Sons Of Liberty: Watch It & Listen To The Words

I posted this a few weeks back. It’s got a great sound & content.

“Once, an honest man could go,
from a sunrise to it’s set,
w/out encount’ring agents of,
his state or government,

but a sorry cloud of tyranny,
has fallen across the land,
brought on by the hollow men,
who did not understand.

For centuries our forefathers,
have fought and often died,
to keep themselves unto themselves,
and stop the rising tide.

for in the smallest battles,
we surrender to the state,
we enter into darkness that,
we never shall escape.

if ever a man should ask you
for your business & your name,
tell him to go and f-k himself,
tell his friends to do the same.
Cuz a man who’d trade his liberty,
for a safe & dreamless sleep,
doesn’t deserve the both of them,
and neither, shall he keep.”

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3 Responses to Sons Of Liberty: Watch It & Listen To The Words

  1. vamd says:

    Why do I feel like i am living in a western movie and all the tenderfoot eastern greenhorns are over running the cowboys, farmers and ranchers?

  2. Joel says:

    I like this! Going to look for more.