2nd Amendment +1; Idiot Liberals 0

This time in Dallas.

News Report

An elderly man in Texas was greeted by a mid-day home invasion last week. Deyfon Pipkins, a repeat criminal and all-around dirtbag, decided to break in and rob this house in Dallas. My thoughts are that he wasn’t expecting the armed response he encountered.

Predictably, the homeowner grabbed his home defense pistol and perforated the perp with extreme prejudice. Score one for the good guys, right? When the family of the recently deceased was notified of his untimely demise, they did the most rational thing they knew how. Yup, they went straight to the scene and blamed the homeowner:

“He could have used a warning”

Funny. The homeowner didn’t get a warning that some lowlife was coming to take his hard-earned possessions by force, but the victim owed the criminal a warning? Luckily, this is Texas. Somehow I see this being ruled as a justifiable homicide. Just a hunch.

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