“Mark Levin Reads The Most Important Political Piece Of Our Lifetime”

I listened. He’s right. Levin reads the piece on the air. It describes completely and concisely the frustration that today’s Republican base is experiencing. It also give historical insight into how the GOP got to be what it is: rather than a voice of conservatives, a voice of the ruling class.

It’s long but since it’s audio only you can minimize it and listen while you work.

I encourage you to click here to listen (show 2.21.13) to history in the making. Finally – finally someone has tapped into the collective consciousness of the unrepresented sleeping giant that is the true heart of the American people.

This is in my mind the most powerful article in modern American history; it marks the end of the Republican party.”

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5 Responses to “Mark Levin Reads The Most Important Political Piece Of Our Lifetime”

  1. Bill says:

    The show is over 100 minutes. You can’t provide a starting and ending point?

  2. Jerry says:

    Maybe someone can listen to it and give us their ‘sound bite’ about it.

  3. TN-Cat says:

    Thanks for posting that Jim. It is long but well worth the time.
    No summary coming. You have to either listen to the article referenced or read it yourself on Forbes.

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