Interesting… Dorner Was Caught And Killed Because He Kept Screwing Up

He was unable to plan and execute an escape. He kept making mistakes.

He styled himself as a Rambo-like guerrilla, someone trained to outwit and outshoot the police at every turn, and while Christopher Dorner left no doubt he could be unforgivingly violent, when it came to keeping ahead of the law during his deadly rampage, he made one mistake after another.

The last one β€” letting one of two people he tied up get to her cellphone and call police as he made off in their purple car β€” tipped authorities he was coming.”

Then he posted his ‘Manifesto.

If you’re really trying to kill all those people, if that’s really your plan, and you’re a great tactician, then you don’t tell people,” said Jim Clemente, a retired behavioral analyst for the FBI. “You don’t tell LAPD in advance so they can put a bunch of bodyguards on people. He went and killed soft targets, innocent citizens who had nothing to do with him at all. He used those to scare people, and he used those sadistically to harm the LAPD officer he wanted to get at.”

After the first two killings, Dorner tried to steal a boat in San Diego and flee to Mexico, but the former Navy veteran tangled a rope in the outboard motor and couldn’t start it, authorities said.

Not real smart.

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One Response to Interesting… Dorner Was Caught And Killed Because He Kept Screwing Up

  1. thebronze says:

    Untrained amateurs talk. Trained professionals do.

    This guy was an amateur. Although he had SOME training, he still a rank amateur and he STILL threw fits on LE all over SoCal.

    Imagine what a handfull TRAINED people will do.