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  1. Jim22 says:

    Senior’s TV tray:

  2. Jim22 says:

    The blame game.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    We are getting new roofing today. A contractor is stripping the old shingles and felt down to the plywood and putting on new.

    Guess who is up there working fast, hard and efficiently.

    I gotta tell you, it is hard to watch anyone work that fast and hard and feel down on them.

    • Ben says:

      Did you just assume their legal status…..I feel a microaggression coming on.

    • Bman says:

      A construction worker who specializes in roofing? Just a guess.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Nope. They were soldiers of the swarthy, slow motion invasion force that is undermining our nation, endangering our females and stealing our precious bodily fluids.

    • BrunDawg says:

      Our neighborhood had hail damage a few years ago and a crew of 7-8 came in and did 3 houses a day. Stripping, preparing, and shingling was out of a playbook. Enjoying our water-tight beauty.
      Just a suggestion – Take a cooler of ice water/Gatorade out to them. Ours was the last house of the day so the last refill of the cooler included beer. They came back the next day and combed the lawn for nails and shingled a little 8×10 shed so it matched the house.

    • C. L. says:

      I don’t know the legal status of your workers, and I don’t know if that matters for the quality, but I can tell you this. I was visiting a relative near San Benito, TX at a time when he was having his new house brick installed. He hired a crew of Mexicans and I don’t know their legal status. My relative had to watch them like a hawk because – among other things – every time they thought they were not being watched they would butter only the showing half of each brick. I was there and I saw this happening constantly. They were very fast and they worked very hard, but they cut every corner they could get away with.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        They are being supervised by an owner of the roofing company, the retired commanding officer of the LRSD unit I served in while in the IANG. They are fine.

        Veteran owned business. Check them out.

        • C. L. says:

          I am the first to agree that a good boss makes all the difference in the world to a successful company AND reputation.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        Important to remember: Unsupervised white laborers do the same damned thing just as often.

        • C. L. says:

          I don’t disagree, but I was saying the same in reverse – don’t judge the Mexicans as better workers when it may be because they have a good boss.

  4. DarthJay says:

    Kathy Griffin, who we all remember performed that sad and pathetic beheaded Trump photoshoot a few days ago, had a press conference today where she broke down crying saying she feel attacked by Trump and that he is a sexist pig for doing so.

    Says the woman who held a BLOODY BEHEADED MASK OF THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD…she got her little snowflake feelings hurt because he happened to not care very much for that. Oh, the irony.

  5. C. L. says:

    I tried to nominate The Real Revo for this year’s Paul Revere award, but you can’t comment on that blog (Political Clown Parade) unless you belong to this, that, or the other social media, and I don’t belong to any social media at all. Maybe someone else would like to do that before the deadline. Sorry. You really deserve the award.

  6. Ray Davies says:

    Kill me now, I’ve lived entirely too long if this becomes a fad.

  7. Rich says:

    The Jesuits, once stalwarts of the Catholic faith, have in modern times fallen low. For all intents they are but communists in clerical collars. But this is truly unspeakable.

    Perhaps the Jesuit Superior General, Fr. Sosa, might ask himself if it makes any sense that Jesus endured his Passion and an excruciating death to save humanity from a symbol.

    Interestingly, an exorcist, who outta know, disagrees with the Jesuit Superior General, perhaps recalling another Jesuit exorcist, Fr. Bowdern, who successfully conducted the exorcism that inspired the movie The Exorcist.

  8. Rich says:

    From Moonbattery:

    “Liberalism Reaches Full Flower: Lace Outfits for Men”

    The winning comment by SineWaveII:

    “Introducing the new Village People. They make the old Village People look like the Rat Pack.”

    I’d say I can’t believe it. But ….

  9. Rich says:

    From Moonbattery:

    “John Salvesen, 42, posted a video on Facebook in December 2015, showing the burning of a Quran in his backyard.

    “I used my democratic right: freedom of speech,” Salvesen said.”

    Well, not so fast there John. Because Denmark has charged him with Blasphemy! … a charge which last brought a conviction some 71 years ago when a man dressed up as a priest and mock-baptized a doll at a masquerade.

  10. Jim22 says:

    Poor Tiger:

  11. Jim22 says:


  12. Van-a-gram says:

    Best line from the internet today:

    “Why is it so difficult for liberals to understand basic economics?”

    “Economics? They can’t even figure out what gender they are….”

  13. Jim22 says:

    Liberal thinking:

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Two American hostages are captured by ISIS. They are being led to the site where their beheading is to be filmed.

      The conservative hostage says, “Fucking Muslim savages!”

      The liberal hostage says, “Cut the racism. You are going to get us in trouble.”

