“You can’t touch my daughter unless I record it.”

No matter how you feel about TSA, even if you are one of the people who think that TSA improves security, you cannot possibly agree that it acceptable for a TSA agent to refuse to be recorded as he gropes a crying little girl in a wheelchair.

That’s what happened here. “I don’t want to go Disney World,” she screamed as her parents tried to offer reassurances.

Last summer I got a pat down from a neck tattooed TSA cretin who also had “thug life” tatooed on his hand. He was a federal agent with the Department of Homeland Security. It is people like this who, under color of law, we give the authority to grope us in exchange for air travel. These are the people who, under color of law, claim the right to feel up children without the accountability associated with having their actions recorded.

This needs to end. Airport security should be conducted by private security guards who’s only recourse is to prevent us from flying. This bullshit in which every flight results in nasty, hard core scrutiny by federal agents with legitimate legal authority that transcends stopping us at the gate must end.

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30 Responses to “You can’t touch my daughter unless I record it.”

  1. RUDE JUDE says:

    UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE!!!!!! I could not keep watching them torture this little girl. Is it NOT obvious? I only HAVE TO travel for my job a couple times a year. I compy with whatever since I’m on the clock when I do. But still, a little handicapped American girl? Insane.

    • Bman says:

      Honestly, I plan on not watching the video. Don’t think I can do it without getting totally pissed off. I woke up in a good mood and hope it stays that way.

      • DarthJay says:

        I made it about 1 minute in before I had to stop it. I know if I had been there I would have probably gone to airport jail for butting my nose into the situation…

  2. Bman says:

    In Nazi Germany, the “undesirables” wore badges of shame which were color coded to identify them- yellow for jews, pink for sex offenders and homosexuals, Red for political prisoners, etc. TSA agents would most likely be the Brown Shirts today. You know, the thugs who loved being in authority.

  3. RJ says:

    I made it throught the first minute, then had to shut the recording off.. That crap makes my blood boil, federal agent conducting searches without a warrant which controls the completion of a private party transaction.
    Boiling further agravated by anyone, parent, child, grandparent who subjects themselves or their child to such bullshit in the name of freedom.
    The TSA is a unconstitional institution which is infringing on the right of free travel, Americans should have simply refused to fly when this bullshit was instituted.
    What is it going to take before free americans wake TF up and quit subjecting themselves to such soul sucking freedom taking government overreach.
    Time is short, we are being led by a judas goat to the slaughter pens…. if this country doesn’t start pushing back we will see the round ups beginning.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    I think we can all agree that it isn’t possible to just waltz onto airplanes without scrutiny.

    I think we can all agree that entering into a contract with the airline is also a contract to agree to be scrutinized.

    That doesn’t make the TSA okay.

    I figured out in Florida what is disgusting me, about this situation. These are not airline security guards. These are fucking federal agents.

    If they were security guards and they pushed it too far, I could say “Fuck you brownshirt!” and all they could say is, “Sorry sir, you cannot pass through this check point.” The only consequence is that I might not fly that day. That would be the limit of their authority. Anything beyond that, and they would have to call the local police.

    Who the hell knows what power these federal agents of the Department of Homeland Security have? Can the arrest me? Can they forcibly detain me? Can they manhandle me and my wife and children? Can they cuff me and perp walk me? Can they ruin my life with retaliatory prosecutions? Who the hell knows?

    I saw hundreds of people in Florida cowed by the semi-literate, asshole, brownshirt, federal agents of the Department of Homeland Security. It was sickening and no way to run a free country.

    • RJ says:

      “I think we can all agree that it isn’t possible to just waltz onto airplanes without scrutiny.

      I think we can all agree that entering into a contract with the airline is also a contract to agree to be scrutinized.”

      yup shoulda been private security all along, doing what the Airlines see as reasonable to allow persons to fly on their aircraft,

      yup ya agree to be scrutinized in order to fly by contract, ya dont want the particular scrutiny given by one airline, ya can always take your business to a airline scrutinizing more to your liking,
      not so with TSA unless you are in a charter flight, then there are no scrutinizing except what the charter company does.

