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  1. Jim22 says:

    First there were Tornadoes. Then ‘Sharknadoes’. Now it’s ‘Pervnadoes’ in the Democratic party:



    • reboot says:

      After going to THAT blog page, I think I’m scarred for life. WARNING: BARNEY FRANK FAT GRAMMA PORTRAIT!!!!
      I’ll have my lawyer send an email.

    • reboot says:

      As for the rest of the blog, I bookmarked it, thanks!

  2. Jim22 says:

    7.62 x 51mm 149 Grain FMJ 308 NATO Mil-Spec Lake City Headstamp (20rds)

    Price: $13.94
    Item: 129-XM80C
    In stock

  3. Ray Davies says:

    Something I think is worthwhile. Not that most of us will get to see it.
    Devil Boat

    • reboot says:

      Labor of love for those guys, I can respect that. I know many like them in the submarine force.

  4. reboot says:

    Snowden’s father writes an open letter to obama. Interesting read:

  5. notamobster says:

    “The nature of conservatism is that it sees no color. The nature of liberal progressivism is that color is all it sees. ~Lt Col Allen West, USA (Ret)

  6. RJ says:

    Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding enemy, guilty on a bunch of other shit, he does life more than likely.

    • Uke says:

      Man clearly didn’t need such a large magazine. Clearly reckless and looking to pick a fight.

      • reboot says:

        Luckily none of the bystanders were injured by the reckless firing. You know, those bullets can fly like a mile or two if you fire them in the air. Who needs a magazine larger than 10 rounds anyway?

        • Greg B says:

          If this had been NY or CA, dead meat.
          Of course there haven’t been grizzlies in CA for 100 years or so, I think.

  7. reboot says:

    Can anybody explain to this tard what this means? Never heard of it.
    A veteran’s court?

    • notamobster says:

      Reboot: Veteran’s Court is similar to drug court. It is a special venue for cases of veteran’s to be heard. Treatment/punishment is rendered with their specific circumstances in mind. If focuses on giving the individual a chance to rehabilitate or redeem themselves prove themselves worthy of not going to prison.

      Drug court works. I’ve known 3 people who went through drug court, cleaned up, and live good, honorable lives now. They were all facing major prison time.

      Veteran’s court provides the same opportunity for guys who act out after coming home. For many of them, PTSD is a major issue.

  8. BrunDawg says:

    Track tagged sharks live:

  9. R.D. Walker says:


    • notamobster says:

      I wish I’d never lost that childlike reasoning ability.

      Childish reasoning ability? Then, I’d be a liberal and life would be all roses & fairy dust. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ray Davies says:

        Notta, you may have to get older but you can remain immature forever. And when I hit the nursing home I’m going to play it to the hilt

        • Bman says:

          I’m throwing out the bullshit flag on this one. If it’s truly going to the left, where is the safety stop sign that allows the children to cross safely across the street?

          I would’ve probably said that it looked like half of a jack-o-lantern sitting on eggs. That’s how I roll. Either way, it’s an unsafe and shitty bus.

    • jacksonsdad says:

      Makes perfect sense. A bus in the US accepts passengers on the R side from the perspective of the driver which means the door must be on the R side in this illustration (since it’s obviously NOT on the L/ drivers side) which means the bus MUST be heading to the left.

      No other conclusion could (should) be reached and the 10% who saw it otherwise are appropriately on the margin.

      • jacksonsdad says:

        and WRONG

        • Bman says:

          Maybe the bus was backing up? Perhaps because he missed picking up Skip, who was busy urinating on a building and not at the stop at that time. That makes perfect sense.

          • jacksonsdad says:

            Urination or no… the lack of a door on the side we’re looking at implies that the bus is heading to the left. Am I missing something?

            • Bman says:

              No. Logically I’m wrong. But with such a crudely drawn bus, who’s to say they drew a door on the other side?

            • jacksonsdad says:

              Just making sense why young ones would see it that way. Nothing more… and nothing else proposed for that matter.

            • reboot says:

              Mebbe it’s a rear entry bus in little Johnnie’s world?

