Suck It Liberals – Magazine Bans: Why They Don’t Work

An Indiana Sheriff (and part-time superhero) demonstrates why magazine bans don’t/won’t work. Thank you, Sir. Much obliged.

Now, that’s a good use of taxpayer funds.

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6 Responses to Suck It Liberals – Magazine Bans: Why They Don’t Work

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    In our next test, Michael Moore will attempt to run up and tackle Jim while he reloads. Let’s watch.

  2. rider says:

    There’s a reason I moved back to Indiana – twice and it wasn’t the weather – too close to Michigan and the job market sucks for us older previously successful people. Oops, back on topic, I am proud that our sheriff has pledged publicly and to the Whte House that he will not obey any instructions to remove any type of weapon from people resulting from any new gun laws. I emailed him and thanked him, nice guy he sent back a personal response – not the spam bot like I get from DC. Nice to see another sheriff seemingly on the same page. Off topic again – job interview tomorrow, first one in four months. πŸ™‚