Ammoland: “Where’s Governor Chris Christie as Democrats Bury the Second Amendment?”


Where is Governor Christie? Where, for that matter, are John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, my Congresswoman, and dozens of other ‘Republicans’? The left is planning to walk all over the rights of gun owners and people with dissenting opinions. They want to overwhelm and destroy state’s rights and strengthen minority preference.

Back to Chrispy: right now there are at least fifteen anti-gun bills being worked on in New Jersey. They include:

We’re talking about gun-grabbing bills like:

*** A3748 — Outlaws private sales of firearms;

*** A1329 — Magazine ban for any magazine that can hold more than ten rounds;

*** A3717 — Strips your Second Amendment rights — nationwide — if your name has ever appeared on virtually any certificate, application, record, or report dealing with mental health;

*** A3754 — Gun confiscation for virtually anyone accused of having a mental health issue;

*** A3659 — Ban on 50 caliber firearms;

*** A3510 — Government-mandated firearms “training” just to be able to purchase a firearm;

*** A3687 — Repeals your Second Amendment rights if the government labels you a “terrorist;”

*** A588 — Bans so-called “armor piercing” ammunition;

*** A3646 — Ammunition registration and sales regulation;

*** A1116 — Repeals your Second Amendment rights for six months if you fail to report the loss of theft of a firearm;

*** A1387 — Lets municipalities turn New Jersey into a patchwork of varying local “criminal safezones;”

*** A3645 — Bans all ammunition sales and transfers, including internet sales, except those conducted “face-to-face;”

*** A3750 — Ammunition registration and sales regulation;

*** A3772 — Increases regulations on the unconstitutional “permit-to-purchase, and;”

*** A3796 — 90-day confiscation window for all firearms currently banned in New Jersey.

Despite a massive turnout of law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, anti-gun lawmakers balked and passed these bills along.

Chrispy is doing nothing to support gun owners. He will sign these if they pass both houses. Does he really think he is preparing himself for a successful run for national office?

These bills are not designed to deter crime. They are designed to make felons of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

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One Response to Ammoland: “Where’s Governor Chris Christie as Democrats Bury the Second Amendment?”

  1. messup says:

    This is classic Progressive New Left Activist’s ploy to “overwhelm the system” with excessive rules, regulations, Executive Orders, proposal to amendments, baseless recall movements, et al in order to achieve their ultimate “Cloward-Piven” goals. A top down/bottom up and insideout take over of everything American, American exceptionalism. Ultimately destroying “Rule of Law,” its foundations in US Constitution; Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.
    This movement had its origins in the 1900’s, ebbing and rising these last 40-odd years. Now, with social media, these techie nerds have been hi-jacked by “politik operatives” aiding and abetting them in their quest for unconditional surrender of every American to “their vision of America’s future.”
    This was expected…its Progressive New Left Activists march towards their goals of “wearing down Americans’ will to fight” all these frivolous efforts at destroying everything American and American exceptionalism (read: ACLU). Gird ones Loins…this is the start of Obama’s second term in office and his “bases” efforts to overthrow (by a silent “coup d’etat”) America. It’s unfolding right before We The People’s very eyes…wake-up for Pete’s Sake!!!Damn!Pray. Amen.