Hollywood belongs to the left…

…and it is intrinsically political.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama made a surprise and unprecedented appearance on Sunday’s Oscars telecast when she presented the award for Best Picture, the first time a president or first lady has ever presented an Academy Award.

Appearing live on screen from the White House in Washington, almost 3,000 miles from the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, Obama praised the work of the movie industry before announcing the Iran hostage drama “Argo” the Best Picture winner.

They decided to inject leftist politics into Hollywood yet again. Make it apolitical? Nonsense. Hollywood and the movie industry belong to the left and the powers-that-be are sending a very clear message that the left owns it, the left runs it and they really aren’t very interested in American conservatives as an audience or as customers.


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One Response to Hollywood belongs to the left…

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, the fickin’ dog and pony show is even getting boring for the lap dogs.