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  1. Jim22 says:

    For everyone who would rather not have a gun in the house!

    In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling, sales of this new product may skyrocket.

    dewalt nail gun

    New Nail Gun, made by DeWalt

    It can drive a 16-D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards.

    This makes construction a breeze, you can
    sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.

    Hundred round magazine.
    Someone invades your home, just nail their
    a_ _.

  2. Jim22 says:

    That is one fat raccoon. Make a good stew.

  3. reboot says:

    Wow, I thought that bugger was preggy till it stood up! FAT.

  4. reboot says:

    On a side note, I was injured tonight. During the showing of honey boo boo premier, I was only able to drink beer and read World War Z to defend myself.
    Hopefully it’s not lasting damage. God bless.

  5. Jim22 says:


    Price: $12.49
    In stock

  6. notamobster says:

    So, I ride the ferry to and from Seattle every day of the work week. Today I get on here and am doing my normal internet thing while listening to music and what catches my eye but a Homeland Stupidity VIPR Team. Curious, indeed…

    • notamobster says:

      I’ve never even seen a normal police officer on here. Not once. The state police walk bomb sniffers in the parking lot every day, but a VIPR Team? I don’t like having federal agents just walking amongst us like they are normal human beings. It’s kind of un-nerving. Agents of the leviathan, who have deliberately set themselves against God fearing, Constitution loving Americans.

      I realize they’re just doing their job, but the feds shouldn’t

      • reboot says:

        I guess that says a lot about your state you are living in if the po-po are turning over state jurisdiction to the feds.
        Ain’t a good thing by ANY means. Actually quite scary. That’s a time when you don’t wanna wear anything political other than Nuke Gay Whales! on it.

  7. notamobster says:

    Have that job…

  8. Ray Davies says:

    Remember, Big Sis bought up ALL the ammo. Stay calm and don’t look them in the eye. They can smell fear, so mask the smell with a good gun oil. Hoppie’s works well.

  9. notamobster says:

    I use corrosion X.

  10. Bman says:

    Hey Nota…we should do one of your open chat rooms again soon. I think it’s due.

  11. notamobster says:

    What’s red and bad for your teeth?

    A brick.

    Now, shut the f-k up.

  12. sortahwitte says:

    This your Saturday Update. Do you remember the little new york state rag disguised as a newspaper? The one whose managers decided to print the addresses of those people holding pistol/ concealed carry licenses? At about the same time someone printed the addresses of the management team. Well the WSJ says that several of the editors, etc. have been fired. To celebrate, I mailed off today another 1 inch thick wad of magazine subscription post cards. I have been going through the magazines at the library and taking all of the postage paid reply cards. I have writers cramps, but I believe I have mailed over 500 subscription cards to different publishers.

    Just go ahead and screw with a fat boy from Oklahoma.

    • notamobster says:

      I edited your comment, Sir. There are consequences for acts involving the mail. I’m sure the writer’s cramp from the magazines you subscribed to just made you enter typos in the comment box, so I removed the typos…

    • MadBrad says:

      Devious, Sir. Most worthy of the recipient of the Sergeant Slaughter Award.

    • reboot says:

      THAT is funny!

    • Van-a-gram says:

      sorta– you are doing it the hard way. Next time you are on a plane pick up the card from Sky Mall magazine. It lists every seller with a product in the magazine. The card lets you circle which vendors you want to receive more information or a catalog from — circle them all. Put the name and address of your ‘target’ on the card and drop in the mail. 10-14 days later he/she will receive about 75 mail order catalogs, and will continue to receive in perpetuity. One card = dozens and dozens of catalogs will be sent.

      We did this back in college to a kid from a small town. Rumor had it (urban legend — not sure) that the post office had to assign him his own +4 zip identifier as mail was being delivered in boxes.

  13. Jim22 says:

    “In studying into the background material for the forthcoming Babamkulu Enterprise in Africa next year, I have gone rather deeply into the two startling British reverses in 1881 at Laing’s Nek and Majuba Hill. (We plan to visit the sites next May.) These two incidents took place on adjoining terrain within three days of each other and point to lessons which should have been learned a century ago, but still have not got across to many people who should know about them.

    Consider the “butcher’s bill.” At Laing’s Nek the British attacked a Boer defensive position at a crest of a saddle (nek is what we would call a saddle in the American West) with about 450 men, following a small but violent artillery preparation. They were repulsed with a loss of 150 dead – against 14 for the Boers. On the occasion immediately following, the British seized Majuba Hill by means of a night march involving something over 500 soldiers. In the morning, they were thrown off the hill by a Boer force of about the same size. In this action the British lost 280 dead, including their commanding general. The Boers lost one man, plus another who died some days later of his wounds.

