Survival Tips: Emergency Heater

I was at Dunham’s Sports today, getting softball cleats and gear for the brats when, of course, I accidentally stepped into the guns and outdoor gear section. I don’t know how I got turned around, but I did…

Coincidentally, I found two more magazines for MP5-22. Sweet! Then I noticed and entire rack of various heaters on sale. I have been in the market for years, so I took a gander. I found this one for half off and decided to get it:


When I got home, loaded up my new magazines, and decided to check out my new toy, it had all kinds of warnings against using the product indoors (inside the effing box!). Damn it. That was my intent. I have a 500 gallon propane tank and keep about 30 little green bottles at all times. I wanted this to heat one small room (10×12) in an emergency. That won’t do my family any good if we’re all dead from depleted oxygen and elevated levels of CO2 and CO. Poop.

So, I started digging to find out the difference between this type of heater and the “indoor friendly” propane heaters. It turns out that catalytic heaters (you know, the one I compared this one to and opted against because this one put out more BTU’s…), catalytic heaters use a platinum tip to create the heat, versus reburning the propane, which seems to be what happens with this one. So, now I’m still in the market for a usable indoor heater, which can “safely” heat one small room in the dead of winter during an emergency, using propane cans I already have.

For those who have a propane pig in their yard or a 20 lb can or two, you may want to look into getting one of these, in case the zombie pockeylipse happens.

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7 Responses to Survival Tips: Emergency Heater

  1. notamobster says:

    This is the one I compared to the one I purchased. I’m still gonna keep the Texsport for my deer blind. It’s easier to carry than Magellan’s 20 lb bottle attachment.

    • notamobster says:

      I think I’ll get this one instead.

      Does anyone have any of these (or similar) or experience with them. I’ve always just bundled up when camping in cold weather.

      • Greg B says:

        We have Coleman’s older version of that.
        Worked fantastically in our small two room tent when we were camping at Estes.
        Truth be told, I was too chicken to leave it going all night while we were sleeping. But it would heat the hell out of the tent while we were getting ready for bed.
        And would bring the interior temp up fast first thing in the morning.

      • RevoGirl says:

        We use the coleman catalytic heater when camping. I was tent camping years ago when we got a cold front in, I ran to the closest Walmart and found one for about 50.00. It worked great! One time my hubby knocked a sleeping bag off our bed while he was sleeping, it landed over the heater. When we woke later the heater had burned through the sleeping bag but it turned off, it must have a safety. I found one on clearance for 20.00 last year and got it for a back up.

  2. reboot says:

    I’ve got a buddy that had a tankless propane water heater installed in his wash room. When it says “VENTILATION”. It means it. He shut the door on the laundry room and when the heater turned on for a shower it coated EVERY surface in the room with soot. I won’t install any propane item not controlled by me in the house.

  3. DocO says:

    Hey Nota, here’s the rig I’ve purchased.

    I haven’t used it indoors yet, but it says it’s rated for indoor and outdoor. It can run on the small camping style propane bottles or you can buy an adapter hose/valve assembly that allows you plumb it to a 20lb propane tank.