  14. Van-a-gram says:

    WWII Vet’s epic response to “You can’t kill ISIS because it’s an ideology”:

    “The hell you can’t. Because we did it.

    These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese. The Japs had their suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can’t stomach. And until you can, this shit won’t stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took 2 atom bombs on top of it. But if that was what it took to win we were willing to do it. Until you are willing to do the same…well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain’t going to stop.”

  15. Rich says:

    In the last Off Topic (now archived) there was a pic of a black bear looking into a home from a glass porch door. Apparently, this bear has gone a step or two further … and even pawed the ivories. And here a peacock lays waste to a liquor store. Now how in the heck did a peacock get in a liquor store in the first place? The animals be goin’ wild I tells yah.

  16. Rich says:

    A picture may tell a thousand words. But sometimes a picture and a few well chosen words speak volumes. (from The Lonely Libertarian)

    Radical Islam is the venomous snake,
    Moderate Islam is the grass that hides it.

  17. Rich says:

    (From The Lonely Libertarian)

    I see Hillary has sent herself a Birthday card.
    Awwww. That’s sad and sweet … I guess.

  18. Rich says:

    Ain’t that the truth.

  19. Jim22 says:

    We all know people like this. They are universally known as ‘Whiners’.

    • BrunDawg says:

      I was cutting the grass yesterday and thinking of upcoming Father’s Day and this exact topic. Dad’s sure-fire ways to get into a fight. Number one was “throw the first punch”. Works every time. Further down the list was “pretend that your weakness is your strength”. Playing dead (victim card) only works with bears. In real life, leading with your chin encourages a battle.
      I’m older than the red-head-isis-wannabe but I’m pretty sure if I had any sisters Dad would have reversed the rules for them.
      She wanted a fight. Maybe she learned something.

    • jacksonsdad says:

      This reminded me of something I’ve heard Judge Judy say many times….


      “You started the fight. You’re just upset that it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would”

  20. Jim22 says:

    “Makes you want to drink more beer.”

  21. Jim22 says:


    • R.D. Walker says:

      Next she will show us one at noon and midnight as proof the sun is dying.

    • BrunDawg says:

      She didn’t really do that did she?

      • R.D. Walker says:

        If she did, it has been deleted. There are only four Tweets from her that day and none of them are that one. I’d say it is a funny, funny, fake but accurate Tweet.

    • C. L. says:

      I don’t know if this is real or not, but it sure reminds me of a fledgling corruptocrat on my city council a few years back. She was a very pretty woman who ran a very successful coffee and sandwich shop downtown.

      She learned to be a politician from two places, 1) her friend the very militantly gay mayor, and 2) the Granholm influenced “how-to-run-your-city” seminars in Lansing.

      To hear her talk, you would think she was a complete moron, incapable of critical thought. Her comments at meetings were just the catch words and phrases of the day she had learned, strung together in a meaningless babble. One other thing she learned was that if you want to get rid of or change something, you had to demonize it. We had a very popular and well used city park, the star attraction of which was the penned deer herd, featuring an impressive albino buck. Well, she and her cohorts on the council wanted to get rid of the deer herd completely, so one council meeting she made the comment that, “The city park deer don’t even look like real deer.”

      So, I believe politicians can be morons and say stuff like this.

  22. Jim22 says:

    Here’s one for Bman. Who thinks this stuff up?

  23. Jim22 says:

    “Muslims are outraged over a billboard in Indianapolis with a header that reads “The Perfect Man” and then list six “bullet points” describing Mohammad.”

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Yep. There is good news for POTUS in there and there is bad news. I see nothing illegal. It is, however, unconventional.

      It is very unconventional. It wouldn’t be illegal for the POTUS to give his State of the Union Address in his pajamas but it would be unconventional. It just isn’t done. Asking about an ongoing case, asking for loyalty, talking about Flynn being a swell guy… I don’t think they are illegal but they are way out there in “State of the Union in pajamas” territory.

      Good news: Comey confirms that he did, in fact, tell Trump three times that he wasn’t under investigation.

      Bad news: Very bizarre, unconventional, weird behavior by POTUS.

  24. Sortahwitte says:

    I’ll be working in the garden. All day.

  25. Bman says:

    Just saw Wonder Woman. I’ve never been a superhero comic book movie fan. I’ve only seen two; Batman in 1989 and Spider-Man in 2005 or so. Oh! and Superman in 1980 with that actor who had the physique of Adam West in the 60’s.

    I got to say that I enjoyed this flick. Yea, there were some corny lines and a few confusing moments, but for the most part it was highly enjoyable. Wonder Woman is a bad ass. Go watch it.

  26. R.D. Walker says:

  27. mr_bill says:

    Saw this in the news and it got me wondering about the standard being imposed here.

