The Grenada Revo Documents

These documents were captured by U.S. Forces in Grenada following the October 1983 invasion of that country or were released to the media by others.

They were made publicly available by the United States government.

Complaint Of Russell Budhlall – 09/30/80 In this letter, political prisoner Russell Budhlall makes complaints of torture against the PRG prison administration.

Letter from Austin to Andropov – 2/17/1982 This is a letter from PRA head Hudson Austin to Commander Andropov of the Soviet Army requesting military assistance and intelligence training.

Letter from Bishop to Ustinov – 2/17/1982 Bishop wrote a letter to Soviet Minister of Defense requesting arms and training. The letter is dated the same as the Austin letter.

Agreement Between NJM and Communist Party of the Soviet Union – 7/27/1982 This document outlines details of Soviet assistance to the PRG.

Bishop’s “Line of March” Speech – 9/15/1982 In this defining speech, Bishop describes the Leninist totalitarian regime being developed in Grenada.

Interim Report on North American Resistance Movement – 3/29/1983 This document describes propaganda efforts by members of the PRG stationed in the United States.

Agreeement Between Grenada and North Korea – 4/14/1983 Fraternal relations and North Korean arms provided to Grenada are described in this document.

Letter From Vince Noel to the Central Committee – 10/17/83 Vincent Noel wrote a letter to the Central Committee describing events to that point. He was killed with Bishop two days later.

Bulletin from the [RMC] Main Political Department – 10/20/1983 The Revolutionary Military Committee congratulates themselves on the events of October 19, 1983 in this transmittal.

Cuban Statement on Events of October 19, 1983 – 10/20/1983 Cuban response to the death of Bishop and others on October 19, 1983

Castro’s Declaration of Mourning for Bishop – 10/20/1983





2 Responses to The Grenada Revo Documents

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Bernard Coard, the titular head of the RMC was freed from prison last week and has agreed to an interview. You can find it here.

    Other than the fact that my Army unit helped hunt him down, I don’t really have an emotional stake in this situation.

    Frankly, I believe almost every word Coard said. I certainly believe reason for the split is the struggle for power. I have no doubt that Bishop, as influenced by his friend Fidel, wanted to remain the head of the party and the government. I also have no doubt that Coard saw himself as the real brains and hard work of the Revo and believed that he should share power and, perhaps, rise to ultimate power. There is no reason to not believe him. This series of events has played out over and over and over throughout history. It is the most common thing in the world.

    I also don’t doubt that he wanted to recapture the fort without bloodshed. I don’t doubt that, up at Fort Frederick, they had reports that weapons were being distributed. I don’t doubt that some were although I also believe that Bishop didn’t just open the armory. I believe he was selective.

    Coard tells the truth about soldiers riding on the top of vehicles; this can be seen in the top photo above. He is spinning a little when he calls them “armored cars,” however. BTR-60s are infantry fighting vehicles; much more than armored cars.

    It is plausible that the soldiers on the vehicles were either fired on first or believed they were fired on first. At that point it didn’t matter. Armed adversaries flying at each other are sure to result in a powder-keg situation. It was bound to blow.

    Here is where I doubt Coard. I don’t believe that the executions of Bishop, Whiteman, Creft and the rest was just an act of revenge by the soldiers. The executed were kept alive as prisoners for hours before they were machine gunned. Witnesses claimed that soldiers returned to Fort Frederick and then came back to Fort George in that time frame. Witnesses claim that execution proclamation was read before the execution. It was claimed that it was on order of the Central Committee.

    It seems highly improbable to me that rouge soldiers would hold Bishop and the rest for hours, communicate with Fort Frederick and then ceremoniously execute the elite of the NJM and the Revo without orders. I am convinced Coard is lying about that. His story is weak, he has a motive for lying, and multiple witnesses have given information that indicates he is lying.

    Finally, the behavior of the RMC in the days between October 19 and October 25 indicates he is lying. They played up the events of the 19th, including the executions, as heroic and necessary. Read what is in this link. They didn’t attempt to arrest rouge soldiers for the murder of Bishop and the others. They didn’t make even the slightest move that would indicate that they believed that out-of-control soldiers, acting against their orders, murdered Bishop and the others. On they contrary, they issued statements of praise for what happened. I think it is clear that he is lying about his involvement in the decision to execute his fellow revolutionaries. In fact, I think it is obvious.

  2. BaconNeggs says:

    In this Bizzaro world where lawyers talk in their double talk style, and make a lie sound like the truth, why am I not surprised to learn these Communinist scumbag murderers are not only alive and well but also now free as a bird.

    One thing I am learning fast as yet more scumbag murderers are released, is that if one meet them on the battle field – TAKE NO PRISONERS – KILL EM ALL.

    This is yet another example that illustrates the insanity that makes a mockery of brave men who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives to free others from the petty Tyrants and murderers.

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