Smartest Diplomat Ever Screws Japan In Favor Of Norks

Not only is Barry holding private, bilateral talks with North Korea, but he’s overtly threatening relations with Japan because they want to know why. Private talks with Iran & North Korea… this guy is nothing but bad news for our future. His nievete is going to get more people killed. I guess that’s okay, since no one in his administration ever has to take responsibility. A hearty “thanks for nothing” to our cowards in the Republican congress.

Senior U.S. administration officials held secret talks in North Korea on at least three occasions in 2011 and 2012, The Asahi Shimbun has learned.

Although the visits had potential implications for Japan, Washington did not inform its security partner at the time and only informally confirmed one of them when the Japanese side pressed, government and other sources in Japan, South Korea and the United States said.

The U.S. State Department even warned the Foreign Ministry against making further inquiries, saying they would harm bilateral relations, the sources said.

U.S. military planes flew from an air base in Guam to Pyongyang and back on April 7, 2012, and again on a longer visit lasting from Aug. 18-20, the sources said.

It is believed that those aboard included Sydney Seiler, director for Korea at the U.S. National Security Council, and Joseph DeTrani, who headed the North Korea desk at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DeTrani left the post in May.

They met with North Korean officials and discussed policies following the death of leader Kim Jong Il in December 2011.

The North Korean delegation included Jang Song Thaek, vice chairman of the National Defense Commission and husband of Kim Jong Il’s sister. Jang is widely considered to serve as a mentor for Kim Jong Un, who succeeded his father as his nation’s leader.

The Japanese government only learned about the flights after receiving reports from hobbyists monitoring activity at military bases and also analyzing air traffic flight plans.

When the Japanese side submitted an official inquiry, U.S. officials expressed frustration that the request had been made, citing the subject’s confidential nature. The State Department warned Japan against inquiring further, saying Washington-Tokyo ties could be damaged.

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5 Responses to Smartest Diplomat Ever Screws Japan In Favor Of Norks

  1. James says:

    My attorney friend and I had a talk over this.
    Why do libertarians and conservatives think Zero is stupid, incompetent, or naive?
    He’s not. He’s evil, his conduct determined and willful.

    Obama is following a very carefully laid out plan to permanently damage the US economically, socially, militarily. Obama hates the US. That is what has driven him to the presidency. I don’t think the Left wants to destroy the US. They’re just stupid, lazy, undiscriminating people wanting “free” stuff who don’t see the damage being caused by their enabling.

    If this is to stop, conventional wisdom has to become that this “president” is purposely damaging America. That it is possible for a president to destroy America. I think our energy is best spent exposing this.

    • notamobster says:

      I don’t think he’s stupid. I agree that he is evil. My commentary of him as the ‘smartest diplomat ever’ is a jab at the liberal idiots who believe it to be true.

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    No wonder the Japanese are starting to look at their own security without US assistance. While this kind of low-level communication happens, it’s usually with the tacit agreement of local allies and the information is shared because it impacts the larger area. If Obama is doing this crap on his own and not letting our allies in on the info, he’s breaking one of the major quid pro quos of diplomacy.

  3. dukkaA says:

    Barry reminds me of my boss. He does more harm negotiating with the Union behind closed doors then kicking them to the pavement.

    • notamobster says:

      I hated that horse-trading bullcrap. The unions are all about the effing rules being followed to a T – until bending or breaking them is a benefit to them. I hate unions.