    Long story short, some kids were accepted to Harvard. Before the academic year could commence, they formed a group on Facebook and shared some comments and memes with each other. Some of the content is dodgy, to say the least. I’ve seen the posts and while they are in poor taste, I don’t see anything criminal or encouraging criminal activity. Harvard got wind of the content and rescinded the acceptances for these students, based on it.

    That got me thinking. A college cannot sponsor a religious event because it receives federal dollars (making it an extension of the federal government) and such sponsorship would violate the imaginary “separation of church and state” that we hear about so often, but which does not exist in the Constitution. We have seen the courts uphold this spurious “law” on multiple occasions.

    If a college is an extension of the federal government, then isn’t a college Constitutionally estopped from punishing a student for speech, even if it is offensive? It is either an agent of the government or it is not. It cannot switch back and forth depending on the issue at hand.

    • Van-a-gram says:

      First, Harvard University is a private institution; and as a result the Admission’s Committee is not prohibited from rescinding admission to students based on behavior or speech considered to be in violation of the student code of conduct. In short, they can pretty much do anything they want. The same is NOT true for public institutions, or at least its not as clear.

      Not sure where the idea of a college not being able to sponsor a religious event came from, but that’s not the case. My daughter’s University has a blow out Christmas party for the entire community with 20,000 people in attendance every year– it’s a huge event complete with nativity scenes.

  28. jacksonsdad says:

    This is hilarious… I don’t care who-ya’-are!

  29. fasttimes says:

    so the house passed a repeal of dodd frank today? seems like a positive step.

  30. Rich says:

    So in Sweden a trauma care center, which has historically been the go to place to treat rape victims, has been told to stop treating rape victims, and instead treat refugees. This is crazy. Because it is the damn refugees that are responsible for most of the rape in Sweden.

  31. C. L. says:

    My 13 month old pup loves being around me when he’s outside. Today I let him out of the fenced in back yard and out front where I was working on this and that. He was snooping around and going into the edge of the woods but he was never more than 100 feet from the house. Long story short, he found a big pile of very fresh, loose bear shit and decided it would be great fun to rub it in real good all over his face and neck, where he has somewhat of a mane of longer hair. Really, truly disgusting, it was. The wife got him somewhat cleaned up, but, damn what a mess.

    I had been thinking for some time that he and I think a lot alike, due to his habit of burying his nose deep into every female crotch he can find, but, I am re-assessing that thought now.

    We had two bears a quarter mile away sighted two days ago and an actual bear attack requiring stitches near my old home town last week.

  32. Rich says:

    This is priceless: Al Gore at Work: $8.7 Billion to ‘Repair Sound Barrier’? I just hope that the left does not see this, because I’m sure that life would then imitate art.

  33. Rich says:

    Commenter John27 at Moonbattery has fixed the Metropolitan Police’s advice for what to do in a terrorist attack.

  34. R.D. Walker says:

    EXCLUSIVE: More than a bromance – the intimate relationship between John F. Kennedy and his gay friend – from prep school to the White House – where pal had his own room, much to Jackie’s chagrin


    • Jim22 says:

      Jack was known to stick his pecker in just about anything. This included Lemuel’s mouth, I guess.

  35. Van-a-gram says:

    Today’s Chuckle from an article reporting that CNN has dropped douche bag Reza Aslan, or more appropriately ‘has not renewed his show for a 2nd season’:

    “CNN has a significant interest in maintaining a middle-of-the-road stance to its viewers. Being non-partisan is at the root of the cable-news network’s brand, while rivals Fox News Channel and MSNBC have allowed more partisan opinion in their prime-time programming lineup. ”

    With a straight face nonetheless…..

  36. Jim22 says:

    Smirnoff’s latest ad campaign:

    • E. Willers says:

      I think it’s clever and kind of funny. Though I am a Tito’s vodka guy, I just might buy a bottle.

  37. BrunDawg says:

    “The AMA has 36 distinct policies on LGBTQ issues, according to Resolution 003, which states gender is “incompletely understood.” The resolution instructs the AMA to work with other medical organizations to educate the medical community about gender identity because it can be a “complex interplay of gene expressions and biologic development.”

    Hospitals around the world have also changed policies because of transgender issues. For instance, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom is now instructing doctors to stop calling pregnant women “expectant mothers,” because the term is not “inclusive” to transmen.”

  38. C. L. says:

    Happy Flag Day! And, as an added bonus, Happy Birthday to President Trump.

  39. BrunDawg says:

    C-Span will televise the Congressional Baseball Game tonight. Not that it will be any more interesting than the pick-up game behind any local sports bar.
    They should allow on-line wagering (donating) with proceeds going to charity.