            • Ray Davies says:

              No, Damnit… You are ALL wrong. The Bloody Bus is in ENGLAND, or elsewhere in the UK. They drive on the wrong side of the road.

  10. R.D. Walker says:


    • reboot says:

      Come back so I can smash you. GAK! Remember John Goodman in Arachnophobia. UGH. But DAMN he was funny.

    • reboot says:

      RD, you know Guam got a version of that? Same poison. We had a guy in 96/97 bit by one on a boony stomp and waited a couple of days. Damn near lost his leg because of it.
      As soon as the bite site hardens, go to a Doc, period. That’s the poison eating the meat.

  11. RJ says:

    Spiders aint no joking matter in TX, the fiddleback (brown recluse) is an agressive little bastart, he gets you it is gonna be bad.
    Black widows are common here to, whata biotch, screws ya then eats your ass. But they die with a smile on their face…

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I gotta tell you, the Southern United States is full of shit that stings you, bites you, poison’s you and infects you. Up here in the cold zone we have no black widows, no brown recluses, no fire ants, no Africanized bees, no water moccasins, no cottonmouths, no coral snakes, no gaters, no scorpions and only the rarest of rare timber rattlers. I have seen two rattlers in Iowa in my 50 years and one was dead and the other was so cold it was moving in 1/10th speed slow motion.

      • RJ says:

        Yea one of the things I miss about WV hills is winter, although after 30 yrs in south my blood is pretty thin to survive the cold.
        Been tempted to uproot and go back a few times.

        • R.D. Walker says:

          I might have spoke too soon. I just looked up the brown recluse and it looks like they are starting to appear in southern Iowa. Well, we didn’t used to have them.

          Still, I have never seen or heard of one in Iowa.

          The native range lies roughly south of a line from southeastern Nebraska through southern Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana to southwestern Ohio. In the southern states, it is native from central Texas to western Georgia and north to Kentucky.

          • notamobster says:

            Everything in the south wants to eat (or otherwise hurt) you. Up north, everything makes you fat.

            • notamobster says:

              My daughter got bit by a brown recluse years ago (Louisiana). She had to have tissue removed and a skin graft done.

              The fang marks where the venom was injected turned necrotic and killed the tissue. It was an area the size of a golf ball. Nasty mess.

      • jacksonsdad says:

        I’ll handle with the snakes-n-shit… just don’t make me deal with sub-zero temps.

      • BigJimTX says:

        The best part is that the rattlers have stopped rattling. They strike first and without warning.

  12. Jim22 says:


    gun show obama sign

    • Greg B says:

      Ha Ha!
      Good sign.
      Last show I was at about three weeks ago was very poorly attended, compared to that photo. I’d wager there was less than 1500 people.
      Decent prices from a couple ammo wholesalers.
      Everything else was ridiculous, especially mags.

      • Jim22 says:

        These are decent prices. Higher than a couple years ago but decent:

        AR15 Magazines with BATTLESHIP-GRAY Finish, Magpul ENHANCED Follower, 30 Round – GRAY
        Our Price: $13.95 In stock

        AR15 Magazines with BATTLESHIP-GRAY Finish, Magpul ENHANCED Follower, 30 Round – 10 Pack -GRAY
        Our Price: $129.95 In stock

        AR15 Magazines with BLACK Teflon Finish, Magpul ENHANCED Follower, 30 Round – 10 Pack – BLACK
        Our Price: $139.95 In stock

        There’s more:

        • Greg B says:

          Not bad prices. For things I can’t own in Kommifornistan.
          At the show I was at, people were asking $50 for a 10rnd mag for a Beretta 92. Which incidentally what I was looking for. But f’em at that price.
          As far as AR mags, at least I can find 10rounders online for around $13.
          (Commie hellhole. That’s where I live. But I’m looking to get out. Actually been scoping out land in northeastern KS for the last few days)

          • reboot says:

            I’m from SE Nebraska. Good people up in NE Kansas. Cheap houses. And damn good beef! ๐Ÿ™‚
            Does Missouri still sell fireworks and shyt that blows up 12 months a year?

