Things that won’t be cut in the sequester…

Here is an example of something, unlike national defense, that is too important to cut.

First lady Michelle Obama’s three-day, four-city hop scotch to promote the third anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” initiative that cheers healthy eating and exercise will likely cost an estimated $50,000 or more, enough to fund a few programs for kids that the White House fears the sequester will kill.

Obama left Washington Wednesday for Clinton, Miss. where she will join celebrity chef Rachael Ray to promote healthy school lunches. She was accompanied by White House chef Sam Kass, her food advisor, and who also manages the first lady’s veggie garden and brews the first family’s honey beer.

I guess it is in the national interest that every American see and hear this woman every damned day of our lives. She is frickin’ everywhere!

Now, let’s get back to talking about how the sequester will require us to close Yellowstone and sell the Washington Monument for scrap.

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