Who’s Who in Hell

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) doesn’t believe the Lord works in mysterious ways. He has the whole ” divine judgement” thing figured out.

A Republican congressman said this weekend that former Vice President Dick Cheney would likely end up in hell — alongside former President Lyndon Johnson — for their roles in pushing the country toward the Vietnam and Iraq Wars.

“Congress will not hold anyone to blame. Lyndon Johnson’s probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney,” Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) said at a conference in his home state, according to the Huffington Post.

Jones, a libertarian, has been an outspoken critic of the Iraq war in recent years. He was speaking at a meeting of the Young Americans for Liberty, an offshoot of former Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) presidential campaign.

Of course there is this little fly in the ointment….

But Jones has not always opposed the war — he voted to authorize the invasion, and was among the most vocal critics of the French when they expressed reluctance about the effort against Iraq.

I have always found that when it comes to Divine Judgment, it is best to judge not lest thee be judged.

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One Response to Who’s Who in Hell

  1. messup says:

    Clinton signed HR4655, authorizing “Regime change” in Iraq – ousting Sadam Hussein. It was called: Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 – Declares that it should be the policy of the United States to seek to remove the Saddam Hussein regime from power in Iraq and to replace it with a democratic government. Later, it morphed into what was called “Operation Desert Fox.” All this in the Congressional Record and voted on IN CONGRESS Damn it!

    These Congressional types, have legions of aides, “aides” “aid-d’camp” and a host of “hanger’s on” capable of looking into their own Congressional Records for getting their facts straight…yet can’t seem to do so.
    Clinton started the Iraqi problem(s). Morphed into Bush’s “thang” and now “Obama’s Benghazi.” In between times had “Jimmy’s War” and Mogadishu’s Black Hawk Down. There’s more…just a snippet of who started what and where. OH! JFK (of “Camelot” fame) started the Cuban “Bay of Pigs” fiasco (Cambodian covert ops) and later LBJ’s “Gulf of Tonkin” cause celebre! All Democrats. Further Back there was “Teddy” Rough Rider Roosevelt, FDR (WWII) and HSTruman(Korea and Hiroshima and Nagasaki) All Democrats. What’s missing here? HUH! C’mon, congressional types, get your facts straight.”Dumb and Dumber?” Pray, Amen. God Bless America.