If Obama Had A Son: 2nd Ammendment +1 In St Louis

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer turd.

Five juveniles have been charged in connection to a knockout attack that left a 51-year-old man with a broken jaw in south St. Louis on October 21. view full article

Later several of the teens were arrested including 13 year-old Demetrius Murphy butcharges were dropped after a witness refused to show up in court.

On Friday, Demetrius Murphy was killed by a gun-owner after being involved in a burglary.
Demetrius was shot dead.
FOX 2 reported:

The teenager shot and killed by a homeowner while allegedly breaking into the man’s house had been in the news before. In fact, FOX2 has learned, he was once charged in the case that mad the phrase “knockout game” common in St. Louis.

Demetrius Murphy, 15, died Friday morning after he and another teen, Michael Bryant, allegedly tried to break into a man’s home on Tennessee. Police say the homeowner emerged with a gun. Bryant ran, but they say Murphy confronted him and was shot and killed.

As much as I shouldn’t celebrate the death of a 14-15 year old child, this kid was a sociopath. He was destined to kill in the future. One less convict to support for life. I hope he hasn’t made any babies yet.

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