“We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it.”

A Democratic Strategist tells Sean Hannity that women don’t need guns, we can “prevent rape by telling men not to commit it.”

We should just tell everyone to stop committing crimes, huh?

This is what we get from the left. They believe that it isn’t the rapists’ fault. Institutions have not done their part in making rapists better. Society has failed the rapist. If only our corrupt society had done its job training and making people better, there would be no rapists.

Review the concept here: Conservative Tolerance, Liberal Hate

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7 Responses to “We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it.”

  1. Jim22 says:

    Bone stupid. She is another example of an unrealistic leftist who believes that Utopia is possible.

    She talks bullsh#t and when questioned about it even admits that her argument is flawed. But shge continues down her inane, insane pathway.

    Someone never told her when she was growing up, “Better to be quiet and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt”.

    She is a fool.

  2. BrunDawg says:

    “No” means “No” damn it. But it never hurts to have backup.

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    Her argument that most rape is committed by people that they trust is pretty moot. A potential victim can shoot someone she knows just as well as someone she doesn’t.

  4. Tatersalad says:

    “They train men to not rape”! WTF! Who in the F’ is they?

    This my friends is your typical left wing jack wagon Obama supporter who needs a taxpayer funded cell phone to call the police before begging the rapist not to rape her!

    • R.D. Walker says:

      You don’t understand, Tater. Men rape because they haven’t been properly trained by the state. It isn’t their fault. If they had been properly socialized in public school to understand the feminist underpinnings of post-modern civilization, they would want to rape. But they are rapists because the patriarchal culture in which we live has corrupted them and turned them – against their will, mind you – into rapists.

      We must take control of the culture and of education and help men to understand that rape is wrong. Once we have molded them into better and more socialized citizens, there will be no rape and, therefore, no need for guns.

      It is just that simple.


      • BrunDawg says:

        Doesn’t she assume there has never been a repeat offender when it comes to rape? Maybe the prison system just failed to mention why they were locked up the first (second, third, …) time.

  5. Rich says:

    Most boys are taught how to treat women by their mothers.

    I wonder, how many mothers teach their sons that it is OK to rape women?

    Many boys are taught by their fathers how to treat women.

    I wonder, how many fathers teach their sons it is OK to rape women?

    Lastly, I wonder just what loonieville planet this idiot woman comes from where boys are apparently taught it is OK to rape women?

    Because all of the mothers and fathers I have ever known never taught their sons that it is OK to rape women. They taught, in fact, the exact opposite.

    PS – all the above comments exclude islamic cultures/countries. Because in islam, apparently, boys are taught it is OK to rape women … and then stone them to death for fornication or adultury.