Beretta Leaving Maryland

Not much of a surprise here.

Beretta Leaving Maryland After Gov. Mandates Strict Gun Control Laws

On Friday, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law the state’s comprehensive new gun control laws. The new laws, the stated purpose of which is to “save lives,” ban some “assault weapons” (whatever the heck gun grabbers think those imaginary weapons are), limits magazine capacity to ten rounds, and requires mandatory fingerprinting for gun purchase.

For Beretta, the Governor’s signature was the sign it needed that now is the time to move on. The move isn’t just about the symbolism of these ineffectual gun control statutes. It also came about because the legislation would make illegal the company’s ARX 100, which is Beretta’s newly issued civilian version of the ARX-160, a tactical rifle used in Italy.

The magazine size limit also puts Beretta in a legal bind. For several of the guns in its product line, Beretta would no longer be able to stock appropriate, standard capacity magazines. While this wouldn’t necessarily force Beretta to close, it would complicate Beretta’s corporate life to the point of “why bother?”.

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9 Responses to Beretta Leaving Maryland

  1. reboot says:

    Oh man, that is so purdy!!!!!! What is 300blackout please? Haven’t heard the term here. I’d save up for that if I could afford the rounds for it, LOL.
    Glad to see Beretta not pussyfooting around and thumbing their nose at the maryholes.

    • BigJimTX says:

      300 blackout is a round developed by advanced armament corp. It comes as a supersonic 110gr projectile or a subsonic 220 gr projectile. It uses the same bolt and magazines as the 5.56. With a barrel change on an AR, you get a 7.62 projectile. Wilson combat does the same with their 300 Whisper (7.62×40). The 300blk was designed to be used as a suppressed platform with a short barrel and decent terminal ballistics out to about 400 yds.

      If I didn’t give up gun ownership “for the children”, I’d look into building one. The only issue is ammo availability.

      • Jim22 says:

        It sounds like ammo is becoming a bit more available and the prices are becoming more reasonable. They are nt yet back to where they were last summer but they’re headed that way. Don’t know about availability the .300 Blackout.

        The big reason for the .300 blk is the subsonic loading. It’s pretty quiet with a suppressor. Neither it nor the supersonic load are very powerful, tho.

        • Uke says:

          I’ve actually read a couple articles that asserted slightly greater terminal energy of the supersonic round (at a couple hundred meters out) than even the 7.62×39.

          I don’t know from personal experience though.

  2. Flatearther says:

    Bout friggin time. Al those great gun manufactures paying taxes to anti gun states legislators…. just doesn’t make sense.

  3. BigJimTX says:

    Here is the 300BLK Rifle I’ve been looking at for a while:

    Houston Armory

  4. reboot says:

    Thanks for learning me guys! Think I’ll stick with my mainstream calibers.