Letter from Austin to Andropov 2/17/1982


TEL: 3383 3020

17th Feb 1982

TO:Commander Andropov
Chairman of the Committee of State Security
Member of Politburo

FROM: General of the Army Hudson Austin

Dear Comrade,

Warmest revolutionary greetings to you, the Communist Party of Soviet Union and all Soviet people, from the Political Bureau of the New Jewel Movement, Government, Armed Forces and all the Grenadian people.

Let me first of all extend our deepest sympathies to your Party and people on the passing away of comrade Suslov, a true Bolshevik and hero of revolutionary people worldwide.

[I write at this time to] request assistance in the strengthening of our Ministry of Interior. This request stems from discussions [held between] Cde. Vladgmir Klimentov, then attached to the Soviet Embassy in Jamaica, [illeg.] Comrade Maurice Bishop, Chairman of the Central Committee of our Party the New Jewel Movement, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Interior of the People’s Revolutionary Government, Comrade Liam James, Member of the Central Committee of our Party and Head of the Ministry of Interior [and myself. Peoples Revo. Govt. illeg. formally request the following] training courses for four (4) [of our] comrades: —

a) Basic course in Counter Intelligence for the period of one (1) year – three (5) comrades

b) Basic course in Intelligence for a period of one (1) year – one (1) comrade.

We thank you once again for the tremendous assistance which our Armed Forces have received from your Party and Government in the past. We recognise the tremendous internationalist obligations of your people, yet we sincerely hope that these courses will be made available to our comrades in 1982, given the pressing needs in our Ministry and the continuing threat being posted to the Grenada Revolution by United States Imperialism.

I close by once again extending our greatest warmth and embrace to you and your Party – Sons and Daughters of the heroic Lenin. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Fraternally,


General Hudson Austin
Member of the Political Bureau of NJ M
Secretary of Defence and Interior.


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