On state gun bans…

Gun bans like those in New York and California are based on two assumptions.

1) Every law abiding citizen is a potential criminal and must be restrained prior to committing crimes.

2) Criminals will obey the new laws even though, by definition, they are violators of the law.

The former is the stuff of foul tyranny and the latter is abjectly stupid.

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6 Responses to On state gun bans…

  1. Greg B says:

    Won’t they be suprised when ordinary citizens decide that they might as well be criminals now.

  2. TN-Cat says:

    Brilliant. You brought the entire debate down to two easily digestable statements.

    No argument can be brought up that doesn’t fit into these two statements.


  3. Bman says:

    I see the argument now that every criminal with a gun was purchased by a law abiding citizen at one point….

  4. messup says:

    Mr. Constitutional Scholar (Obama), ummm! er, Constitutional Lecturer…geez, was a class TA = teaching assistant.
    See, He and his Progressive New Left activists are hell-bent-for-leather in destroying the Constitution! Why? Because of the way American society is organized (Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government) Obama sees this as a barrier, and must be destroyed. Enter the Second Amendment. He sees this as the Constitution’s Achilles Heel.
    How are they going to accomplish this? By reducing the number of rounds a magazine can hold. Many States already have Legislation pending or enacted (per 24/7 MSNBC reporting). Next? AR-15’s! See, they’ll argue an AR-15 isn’t effective with a clip holding only 10 rounds…so let’s ban them. Next will come an assault on all hand guns. Why? because AR-15’s were semi-automatic and all hand guns are semi-automatic…let’s ban them.
    What’s left? ammunition. If there aren’t any automatic weapons in the hands of We The People, why supply ammunition. Ban all ammo sales. Watch and see if this isn’t how this attack on weapons in the hands of We The People doesn’t unfold in something similiar to this scenario. Pray. Amen.

  5. Jim22 says:

    “Gun bans like those in New York and California are based on two assumptions” I think you should add the word ‘Sold’ to that, as in “Gun bans like those in New York and California are sold</em? based on two assumptions"

    I really think that gun bans are not about guns but the only way would-be tyrants can get people to support their actions is to sell them this way.