    Now, just what was going on here? This was a rifleman’s war, and the people on both sides used personal weapons of about the same character – breech loading single-shots using large-caliber black-powder cartridges rather similar to the American 45-70. In the first instance, the British were attacking and they were smashed. In the second instance, the British were defending and they were also smashed. Wherein lay the advantage? Odd as it may seem, it is my opinion that this tremendous disparity in efficiency derived from the fact that the British were soldiers and the Boers were civilians.

    The British troupers were “soldiers of the Queen” from the Kipling period in India. They dressed well, marched well and did not lack for courage. What they did not do was shoot well. They were given pretty good guns and they were taught to load them, shoot them, and maintain them, more or less by the numbers, but being taught to shoot on the range in the military is not the same as being brought up with a rifle.

    The Boers were by no means soldiers. They were pioneer farmers and the sons of farmers. They were reluctant to slaughter their own livestock when the countryside provided them with unlimited game. Their ammunition was always scarce and hard to come by. They had learned from childhood to hit what they shot at – every time. They shot to put meat on the table, and they shot on Sunday afternoons for prizes. Across the board, they may have been the finest body of marksmen ever fielded by any nation at any time. Their marksmanship was practical marksmanship, such as I have been endeavoring to teach throughout the latter half of my life. They seemed to have understood fully the basic rule of the rifleman, which is only hits count. (Funny how that principle was brought back to us from Grenada and Panama.)

    The British had organization, discipline, resupply, signals and some artillery support. The Boers had their rifles, their horses, their biltong and their skill. They had no uniforms and they had only the vaguest sense of organization. The British regarded them as a bunch of uncouth, ignorant, illiterate peasants who could never stand up to the might of the British Empire.

    And see the results! Using approximately equal weapons, the civilians shot the soldiers to pieces – on both offense and defense.

    The lessons that ought to be learned here, I think, are three. First, men fight their very best when they fight to defend their homelands against a foreign invader. Second, when it comes to imparting of skill the public sector can never equal the private. Third, marksmanship is an art to be cultivated rather than a commodity to be issued.”

    LC Jeff Cooper

  14. Jim22 says:

    Jacques Cousteau fished with DuPont Spinners.


  15. TN-Cat says:

    Interesting bit of news that happened on Friday that I have not seen reported yet.
    China instituted. 6.7% VAT on all exported product retroactive to August 1st and the tax includes shipping charges from outbound shipping lines.

    This has happened more than a few times I can remember. The mid 90’s and again around 2001 or so. Never this high of a percentage and never where they taxed transit. Hold on tight. In a few months this will start to hit your pocket book too.

  16. notamobster says:

    The Chinese will get their money’s worth out of us.

  17. notamobster says:

    Does anyone here have experience starting a 501c(3) charity?

    I want to start one that sends vets and wounded warriors on vacations and to events. I would also expand it – if successful, to sending kids who know what they want to do in life (act, sing, play music, archery, shooting, etc..) and can demonstrate the chops to actually make it – to camps that specialize in their chosen craft.

    I would like to solicit companies who have season tickets or resorts/camps (many of which go unused) to donate to the cause for the wounded warriors and vets.

  18. RJM says:

    Moving to Detroit!

    Bob was sitting on the plane waiting to fly to Detroit, when a guy took the seat beside him. The guy was an emotional
    wreck, pale, hands shaking, moaning in fear.

    “What’s the matter?” Bob asked.

    “I’ve been transferred to Detroit – I’ve heard the people are crazy there. They’ve got lots of shootings, gangs, race riots, drugs, poor public schools, and the highest crime rate in the nation.”

    Bob replied, “I’ve lived in Detroit all my life. It’s not as bad as the media says. Find a nice home, go to work, mind your own business, and enroll your kids in a nice private school. It’s as safe a place as anywhere in the world.”

    The guy relaxed and stopped shaking and said, “Oh, thank you. I’ve been worried to death. But if you live there and say it’s OK, I’ll take your word for it. What do you do for a living?”

    “I’m a tail gunner on a Budweiser truck.”

  19. RJ says:

    Hope he is around post zombipockylisp we’ll need minds like his when it comes time to rebuild, when only strong backs and straight shootin wont do.

    Locke I bet you are right, he scared the pants of his lib teachers.

  20. locke n load says:

    yup. pretty much supports all our suspicions.
    this administration thinks america is a bunch of damned suckers.
    if the time comes, the press should suffer exactly the same fate as the statists in washington

  21. R.D. Walker says:

    Back from the Apostle Islands. It was a good time. The sailing was good with some real hot, hard heeling over and some more relaxing winds. The boys had a great time and had some good father-son bonding.

    Didn’t get home until late last night and am still a little disoriented. Should be back to full force soon.