    • reboot says:

      Ahhhhh, well, so I take it this isn’t a BATF/FBI convention then? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ray Davies says:

    I remember hearing about this Memorial. This video shows the annual observance. Illinois cellular is to be commended for its participation and continuing support. Please join me in honoring these fallen heros.
    My hat is off to all the Motorcycle Riders that had a hand in bringing this to our attention.
    Our Liberal Press did not see fit to publish it, and Hollywood was not involved.

  14. notamobster says:

    Best wait so far! 3 hippies with scrunched faces while waiting on the ferry. ~feeling amused

  15. RJ says:

    Just wait till you bag a deer in season and tie it to the roof rack….

    • notamobster says:

      Yep. Thinking about tying it to the roof and taking the ferry into the city for a victory lap, but that may be a bit too much.

  16. BrunDawg says:

    People adjusting their US resident status from temporary to permanent complete this form from our Department of Homeland Security;

    Just a couple of the insightful questions asked (thereโ€™s more):
    #19. Have you ever committed a crime or offense for which you were not arrested?
    #23. Do you intend to engage in the United States in: a. Espionage? b. Any activity a purpose of which is opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States, by force, violence, or other unlawful means?

    Reported by โ€˜As Maine Goesโ€™

    • reboot says:

      Are you married to a foreign national? Do YOU know how much work is involved if they are doing it legally?
      Again, DO YOU KNOW how much work is required to get them a legal status and a “green card” that’s good for 10 years.
      Answer that. I’m sure Lock’n’Load would agree with me. I’ve done it while still carrying a military security clearance. She’s going for her citizenship this year. That’s another 800 bux. So I have to pay to verify she is the same person AGAIN for the 3rd or 4th time. Corksuckers they are. Then you have to pay for the ceremony and the new passport.

      Do tell.

      • Locke n Load says:

        Don’t forget the question the affidavits require you sign guaranteeing said foreign national will not go on welfare. We’re required to prove financial ability to support the new immigrant. Best laugh I had though was when we got the in-laws green cards (they don’t intend to become citizens): “are you now or have you ever been a communist? are you currently associated with the communist party?”

        Considering he has a brother thats a high level police officer and a sister-in-law that’s in a command position at the Beijing airport, AND considering he WAS in the party for 25-30 years before escaping it and coming here..
        Well, the INS didn’t excactly seem to give a crap.

        It took 6 years and 3-4 thousand dollars to get my lovely wife in front of the judge swearing allegiance to the US. She worked for her citizenship and values it immensely. Pisses her off to no end hearing about Amnesty.

        One thing drove us batty during the process. Even though we were married, we couldn’t get her a passport until she was naturalized…the feds wouldn’t let her back in unless she had a green card. That takes a few years on its own. That meant we couldn’t go to China to meet my inlaws. Also meant we couldn’t even leave the country for a honeymoon. Meanwhile these fence jumpers are crossing back and forth all the damned time with NO repurcussions.

        • reboot says:

          God bless brother, she’ll be naturalized this year and we won’t have to put up with that shyt anymore.
          She’s as mad as your bride about “amnesy”.

  17. Jim22 says:

    If you are feeling ill
    and don’t think
    you could possibly
    feel any worse,

    You can…

    clinton obama

    • reboot says:

      A pox upon you Sir! But, I don’t believe that’s real and feel a little better about it……..

    • sortahwitte says:

      Another reason to carry a spray can of instant undercoat in my exploder. Or maybe just black spray paint.

  18. TN-Cat says:

    Have to share a dog story that happened earlier today. We have a Golden, 80 pounds of lean dog. His favorite thing in the world is to fetch a frisbee. He hardly ever misses and most are air born catches. This evening my daughter brought her little 15 pound monkey mix breed over. During our daily frisbee fetch, about the third or fourth fetch the Golden was looking up at the frisbee and ran right over the little dog. She squeeled pretty loud like she was hurt. The Golden finished his catch and ran back to her. Layer the frisbee down and locked her until she got up and started running around again.

    Any wonder why I like my dog better than so many of the people I know?

    • reboot says:

      Happened out here last year and the little POS got out of the car and started stabbing tourists. I’m pretty sure it’s drug related, but that hasn’t been revealed. POS should have been killed on the sidewalk. He pleaded insanity. Trial starts soon.
      Gettin a concealed carry out here is about farking 0 chance.

