PETA doesn’t want you to wear fur


Of course they dispose of a lot of fur every year.

Animal rights charity PETA killed almost 90 per cent of dogs and cats placed in the care of the shelter at its Virginia headquarters last year, it has been revealed today.

The charity, well-known for attention grabbing publicity campaigns such as the ‘I’d rather go naked’ anti-fur campaign, euthanized 1,647 cats and dogs last year and only placed 19 in new homes according to the data submitted to the Virginia Department for Agriculture and Consumer Services.

They say that since 1998 the shelter has euthanized a total of 29,398 pets.

That’s just Virginia.

As for fur coats…. c’mon. We all know they look good.


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11 Responses to PETA doesn’t want you to wear fur

  1. Michale Weston says:

    Finally some me and PETA can agree on, I’d rather them go naked.

  2. fubar says:

    I’m surprised that PETA even goes through the motions of operating a shelter in the first place. The Humane Society doesn’t.

    “According to HSUS’s 2008 tax return, less than half of one percent (0.5%) of HSUS budget consisted of grants to hands-on pet shelters. And in 2009, again according to HSUS’s the tax returns, less than one percent of HSUS’s budget (0.8%, to be exact) consisted of grants to shelters.”

  3. notamobster says:

    No real reason for posting this other than she’s hot:


    • sortahwitte says:

      I’ve seen a few asses, but none with a crack like that.

      • Uke says:

        Genetically engineered “Meat Women” are designed to have 20% more ass, by having the crack itself removed.

        Oh Japanese scientists, what CAN’T you do??

  4. sortahwitte says:

    If they really want me to “think” about it……..
    peta can have them drop the sign.

  5. Rich says:

    And, Sorta, when that sign is dropped I expect not to see fur.

  6. Rich says:

    Sorry Sorta, indulge me in completing a thought in progress:

    When that sign is dropped I expect not to see fur, else we shall have progressive hypocrisy both above and below.

  7. R.D. Walker says:

    In the movie Iron Sky Nazis escaped to the Moon in 1945 and had been there since. Now they are invading Earth.

    A couple of Nazis who had just arrived on Earth were looking at a copy of Penthouse magazine. They were marveling at the fact that Earth women were either groomed to look like little girls or, if they had anything going on down there, it looked like the Fuhrer’s mustache.

  8. sortahwitte says:

    Ah….. the old rug vs. curtains puzzle.
    Color me waiting with great expectations.