Ammo Shortage Relief From Australia

Initial loadings offered by Australian Outback Ammunition.

Initial loadings offered by Australian Outback Ammunition.

Australian Outback Ammunition has just announced that they will be selling .223 and .308 ammunition here in the U.S.A starting this month. They have developed a few different loadings, but their big claim is a feature they call BTI, or Ballistic Temperature Independence. The company claims that their ammo maintains a more consistent velocity over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Practically, this means you can sight in your rifle on a hot summer day and have a very close point of impact with the same scope settings on a cold winter day six months later.”

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4 Responses to Ammo Shortage Relief From Australia

  1. Ray Davies says:

    I was at Sheils” in Coralville yesterday and they had a bunch of AR 15 mags for $30. a piece. Just in case you’re in need. I never realized how rich i am until I saw the price od ammo. $50. for a box of 50 .45ACP.
    I could sell it all at half price and retire. Wait.. I am retired.

  2. Uke says:

    Gimme some of dat 69gr HPBT, mmmhmm! Viva L’Australia!

  3. dale says:

    just bought some 223 outback from in ok

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