    • Bman says:

      I think this should be interesting. After all, it isn’t some softball game, but real baseball. I’m sure there will be plenty of talent on both sides but I see the Republicans winning. Most democrats don’t like baseball, thus they will have a smaller talent pool playing. Democrats like sports such as soccer. It’s the socialists game. In fact, I developed a theory that the more socialist a country is, the better they are at soccer. What’s scary is that the United States has become more and more competitive on the world stage in the past 2 decades. Personally, I liked it better when we used to absolutely suck at soccer.

      That was one of my slogans when I was running for President: “Make American Soccer Suck Again.”

  40. Bman says:

    Just tuned into the Congressional baseball game. 20 minutes of introductions and whatnot. Nothing but a bunch of old geezers look to be suited up. This game is gonna suck ass.

    President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch.

    Just kidding.

  41. C. L. says:

    Friday morning off topic covfefe?

    So, I have a neighboring property owner I have never met. He lives downstate and owns 160 acres adjacent to mine. In the 8 years that I have owned this property he has never come up to his cabin. He is a generation older than I am.

    I just recently found out why he has not come up for so long. He is dead serious in his belief that our woods has become the home to a population of these:

    • C. L. says:

      Personally, I think there are only a couple of them around. 🙂

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I think the fact that everybody has a camera with them 100 percent of the time in the 21st century and no proven photos have appeared makes the whole saskwatch thing even more difficult to support. Flying saucers and nessie too.

  42. BrunDawg says:

    From what I gather, this girl, Michelle Carter, is guilty of manslaughter for texting to her boyfriend urging him to return to a running truck and finish a suicide. I don’t have all the details but I would have sided with not guilty.
    Does this mean that some troll on a news comments section who tells me to ‘go f myself’ is guilty of rape?

    • MadBrad says:

      She is guilty under the legal concept of “Vicarious Liability”.

      • BrunDawg says:

        Girlfriend is a lose relationship. I think she is a horrible person and guilty of neglect but manslaughter?

        • MadBrad says:

          Tom Metzger gave a rousing speech to a bunch of white supremacists in California back in 1988 and three of them went out and murdered Mulugetta Seraw, an Ethiopian immigrant. Metzger was held liable under the concept of vicarious liability.

      • Rich says:

        Vicarious liability is generally restricted to legally recognized control or quasi control relationships such as parent child, employer employee. Ref 1, or, Ref 2. I do not know if the Judge’s decision cited to the principle of vicarious liability to justify his decision. I can say that if he did so, it will be, if upheld, a significant, and unjustified (IMHO) expansion of that doctrine.

  43. Jim22 says:


  44. MadBrad says:

    I am such a racist.

    I am getting a new roof put on right now, recovering from Hurricane Matthew damage. There are some pretty hardcore Mexicans up there right now. Yesterday when a big storm came through they didn’t even get down off the roof. They pulled tarps up over their work and used my chimneys to make a tent with it. They never came down. as soon as it quit raining they were back at it and worked until they had no more useable light.

    This morning when they came to work I tipped them each a Hundred Dollars. They were highly confused but very happy. If they were white roofers I don’t know if I would have done that. That’s because if they were white roofers there is a high probability that the Hundred Dollars would have been spent on Crack. Ouch.

    • Jim22 says:

      Were they Mexicans? Seems like in Florida they might be from Cuba or somewhere else in the Caribbean.

  45. Jim22 says:

    Cougar Sighting:

  46. Jim22 says:


    • Rich says:

      The unpleasant taste, Jim22, would be because you are most likely eating plant reproductive stuff … which, indeed, no amount of mustard will help. And I think I shall pursue this thought train no further.

  47. Rich says:

    I ran across an episode of Gomer Pyle USMC whose guest star surprised me. And not because of the name. But because of the talent.

    Gomer and the Night Club Comic, S4 E27.

    And, yes, it’s him.

    If you listen closely, he sounds at times virtually the same as his more famous brother.

  48. Jim22 says:

    Don’t Text and Drive

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Looks like the water barrels saved his life though. It is small but the vehicle doesn’t look too crushed.

  49. Rich says:

    They have released the names of the 7 sailors who died in flooded berthing compartments on the USS Fitzgerald.

    Eternal rest grant unto: Dakota Kyle Rigsby, 19, of Palmyra, Va.; Shingo Alexander Douglass, 25, of San Diego; Ngoc T. Truong Huynh, 25, of Oakville, Conn.; Noe Hernandez, 26, of Weslaco, Tex.; Carlos Victor Ganzon Sibayan, 23, of Chula Vista, Calif.; Xavier Alec Martin, 24, of Halethorpe, Md.; and Gary Leo Rehm Jr., 37, of Elyria, Ohio; oh Lord, and let Your perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through Your mercy oh Lord, rest in peace. Amen.