      The whole point is Federal Agency Overreach, does anyone really think another group of maggots will ever take over a commercial aircraft and fly it into a building will ever happen again, I say not very freaking likely, of course there may be a group of beta males willing to just sit aside and allow it to happen, but I say not likely.

      Once again, federal overreach, they have already floated roadside TSA check stations, they will do it by inches, not miles, start with deep blue states/areas. Into and out of major metro areas where people are already accepting of overreach, solidify the process as normal then spread out.

      Ten freaking years they have had to perfect their process for security of aircraft and the best they can do is to continue to molest children, grandmothers and invalids in wheelchairs. There is/was never any intent to change the process, just keep tightening the screws, more and more control.

      They could have implemented preflight background checks, profiling (OMG ya cant to that) and metal detector walk throughs and been just as successful

      None of that is the display of power the TSA wants, just think how cowed persons in line are when they grope a child, no since of outrage, no sense of freedom, if they can do THAT to a child in a wheelchair, what will happen to me if I object to some tatted up asshole feeling me up.

  5. Bman says:

    I remember back in the good ‘ol days….

    Flying out of Grand Funk, ND, you did not walk through security. You handed the lady or dude your ticket and got on the plane. Back then, every flight from here went to the Twin Cities. Now, after we landed and vacated the plane, would you THEN go through a metal detector at MSP. No groping or humping, either.

    Just thought I would share. This was back in the 90’s by the way.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I had that exact experience flying out of Grand Forks in 1991 after teaching PLDC at Camp Grafton…except for one thing. My plane landed in Jamestown ND and picked up a couple of people without even stopping the engines.

      Or maybe that was on the way to Devil’s Lake… either way, I didn’t hit security on the way home until I got to MSP.

  6. notamobster says:

    In 98, I came back from deployment, showed my military ID, and customs let me walk through Baltimore/Washington with 2 declared shotguns in my bag, wearing my civies, without even looking at my luggage. Different world. Now our Marines can’t even have a bolt in their rifle during parade.

    As late as 2004, you couldn’t have a tube of toothpaste, but you could go to B concourse in Atlanta and get a steak knife with dinner, at the restaurant.

    I flew into Pensicola one day. Got off the plane, went to the next gate, did 10 minutes worth of work, and walked up the jetway stairs to the gate agent (never having left the sterile area). They said TSA rules require that I leave the sterile area, via the sterile area, unaccompanied, and return through the checkpoint, prior to departure. After a bit of lip, I did as requested. Upon screening, I realized I had a jewelers screwdriver in my shirt pocket. I told em to keep it. I didn’t want the headache.

    The TSA Agent says “Nah, you can take it, you’re in uniform”. WTF? He never asked to see my security badge, id, nothing. TSA is a sick, twisted, very sad, joke.

  7. R.D. Walker says:

    In 1983, the C-141 I was returning on from Grenada had an issue that required it to land in the civilian airport in Charleston, SC. I walked through that airport with about 25 others still in my dirty, nasty BDUs, carrying a rucksack and an M-60 machine gun. We were escorted by security but got applause every step of the way.

    Frankly, it was the high point of my life at that point.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    New Media exposure causes the Brownshirts to backpedal.

    The Transportation Security Administration is apologizing to a Missouri family after agents at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport detained a three-year-old child confined to a wheelchair, took away her stuffed animal, and refused to allow her parents to film agents performing a body search.
    The TSA told Fox News that the actions of their agents in St. Louis was inappropriate. Passengers are permitted to film TSA procedures at the checkpoint as long as it doesn’t interfere with the screening process.

    And while the child ultimately did not receive a pat-down, the TSA said the family should never have been told it was going to occur.

