Second Amendment +1 In Arkansas!

From Guns Save Lives.

Stock Gun Photo - Black Handgun isolated

A homeowner in Arkansas went to his property, which is under construction, on Sunday and found two individuals stealing lumber and other materials from the site.

The homeowner and a friend got into a physical altercation with the two intruders.

At some point during the fight either the homeowner or his friend drew a firearm. One of the intruders tried to grab the weapon, but was shot before he could do so.

The suspect who was shot is being treated at an area hospital. The second suspect is in police custody.

The homeowner and friend were not hurt.

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One Response to Second Amendment +1 In Arkansas!

  1. Tatersalad says:

    Is your state on the list? Nine states are trying or have passed bills to preempt federal gun bans and disarmament of citizens within their borders.