The sad state of American journalism on display

Watch as David Gregory, who obviously sees himself as a member of Obama’s palace guard, attempts to defend him against the indefensible. It is really quite amazing.

This could and should be Obama’s Watergate if the MSM was doing it job, but they are not and will not. The cover up of a bungled burglary in the 1970′s was enough to take down the President of the United States but the cover up of a much worse bungled response to an attack that resulted in dead Americans garners only protection from the modern media. Had this been a Republican administration, you can be assured that the media would be outraged and a president would fall.

Benghazi was more than enough to be a stake in the heart of this administration but that the MSM has run to his defense. McCain will have little ability to affect the outcome with the palace guard MSM defending the president.

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