    I will post some photos later.

    • notamobster says:

      All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. As an aside, I’m not sure a DUI killer is the best qualified judge of morality or decision making. I’m just saying…

  22. notamobster says:

    Brad – This is a GREAT cheesy bad film! It’s a film about Osama bin laden starting a zombie army. Funny, low budget, doesn’t take itself seriously. Good movie.

  23. reboot says:

    Trailer to Ender’s Game, posted before? I hope it bears the appropriate parts of the book that actually make the book what it was and not just cinematic BS. It’s actually quite the good leadership tool.

    • locke n load says:

      Oh please please please please PLEEEEEEASE let them not fuck up those books….
      I’ve suggested that series to RD for his son a half dozen times..

      • Greg B says:

        Well, Card F-ed up the fourth book all on his own.
        Horrible story.
        I was so disappointed with it I haven’t read any of the books beyond that one. Although everyone I talk to says the subsequent Shadow series is excellent.

        • locke n load says:

          Oh now come on,lol. I guess #4 is a love it or hate it thing. I love the Jane character and while Children of the Mind didn’t exactly explode off the pages, I dug the piggies, hehehe. Ender had to die eventually, didn’t he?
          Enders Shadow is great. Don’t hold “Children..” against him, read it.

          • Rockheim says:

            GAH! Ender dies?!?! NooOOoOOooOoooooo!! 🙂
            It was to be expected really.. I’ve never gotten to the 4th book. I’m just starting up Xenocide for the 3rd time.. Never been able to get through all of them before life intrudes..

            Now with the new job and spending my nights as a road warrior I’ve got time to read again.. Hopefully I’ll get through Xenocide here in the next couple days and on to book 4..

            Anyone know how the other smaller books that came out later fared?

    • BrunDawg says:

      Ender’s Game: USMC Commandant’s Professional Reading List – Enlisted E1 – E4

      According to Wikipedia the movie is slated for November ’13 and is being boycotted by the LBGAY(whatever) community.

      • reboot says:

        It’s also on the Navy Chief Petty Officer’s reading list. I think all of the first 3 should be on it myself.

  24. Jim22 says:

    Made me laugh…

    Sequester cuts hit the secret service the hardest.


    From Boilerdoc

  25. Lerxst says:

    Tweet of the day…

    Not Jim Cramer ‏@Not_Jim_Cramer
    One can only imagine what Wal-Mart Sales Ex-EBT look like

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Freedom was 98% life affirming joy and 2% sheer terror.

      Americans decided it was worth giving up the 98% in order to attempt to marginally reduce the 2%.

      • notamobster says:

        The thought of this day coming both saddens me and makes me exceedingly angry.

        • RJ says:

          It’s not long in the future for the first time in my life I am glad I was not able to have kids, I shudder to think what kind of country my 20 or so nephews and neices and their children are going to face.

    • reboot says:

      Dammit, that picture brought tears to my eyes.

  26. Jim22 says:

    Something To Share



  27. Jim22 says:

    Want a .308 semi-auto rifle for a good price?

    PTR 91 GI 308 G3 Based Rifle – With FIVE New HK G3 20 Round Magazines

    OneSource Price: $975.00 (+$5.00)


    Extra mags &7.00 each.

    • sortahwitte says:

      Hey, I just saw that tonight. I’ve always wanted one of those. Too bad I’ve already got a great M1A.

      However, on Saturday, Mrs. Witte and I will have been married 45 years. I got her a gift. It’s a Ruger Mark III, blued with fixed sights. Oh, come on. It’s exactly what she wanted. She said so.

      • reboot says:

        Grew up with a Standard, loved them Ruger .22s! Only hated the bolt on it, chewed yer fingers up. Dad bought it first run in the 60’s for like 24 bux.

    • reboot says:

      I had access to one out here for 700, picked it up and tried to sight it, and the stock was made for a midget. I’m only 5’8″ and I couldn’t get a good sight picture out of it. It’s basically a remake of the HK91. If I could restock it easily, I woulda bought it. Dude had 3 for sale. I was bummed. Midgets bought them up. Oh well……

  28. TN-Cat says:

    Question for the forum. First s little background is needed. My wife has to spend a lot of time in the middle east this year (UAE) 2 to 3 weeks out of 8. Could be a 3 year assignment.
    a conversation with a co-worker, army vet with 3 tours suggested she read and memorizes passages from the quran so she can recite passages so they would be fooled to thinking she is Muslim.
    Good idea or is this mocking our Lord

    • TN-Cat says:

      Above scenario is if the SHTF while she is over there.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Good idea. God knows His own.

