Will Americans Obey Gun Bans?

American gun owners are being systematically placed in an untenable position. We know from our reading of the works of the founders of the United States that our Constitution and its amendments were not designed to grant us the rights they refer to. The men who wrote the Constitution believed that they were God-given. The reason they were included was to simply reaffirm that.

The rights mentioned there have been continually eroded by political leaders who claim to mean well but instead work to place limitations on what our rights are.

Today we see an all-out push by politicians on the left to attack mainly our rights to own guns. If they succeed in passing those restrictions will American gun owners obey them?

Some will but many will not. What kind of a reaction should the resistors expect from the central authority? Some people are starting to ask these and other questions. Professor Glenn Reynolds is Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee.


He also operates the weblog know as Instapundit. As professor of law he has written a paper about this question. It’s titled, ‘Ham Sandwich Nation: Due Process When Everything is a Crime’. In it he discusses the unfortunate direction our legal system has been heading.

More to the point is an article in PJ media by Paul Hsieh titled, ‘Would New Gun Laws Spark Widespread Civil Disobedience?’. Hsieh handles the question with a logical look at it:

Gun control has long been a controversial issue in American politics. However, there are three aspects to this issue that make this more volatile than other hot topics such as taxes, foreign policy, or abortion:

1) The strongest advocates of each side hold fundamentally irreconcilable positions.

2) Ordinary Americans have declared their willingness to disobey the law.

3) Local law enforcement officials and state governments have also vowed civil disobedience.”

He then, like Reynolds, addresses the what the results would be. He sees:

Once such unenforceable laws are on the books, there are serious negative consequences, including:

1) Selective enforcement

2) Diversion of limited police resources from real crimes

3) Increasing contempt by otherwise honest citizens for the central government”

I suggest that you read both of these. Each of us must individually decide what our reaction will be to laws banning guns or calling for their confiscation. We can not make that decision without thinking through our actions and the likely consequences of them. This is serious and potentially dangerous stuff. Resistance could mean prison time or death.

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15 Responses to Will Americans Obey Gun Bans?

  1. Pirate Morgan says:

    civil disobedience for me. I have looked at both sides and have determined that my stand for the Constitution has already put me at odds with the current administration. They will necessarily need to destroy me and others like me anyway, just as they did in the Russian Revolution. This being true, and I know it’s true, I choose to go down with a bang and not a wimper. There is no other way for me for if they get my guns, I am dead anyway. The choice for me is a no brainer.

  2. notamobster says:

    My choice was made years ago. My wife knows and understands. My family knows that some things are worth fighting for. As long as I live, I will live free.

    I will not be disarmed. Period.

  3. TN-Cat says:

    This is not false bravado, just a process of elimination.
    I will never be incarcerated for owning a firearm.
    I will not give up my right to own a firearm.
    Only leaves one option and I accept that.

    • notamobster says:

      Yeah, TN, most of the folks screaming about fighting the govt or whatever, are internet warriors. They’ll dutifully turn in their weapons when the demand is made.

      Some of us, like many Revoistas I imagine, have fully considered the implications of civil disobedience. I came to grips with exactly what that means, long ago. It’s not pretty, but it is the only option for those who choose to live as free men.

  4. Uke says:

    Long ago, a man cut from the same cloth that as-yet unborn Revoistas would someday be cut from claimed that “Death is not the worst of evils.”

    I’m inclined to agree.

  5. Greg B says:

    Not one more inch.
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    The bastards are going to have to salvage me before I let them confiscate my defenses.

  6. Locke n Load says:

    Death isn’t evil, it just IS. Death only sucks for the survivors so I intend to fight for my family before they have to for themselves. But as I seem to have misplaced my guns I guess I’ll have to do so with a wristrocket or something.

  7. notamobster says:

    A perfect example of TN’s ‘internet bravado’ reference:

    Today, I spoke (via the interwebs) with the man who purchased my AK47. I told him that they are selling for a fortune now, and he got a good price. I asked if he would grant me the right of first refusal if he ever decides to sell. He then told me:

    I thought about asking if you wanted to buy it back for LESS than I paid for it because I was afraid they would outlaw it, maybe come for it or not sell ammo for it. So, sorry to say, I traded it, on M46, for a used 12 gauge shotgun. I know, it was probably crazy for doing it.

    This guy is always posting things about fighting to defend freedom, and standing for the 2nd Amendment, etc. He’s a nice guy, but if he got rid of an AK because he thought they may one day be outlawed… sweet Jesus, what will he do if they outlaw shotguns?

    Ugh. Whatever. It was his rifle, but I let him know that I would have bought it back for what he paid without question. Some people.

  8. reboot says:

    I seem to no longer recall where my firearms are located. We already have draconian firearms registration laws in Guam. Even the po-po are MAD about any other looming new federal proclamations that may come out of the holy one or the left coast. But, you understand, you don’t have to document when your gun leaves the island, just inform the air lines that they are in there.
    That, in such, is my answer.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I used to shoot at the Chamorro Range in Piti. I wanted to bring my Glock to Guam and finally gave up and bought a gun on island.

  9. xenicalman says:

    Charlton Heston so beautifully answered that question for me some years ago. And I am still of the same mind today.

  10. Jim22 says:

    Hsieh aptly describes countries like Mexico where everything is illegal. His conclusions are on target as well. Enforcement is selective. It’s left to the individual police officer to decide which laws to enforce and which violations to notice. This leads to some interesting results.

    Drivers regularly exceed speed limits, often driving at twice the posted limit. They ignore stop signs and run red lights. The police, especially in the weeks before Christmas, will pull you over for imagined offenses, looking for their ‘Christmas Bonus’.

    The people have little respect for laws that they cannot obey. It is punishable by long prison terms to have a gun or ammunition but many still own them. The police don’t go door to door looking for guns so it’s a pretty safe thing to do.

    In short it’s corrupt chaos.

  11. colomtn says:

    There is one episode of the Band of Brothers series that I always have a difficult time watching. That is the episode where they discover the concentration camps. The look of helplessness on the faces of the survivors never fails to produce a knot in my stomach and bring tears to my eyes.

    I am not the type of person that looks for trouble but I would rather die a free man than live like a slave.

  12. rk smokey says:

    The only people on are side is the NRA and we need to support them. I will not give up my rights to own a gun.