Norks Gearing Up?

North Korea planning to cancel cease-fire in 6 days:

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea vowed Tuesday to cancel the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War, citing a U.S.-led push for punishing U.N. sanctions over its recent nuclear test and ongoing U.S.-South Korean joint military drills.

North Korea’s Korean People’s Army Supreme Command warned of stronger additional countermeasures in a statement that came amid reports that Washington and North Korean ally Beijing have approved a draft of punishing sanctions for a U.N. Security Council resolution responding to North Korea’s Feb. 12 nuclear test. The draft is expected to be circulated at the U.N. this week.

The United States and others worry that North Korea’s third nuclear test pushes it a step closer toward its goal of having nuclear-armed missiles that can reach America, and condemn its rocket launches and nuclear tests as a dangerous threat to regional security.

North Korea says its nuclear program is a response to U.S. hostility that dates back to the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty, leaving the Korean Peninsula still technically in a state of war.

North Korea warned it will cancel the Korean War cease-fire agreement on March 11, citing U.S.-South Korean military drills that began March 1.

North Korea said Washington and others are going beyond mere economic sanctions and expanding into blunt aggression and military acts. North Korea also warned that it will block a communications line between it and the United States at the border village separating the two Koreas.

This could get real interesting, real quick.


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6 Responses to Norks Gearing Up?

  1. Frank in Texas says:

    A byproduct of how the rest of the world views the strength of the US under Obama. We are no longer viewed as a world super power since Obama has shown time after time that he has no backbone in confronting other nations or groups who wish to harm our country. They are basically kicking sand in the face of the weakling on the beach.

  2. RJM says:

    What he said!

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    Meh. Getting the Norks in a tizzy is easier than making a teenager depressed. If artillery starts crossing the border, then it’s worth paying attention.

  4. sortahwitte says:

    Five years ago, the norks knew that aggression would get their dicks knocked in the dirt. Now, I believe they could cross the border and there would be no response from the tiny, small white house. It was an anti-izzy film that did it. Every time the norks launch their icbm and it doesn’t blow up, they learn more about how to hit san fran. Even a blind hog sometimes finds an acorn.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    They probably figure that there will never be a better time than right now. Their figurin’ would be accurate.

  6. PhoneGuy says:

    I may be confused but the history books I’ve read had the North Koreans showing a little hostility to South Korea when they invaded the south. Not sure how the U.S. began the hostilities there in 1950. But then again, I didn’t get to read the revised history books that the U.S. schools use today.