  19. R.D. Walker says:

    My kids, even my 28 year old, don’t even know what this is.


    I feel older by the minute.

    • sortahwitte says:

      Oh my. I still have a peanut can full of them.

      • notamobster says:

        I had to ‘tin eye’ the damned thing. I’ve owned a couple devices that could have used em, but I had no clue.

        • Bman says:

          I never understood why they had such a big hole in those 45’s.

          • R.D. Walker says:


            Columbia “invented” the 33 1/3 rpm record. RCA “invented” the 45 later. The faster speed of the 45 was supposed to provide better sound quality. In reality, RCA instructed its engineers to come up with any speed so long as it wasn’t compatible with Columbia’s system. The big hole, evidently, was used to make the two types of records incompatible. A one cent piece of plastic and a variable speed player quickly killed all that.

        • R.D. Walker says:

          You had to be careful with them. You could break a 45 snapping them in.

          • Ray Davies says:

            Not only do I have some of those I dtill have the Records (old fashioned Disks) to go with them. I still play a lot of 33 1/3s. Can’t get the sound on digital and there are a lot of “one hit wonders”

    • Jim22 says:

      I feel old… But I feel old all the time any more.

      Reminds me – my aunt had a 78 RPM record from WWII. It played backwards. You started the needle in the center and it worked outward. She said it was made by a GI in Europe during the war. Some kind of effort to fool the censors.

  20. sortahwitte says:

    Just a comment from the flyover gulag. Our local hospital announced that after the end of August, they will do no more chemotherapy. That leaves about 50 patients to travel 80 to 100 miles each time they have a treatment. Why you ask? According to the hospital, numerous reasons but the 3 biggest are:

    1. The astronomical price of the drugs and availability to a small hospital.
    2. Sequestration has removed the money to help maintain the department. They are a non-profit hospital.
    3. The completely off the wall method of re-imbursement from medicare and obamacare that leaves them hanging with a million dollar debit from the drug companies. The druggies are a 30 day pay. The gubmint is 90 days if they get around to it. The hospital doesn’t have the money to be a bank. It also takes one person full time to try to do the paperwork.

    I have friends taking chemo. They are sick most of the time. Adding at least 2 hours travel will just kill them sooner.

    The next time somebody brags about voting for zero twice, I will be breaking their nose. I hope you will, too. Drive on.

    • Ray Davies says:

      Hey, obumacare wants to kill them off, cheaper that way. They plan on the same thing with us old folks, just look at the reimbursmant from the insurance,and medicare. I have a number of friends who are MDs and they are having trouble covering expenses. One has even sold her practice to the U Pitt medical school. Docs don’t make a lot of money any more. But, then again, they never really did in Private Practice.

  21. fubar says:

    I don’t know where else to post this, suggestions welcome.

    anyone have any dealings with fb asking for federal ID ?

    I don’t have a fb account. however, my daughter’s friend created one in HER name using MY email address. I tried to delete it after changing the password several times (she got into my email while at my house. I changed the password to my email account)
    when i try to access fb I get a message asking me for photo federal ID (with info blocked out) because this account has been “compromised”.

    I’m not sure how this is supposed to prove who I am or why that’s needed – i told fb that I did not create the account, it’s using my email address, it’s incorrect and fraudulent, the creator is under 14 which is not in their terms of service (I was told)
    I contacted security at fb and they are STILL Asking me for federal ID.

    • notamobster says:

      NO! This is a phishing scam. FB won’t ever ask for anything other than your username (email) and password.

      • RJ says:

        Agree do not provide.
        Do a full delete of the account, then screen lock your computer when not using

        • fubar says:

          supposedly the girl deleted the account –

          I absolutely would NOT give my ID –

          just so ya know.


    • reboot says:

      Just another example of why I am not nor ever will be part of that crowd. That’s nothing but a open data pool for anybody that wants to abuse it.

  22. RJ says:

    The Wind That Shakes The Barley…. great flick, wives likely will not appreciate, not for the reasons you are thinking… ๐Ÿ™‚