in 2009.

          The public explanations for HAARP perfectly explain its purpose. Why assume there is anymore to it?

          I am using the public explanations as my source material.

          If the original intent (which sold the idea to Darpa) was weather modification (among other things – comms, ELF ground-penetrating radar, weaponization) – and the DoD is still running the show – why is it such a stretch to believe that they are still trying to manipulate the weather from there.

          I’m not saying they caused the earthquake in China or Haiti. I don’t think HAARP caused the tornadoes in Alabama. I don’t, however, have any doubt that they are still trying to modify weather with it.

          Good article here.

          • R.D. Walker says:

            I don’t fear HAARP in the least. I see nothing nefarious in it. I fear the IRS, Homeland Security, the Fed and the EPA far more than HAARP.

            • notamobster says:

              Good Lord. What in any of what I have said would indicate that I fear HAARP or am encouraging others to do so?

              I’m just not dismissing the idea that the system may be being used for one of the purposes it was initially funded. I’m not supporting theories of global domination by the Masons, or govt funded poisoning of it’s population, but I’m not going to dismiss the reason HAARP was funded – simply because it’s taboo and labeled a “conspiracy theory”. It’s not an all or nothing proposition.

              I even said that I don’t have a problem with govt weather modification.

            • R.D. Walker says:

              You didn’t say anything but the intertoobs is bursting at the seams with nefarious conspriracies attributed to HAARP. I was responding to that.

  3. messup says:

    O.K., climate Change redux!
    Facts: 1) In the Summertime, Antartica’s ice formation totals the size of all the USA.
    2) In the Wintertime, Antartica’s ice formation totals more than the size of all of Africa.
    3) Antartica, and all the world, is monitored by a host (more than 20) of highly sophisticated satellites (LANDSAT, the latest) able to discern within a hairbreadth’s size of accuracy any changes to earth’s topography, climate, et al.
    4) In Antartica, more than 200 billion tons of ice are formed every year.
    5) Antartica, is the worlds thermostat.
    6) Brine vents form Antartica’s Icy surface form huge “brine rivulets” circling the earth’s deep ocean ravines.
    7) Detected climate oscillations, from 20th Century technoligies, have resulted in a reported climate oscillation of (plus or minus) less than one degree Farenheit.
    Mr. Gore (and all Climate Change advocates) please wake-up to factual evidence. Geeez! Pray. Amen.

  4. Bman says:

    My good friend is a pilot for Delta. He flies an airbus 330. The contrail thing is BS.

    • notamobster says:

      Say what you want about the contrail issue, but these are not normal aircraft contrails.

      Contrails happen because the rapid expansion of hot exhaust gases freeze moisture in the air. They don’t stay, all day long. They freeze, then dissipate.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Why would a chemtrail last longer than a water vapor condensation vapor trail?

        Why would a chemtrail even be visible?

        Why can’t, based on variations in temperature, winds, sunlight, air pressure and so on, a contrail last for hours?

        What are chemtrails made of if not water vapor?

        Do planes that leave chemtrails somehow not also leave contrails? How does that work?

        If chemtrail planes leave contrails, can you tell the difference when they are together?

        What should I look for in the photos you linked to as evidence that they aren’t contrails? Surely not the patterns. That could be attributed to aerial photography, training flights or many other causes.

        • R.D. Walker says:

          You don’t have to answer. I really don’t want to debate it. These are just the questions I would ask, that’s all.

          • notamobster says:

            I have asked the same questions.

            When I first saw something like this, I’d never heard of chemtrails. I sat watching the planes fly back and forth making a grid pattern. Perfectly deep blue, cloudless sky that warm Louisiana morning.

            I had – and still have – no idea why they did it, or what they were doing.

            If it’s okay to presume that it was aerial photography or other… why is it not okay to presume it’s the government working on new defense technology, which they have actively sought in the past?

            I’m content to think it is weather modification. That’s why I’ve never brought the subject up.

            • R.D. Walker says:

              “If it’s okay to presume that it was aerial photography or other… why is it not okay to presume…”

              Occum’s razor says that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.

              We know that there is aerial photography and training flights. No assumption needed there.

              That said, sometimes Occum is wrong. Nevertheless, ceteris paribus, I go with Occum.

            • BigJimTX says:

              If Occum’s wrong, I’ll finally have a use for this tinfoil brain bucket.

  5. notamobster says:

    That’s me. Tinfoil hat guy. Watch out for the shape-shifting lizard people Jooos…..

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Nah, you aren’t that.

      It is just that I am the ultimate skeptic of everything in the world except John 3:16. That I just accept. Everything else, however, and I am going to need some proof.