    “We are committed to maintaining the security of the traveling public and strive to treat all passengers with dignity and respect,” the TSA spokesperson told Fox News. “While no pat-down was performed, we will address specific concerns with our workforce.”

    These cretins want to operate in the shadows. You have a camera in your phone and you know how to use the Internet. Disinfect these vermin with sunlight.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Maybe if the leadership at the Department of Homeland Security wants to avoid this shit in the future they could just send out a memo reminding the cretins manning the checkpoints not to act like fascist pricks.

      Nah, that won’t work. The chance to be fascist pricks is what draws people to employment in the TSA.

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    That little girl crying “I don’t wanna go to Disney World” might have caused me to lose it. I mean seriously. I don’t think I could bear it. I might have gone a little insane.


    • notamobster says:

      I haven’t watched the video, and I don’t intend to. I hate the TSA as it is. I don’t need a refresher to steel my resolve. It would only give rise to a massive coronary. Wooosah….

  10. R.D. Walker says:

    This really, really bothers me. Seriously.

  11. rj says:

    You are not the only one my friend, I want to commit acts of extreme violence against assholes like the goons who take advantage of power positions, TSA is the worst because they know they can totally screw up a free mans life, no fly list, missed flight, vacation, important business meeting… why else would a free man subject himself or his wife or children to such bullshit… they need to be disbanded and the assholes who work there be unemployed from the top down.

  12. RJM says:

    TSA and other Feds are taking advantage of the fact that the public does not know what their rights are.

    Biblical scenario of sheep, wolves and sheep dogs.

    I haven’t flown enough in the last few years to know what my rights are. Someone could tell me just about anything and I wouldn’t know if it is true or not.

  13. RJM says:

    The little girl and her family’s rights have been violated, they were terrorized by the TSA agents and held against their will. Charges need to be filed.

  14. Uke says:

    In the War on Terror, the TSA is now the enemy.


  15. Locke n Load says:

    I’ll hand it to the mom, she handled that better than I would have.
    Had a thug with attitutde confronted me and pushed it I’m sure something truly stupid would have come out of my mouth and I’d be in TSA ‘jail’. I damn near lost it when they pulled this crap on my mother in-law but if any of them ever feel up my daughters I swear they’d get smacked so hard and deep a chinese potato farmer would find them poking out of a field.
    There is NO damned reason to do anything other than xray that child, in her mothers arms.
    What tools.

  16. reboot says:

    My next door neighbor is a TSA shift supervisor at Wonpat airport. They have a choice, do the job the moonbats demand, or not eat. The majority of them out here rather hate their job, but need to eat.
    I get the other side of the story.

    • notamobster says:

      There were lots of Nazi’s who didn’t particularly enjoy the job, either, but hey, they needed to eat.

    • RJ says:

      I’d fucking go hungry rather than oppress freedom in the mannor the TSA does.

      The other side of the story my ass.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      There are jobs I would not do. I wouldn’t be a pimp, I wouldn’t be a pusher and I wouldn’t be a TSA agent.

      • notamobster says:

        There was a time when I sold some drugs. There was a time when I would have been a pimp. There was never a time when I would have been a mean-spirited bully who lorded control over people because of the inadequacy I found in my own life TSA Agent.

        Even unemployed and facing moving back out of state, I won’t apply to the TSA.

        • reboot says:

          Never said I support it. But in the job market here, they are tripping over each other trying to get a uncle sugar job.

          • Uke says:

            Then we know where their priorities lie. I don’t have much abide a pimp simply because times are tough.

            Judas got his 30 pieces of silver, too.

            • notamobster says:

              The job market in Michigan is shite, too. The difference is that those people are tripping over each other to suckle at the government tit. I’d rather starve.

              I’ve applied to thousands of jobs. Four interviews in the last month and they all ask the same question – “This is a huge step down for you, why do you want to work here?” I can’t buy a job in Michigan, so I’m leaving.

              I still refuse to apply for a job that requires me to abuse people and their rights.