“Self defense is not an option.”

Obama hat wearing woman tells the world she would rather die than defend herself. The world might just oblige her.

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15 Responses to “Self defense is not an option.”

  1. Bman says:

    What a moron. I guarantee she wont need to defend herself from being raped with a fire arm. Just one look at her face should be sufficient.

    • notamobster says:

      “Self defense is not an option.” You’re right lady, it’s an obligation. You know what you won’t see her out protesting? Drug sales in the black community. Absentee fathers. Abortion. Or… any other social malady which plagues the black community, but disarm her fellow victims, she will. She’s not a thinker.

      Her stance doesn’t come from a long-considered understanding of the issue or deeply contemplated and hard-thought view of non-violence, she just blames guns for the degradation of the black community and doesn’t know of any other way to express her anger and pain.

      Many in the black communities of America stand against gun violence, because no one shouts them down. People who try to stop the drug trade, however, are “snitches” and are generally despised in the community.

  2. Jim22 says:

    Again I am reminded of that famous philosopher Forrest Gump who said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  3. TaterSalad says:

    From the logo on her sock cap which says “OBAMA,” her statement falls into place with her brilliant assumption of her stupidity. I wonder if she would stand and clap, sing praises to a thug who was raping or stabbing her daughter while she remains steadfast to her Obama beliefs? Naw, she would blame Bush!

  4. fubar says:

    was she paid $9.oo/hr to say that?

  5. Rugerman says:

    I knew a guy once who believes that violence was never justified, even in the defense of his family. I looked at his gorgeous wife and precious 3-year-old daughter and could not comprehend. Ironically, the idiot’s favorite movie was The Godfather.

    • notamobster says:

      See, I can respect a vow of non-violence. I have nothing but respect for those who choose to live their life with higher ideals, even at the cost of their life or the lives of those they love.

      I, however, am an animal. Animals defend what is theirs.

  6. Roy Ryder says:

    She is Darwinism in action and is self-selecting for extinction. Unfortunately, we have to wait for nature to take it’s course.

  7. sortahwitte says:

    She looks like that guy in “The Green Mile.”