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  1. Locke n Load says:

    Damnit! Texas was late to that

    On a related note, wife just had me grinning ear to ear while trying to sound ‘composed’ over the phone. I’ve been telling her for years I want to get her into a CCL class when we get a week free. She was always up for it but never took the ball and ran with it.

    Last night she announced she’d picked the class site, had a list of dates free, and was waiting for me to tell her when I’m home next. Apparently helping her with her nursing studies has made her think I’m fun to study with. Now she wants to study for her CCL! Soon as I’m home next, soon as I’m home.
    Chicks with guns are HOT damnit, HOT 🙂

    • Ray Davies says:

      Are you playing the role od “doctor” to her nurse? or, is this more a study of anatomy?? Medical studies sure can be fun…

    • BigJimTX says:

      Ann Richards was responsible for TX showing up late to the party. G-dub made it happen.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Iowa was a may issue for years but it was up to each sheriff. We had 99 separate policies during those years. Some counties were shall issue. Some counties were no issue.

    If you got a permit, however, it was good in all counties. That meant that the only people not carrying in the no issue counties were people who lived there. People from the next county over could carry.

    How dumb was that?

  3. Bman says:

    The biggest shock to me on that map is the State of Washington being shall issue from the beginning. Moscow on the Puget would love to fix that, I’m sure.

  4. Jim22 says:

    From Gregory Load:



    • BaconNeggs says:

      Now that was funny.

      Still, how a News Reporter with probably a degree in journalism can simply read the rolling text of names of the flight crew onboard the fated Asianna aircraft, and be so clueless, is amazing but not a big surprise.

      A bit of harmless fun on some pranksters part.

  5. Jim22 says:

    How to use a bore snake.

    Watch it.

  6. R.D. Walker says:


  7. notamobster says:

    I saw this same thing at a rest area in Utah. No stickers was hands written.

  8. Bman says:

    Zimmerman not guilty

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    What? Is Obama pitching again?

  10. TN-Cat says:

    Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman!

  11. Ray Davies says:

    Folks, the situation on getting ammo is getting really tight, but this morning I lucked out and was able to buy two boxes. I placed the boxes on the front seat and headed back home, but stopped at a gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a short skirt and low cut halter top was filling up her car at the next pump. She glanced at the two boxes of ammo, bent over, leaned in my passenger window, and said in a sexy voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, old fella. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?”

    I thought for a few seconds and asked, “What kind of ammo ‘ya got?”

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Love that. Sortawhitte – who perfectly matches your demographic – ran into that same blamed woman a while back. 🙂

  12. notamobster says:

    I hate sufficiency. See? That was supposed to say auto correct.not sufficiency…damned thing.

  13. BrunDawg says:

    Detroit prepares to file for bankruptcy as soon as Friday
    — Detroit Free Press 7/18/13

  14. R.D. Walker says:

    You know what topic I am sick and tired of? Trayvon Zimmerman.

  15. Ray Davies says:

    Coralville American Legion Post 721 is having a Rocky Mountain Oyster feed tomorrow evening, July 19th.

    4 to 8 PM. $8.00 for a basket. Includes fries or coleslaw.

    July, hotter than a three peckered billy goat, beer and pig nuts. Now how can you go wrong!?

    Don’t get prissy. You’ve eaten them before. You just didn’t know it because they were ground up and mixed with some ‘mystery meats’.

    • BigJimTX says:

      Hold up a minute. Y’all make Rocky Mountain oysters with pig nuts? I’ll bet your barbeque is pork too. What the heck is wrong with you guys?

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Wait a minute. Wait just a damned minute. Did you just imply a disparaging opinion of pork?

        • sortahwitte says:

          Where I live, ribs (boneless or rack) usually means pork. But, not always. Beef spareribs in the 6 quart slow cooker with onions, garlic, jerked spices, and a little bit of apple cider, oh my.

        • BigJimTX says:

          No disparaging remarks about pork (ok maybe a little poke since we have beef brisket as barbeque and the rest of the country uses pork ass butt) I just didn’t know that anybody ate pork nuts. We have mountain oysters and calf fries. They are both bull nuts, just sliced differently.

