Moore, Oklahoma

I know many of you have seen footage from the tornado. If there are any who have not here is a sample. The residents are pitching in before the state, county, city, or the feds are able to mobilize. That’s the way it always is.

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11 Responses to Moore, Oklahoma

  1. JCT says:

    The water supply plant was spared by the tornado but is out of service until electrical power is restored. An essential service should have a backup diesel generator.

  2. sortahwitte says:

    The track of this storm is eerily close to that of the storm in May, 1999. That storm was an F-5 with recorded wind speeds in excess of 323 mph.

  3. BigJimTX says:

    How is it that the red states are always able to fend for themselves and the blue states are always screaming about somebody not coming to help them quickly enough?

    These people help to restore my faith in humanity.

    • Uke says:

      Doesn’t everyone cry for help at some point?

      IMO, it’s not who cries for help; it’s who actually comes to help.

  4. reboot says:

    In Nebraska, we just come to help. You don’t have to ask. That’s America.

  5. FreedomFighter says:

    Anyone catch the comment from the reporter about looters moving in less than 30min after the tornado hit the hospital?

    • RUDE JUDE says:

      I caught that. ANIMALS!!! That’s when my legal handgun comes in handy.

      • sortahwitte says:

        I worked at my church all day. We loaded 3 double axle trailers with donated items to take to Moore. Our church has a state disaster relief organization and it is up and running. We coordinated our efforts with them. Today, it was mostly water, gatoraide, leather gloves, flashlights and batteries, wet wipes, baby diapers, you get the idea. We will take them down in the morning. Later, we will be taking down things for the clean up effort. Our church has already been assigned two neighboring houses to help clean up.

        After loading our trailers, we went across town and help load two semi-trailers. This stuff started showing up at collection points Monday pm. One semi has already left.

        We call this the Oklahoma standard. We don’t expect someone to come from out of state to help us. We are grateful, but if nobody comes, we will go on. As the reports of looters started coming we are aghast. It’s not our people. They will never be our people.

        Thanks to all for your prayers and support.
        Love, from Oklahoma.

  6. jacksonsdad says:

    Thanks for the updates Sorta and Mucho Love for you and yours as you set the example for all to follow (as usual). Prayers lifted from Pensacola for all effected by this tragedy. Tornadoes are the most devastating of natural disasters and the most ruthless. More often than not the responses to them are the most uplifting of examples of what humanity can (and should) be.

    Thank you for proving again that HUMANITY is alive and well in The Heartland and most of all for being who you are.