      • notamobster says:

        She needs to learn the shahada “a shadu-an la illaha il allah, wah a shadu-an a muhammad ar rasul allah” “I bear witness that there is no god but allah and mo-lestor is his messenger.

        It wouldn’t hurt to learn the prayer either if she’s gonna go full retard in a SHTF scenario. There will be some customs she should learn too.

        Transliteration (pronunciation)
        Inni wajjahtu waj-hiya lilla-zee fataras samawati wal ardha hannifan- wama ana minal mushriqueen.

        I have turned my full attention towards the Supreme Being, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and I am not one of those who associate partners with Him.

        Subhana ka Allahumma wa be Hamdeka wa tabarakasmoka wa ta’ala joddoka wa la Ilaha ghairoka.

        Holy art Thou, O Allah, and all praise is Thine; blessed is Thy name, and exalted is Thy state. There is none worthy of worship except Thee alone.

        A’ouzo billahi min-aash-shaitan-ir-rajeem.

        I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.

        The Muslim prayer – Sura Al-Fatiha

        Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Al Hamdu lillaahi Rabbil-‘Aalameen. ‘Ar-Rahmanir-Raheem. Maaliki Yaumid Deen. ‘Iyyaka na-budu wa iyyaka nasta-een. Ihdina-Ssirat al-Mustaqueem. Siratal-lazeena ‘an-‘amta ‘alai-him, Ghairil maghdubi ‘alai-him wa laddaalleen.

        In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful; Master of Day of Judgement. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us along the right path, the path of those whom Thou has bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred Thy displeasure, and those who have not gone astray.

        I don’t see any problem with your wife playing a retard to stay alive. I wouldn’t do it, but for personal reasons having nothing to do with an affront to God, but my own stubborn self. They’ll take my head before they ever bend my knee.

        • TN-Cat says:

          That was my initial reaction. Personally I would never submit to Islam. But with my wife over there now, a few nights of deep thought, I am leaning towards yours and RD’s point of view. When your loved ones are in a position, it sure changes the perspective.

        • notamobster says:

          I can help you with pronunciations if you need, or you could just go to youtube. I’m sure someone put it on there.

    • BigJimTX says:

      Really depends on what type of exposure she gets. When I’m over there, I don’t see anything but a hotel and a jobsite. The obvious issue is that she is a woman in an Arab country. If her company is sending her, there should be some resources for her.

      I’m not experienced with what women should do there, but it seems to me that if she were to be questioned thoroughly, it would probably be better if she was reciting the truth. She might be held to a higher standard (stoning to death for talking to men, kind of higher standard) if she was known to be Moose limb.

      Just my 0.02. Like I said, I’m no expert, but I play one in my own head occasionally.

  29. notamobster says:

    Mrs nota said “that’s crap!”… She’s a very stubborn woman, my wife. She’d take the blade before she acted like something she ain’t. That’s one of the reasons I love her. She don’t have a “grey area”. Doesn’t believe in em. Pain in the ass at times. Me? I’m more flexible

  30. Greg B says:

    Read it.
    And when you are done say:
    “I am Spartacus. Because, fuck you, that’s why.”

    • Uke says:

      That was awesome.

      If the left is to be believed, the act of voting is more important than anything else at all you will ever do in life.

      Having a baby, public protest, getting married, buying alcohol, driving, getting medical care: all less important than voting.

      Getting an education, petitioning our elected representatives, going to court, seeing your children: less important than voting.

      This is the elevation of an important procedural and substantive right beyond all proportion for cheap electoral points.

  31. R.D. Walker says:

    Elvis died at Graceland 36 years ago today.

  32. notamobster says:

    I’m heading to Los Angeles (Long Beach actually) Mon – Wed of next week. Any Revo readers in the area wanna meet up for an adult beverage – or a cup of coffee – and terrible conversation?

    • Z says:

      Hi Nota – I’m in the OC and would be interested in an adult beverage if we could work it out.

      You are in the LBC tomorrow through wednesday?

  33. RJ says:

    I’m so relieved Paul Krugman at nytimes wrote the deficit is shrinking lots any there is no budget problems. 608 economic muggles agreed with him.

  34. Jim22 says:

    “And Reggie Said They Were Merely Playing Cards”

    I came

    From iOTW

  35. Jim22 says:

    Someone over at iOTW reads the Revo. We got a hat tip:

  36. R.D. Walker says:

    Here is a photo from 1923 of Wakeskekaki White Breast of the Meskwaki tribe in Iowa. I am pretty sure he has a laptop computer. I know, that makes makes no sense without access to Wi-Fi.


    I am thinking this is one of those time warp things in which Kirk and Spock ended up on 20th century earth and left the laptop. The only flaw in that theory is the laptop has more technology than the whole Star Trek original series Enterprise. Hmmmmm….