    • Jim22 says:

      Just like snails rocky mountain oysters taste like what they were cooked in – but gristly. Escargot taste like garlic buds cooked in butter. Rocky mountain oysters taste like gristle dipped in batter and deep fried.

      I heard about how they helped my performance with Mrs22. I ordered a dozen. Only three of them worked.

      • sortahwitte says:

        I would ask for my money back.
        I didn’t have near that many work.

      • BigJimTX says:

        Bull nuts are not gristly at all. The texture is a bit unsettling if they aren’t cut thin enough, but they are really tender otherwise.

        • Greg B says:

          No no no no no.
          Nope. Just can’t.

        • reboot says:

          Deep fry them. That’s the only way I’d eat them again. It’s been about 30 years for me. Same as eatin chicken gizzards and livers.
          Hell, I gave up eatin all of the ground rats also, and the frog legs, LOL. JUST GIVE ME PORK MAN!!!!
          And a good beef roast every now and then.

      • reboot says:

        Jim, that hurt me belly laughin…..I’m gonna sue.

    • reboot says:

      The first time a big fricking SOW tried coming through the fence as her piglet was being molested collecting those fine gems scared the BEJESUS out of me. I swear, there was a big cross in the sky as she howled…….I thought I’d bought the big ticket…..

  16. Jim22 says:

    Ammo 5.56 NATO Federal American Eagle XM193 FMJBT 55 Grain 30 Round Box On Stripper Clips 3165 fps XM193J


  17. jacksonsdad says:

    I haven’t checked in on Erin for a while. She’s been as vigilant as ever…

    Her illustrations speak too many words to count… what a great talent!

  18. jacksonsdad says:

    Holy Shit the racebaiter in chief is kickin’ it live. He just insinuated that white people don’t feel ‘pain’ about the death of Trayvon.

    Lord Have Mercy… this guy is twisted.

  19. BaconNeggs says:

    Detriot bankrupt!

    I can remember the outcry a couple years back, when Mark Steyn dared to declare Detriot a third world city.

  20. Z says:

    President just commented on the trial: “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago”

    It’s amazing how divisive this administration is allowed to be.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago”

      And think how much better off America would be today.

      • Z says:

        And the hits just keep on coming:

        “If a white male teen would have been involved in this scenario,” he said, “both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

  21. Jim22 says:

    No. Not Again.



  22. Jim22 says:

    George Zimmerman has decided to change his name to Benghazi so that Obama and the main stream media will never again utter his name.

    • reboot says:

      Good article. All but the stoopid would understand and agree. Well, and the uninformed voters that is. Don’t wanna offend them now do we? They might riot more like sharpton and nobama want.

  23. BrunDawg says:

    Zimmerman exits the safety of hiding to rescue motorist…ABC goes out of their way in the article to expose where George is.

    “George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue someone who was trapped in an overturned truck, police said today.

    Sanford Police Department Capt. Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that Zimmerman “pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over” at the intersection of a Florida highway last week. Florida Highway Patrol is now handling the case, McAuliffe said.

  24. R.D. Walker says:


  25. Z says:

    Not to beat a dead horse but here is whittle on the GZ case if anyone is interested.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  26. Jim22 says:

    I’ve been thinking about the latest from Anthony Weiner. He needs a nickname. Here are a couple I have come up with.

    Tony Weenie
    Fap Weiner

    Anybody else wanna try?

  27. Greg B says:

    So the House decided the 4th Amendment doesn’t matter any more.
    Frikkin a holes.

  28. BrunDawg says:

    WMUR New Hampshire reports (2012) top places for EBT transactions in the state:

    Seven of the top ten are banks, the financial kind not the food kind.
    The other three are grocery/Wal-Mart and include cash back transactions.

  29. notamobster says:

    My friend took this picture last night while working offshore in the oil industry:


  30. Greg B says:

    2A PSA

    Got an email from Freedom Munitions this morning.
    5% off all in stock 9mm products this weekend. (And they have a lot in stock)
    Coupon code: 5off9july26
    Just passing it along.

  31. notamobster says:

    I like this for special trolls:


  32. RJM says:

    Nice picture, your friend can be proud of that one!

  33. Jim22 says:

    Image taken Friday In Tahrir Square: