Chicago’s top cop blames you for his city’s murder rate

It’s not his fault. It is the fault of gun rights people like you.

Facing a surging homicide rate and several headline-grabbing murders, Chicago’s top cop is taking aim at lobbyists who he says prevent politicians from implementing more gun control measures.

McCarthy in the past has blamed “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin for Chicago’s gun violence. He has been outspoken in his opposition to handgun proliferation, telling a radio panel last month he equates fewer guns with improved public safety.

“When people say concealed carry, I say Trayvon Martin,” McCarthy said, referring to the Florida teen who was shot and killed last February by a neighborhood watch volunteer, sparking controversy across the country. “I say Trayvon Martin because the answer to guns is not more guns, and just simply putting guns in people’s hands is going to lead to more tragedy.”

Trayvon Martin, huh? So, what? Is McCarthy judge and jury? It still hasn’t been established that Zimmerman didn’t shoot Martin justifiably and in his own defense. Without concealed carry, perhaps Zimmerman would have been beaten to death. That question has not been answered Not that McCarthy cares about the details; he has already rendered judgement.

Even if Zimmerman is found guilty, I will raise McCarthy’s every citation deaths like that of Trayvon Martin with dozens of instances weapons used legally to save the life of the carrier. McCarthy’s “I say Trayvon Martin” is the worst sort of cherry picking of data as he highlights one negative while ignoring hundreds of positives. It is pure demagoguery.

McCarthy is calling for tougher gun laws but clearly not for Chicago. He and his machine run things in Chicago. Chicago has harsh, draconian gun laws. Aren’t they working?

He doesn’t see the problem as a Chicago problem, He is falling back on the old “guns know no borders” argument. He is arguing that it is the lax gun laws in nearby jurisdictions – like Iowa, for example – that cause the gun violence in Chicago.

That does raise a question, however. If lax gun laws cause violent crime, why is the homicide rate in Iowa radically lower than in Chicago? In fact, it is even lower tahan the rate in the UK. Iowa, which is awash in guns and the home of lax gun laws, has a homicide rate on par with Scandinavia. A question Chief McCarthy hasn’t answered is this: Why do lax gun laws in Iowa not result in high rates of violent crime in Iowa but only cause violent crime 200 miles away in very specific precincts of his city?

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5 Responses to Chicago’s top cop blames you for his city’s murder rate

  1. R.D. Walker says:


    Justice Department researchers have concluded that an assault weapons ban is “unlikely to have an effect on gun violence,” but President Obama has not accepted their report as his administration’s official position.

    “Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence,” the DOJ’s National Institute for Justice explains in a January 4 report obtained by the National Rifle Association.

    None of this is really about reducing violence. It is about imposing control.

  2. Jim22 says:

    This is the same bozo who was caught drunk, shooting out streetlights. Idiot.

    Chicago really is the center of what’s wrong with America.

    “On a separate incident McCarthy who was also out drunk again on City Island one evening was shooting out street lights with two other police officers one of whom was McCarthy’s brother whom is a New York State Trooper.”

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    This dipshit has a gang war between Mexican cartels going on in his city and he blames law-abiding gun owners. The city of Chicago deserves him and vice versa.

  4. trebor snoyl says:

    This Nation needs several dozen Paul Kerseys, and not just for the gangs.