Agreement Between NJM and Communist Party of the Soviet Union

In cooperation between the New JEWEL Movement
of Grenada and the Communist Party
of the Soviet Union

The Central Committee of the New JEWEL Movement of Grenada and the Central Committee Communist Party of the Soviet Union,

Guided by the desire to deepen relations between the two parties in a spirit of friendship solidarity, [illeg.]offng that common commitment to the ideals of peace, national liberation, democracy and [il1eg.]c socialism creates favourable opportunities for cooperation,

Proceeding from common goals in the struggle against imperialism, neocolonialism, racialism [illeg.] reaction in all their forms and manifestations,

Reasserting their constant striving to render internationalist support to all peoples fighting for freedom, independence and social progress,

and considering that inter—party cooperation is a most important basis for the development of [illeg.]y relations between the peoples of Grenada and the Soviet Union, have signed the present Agreement under which both parties declare their intention:

1. Steadfastly to extend and deepen their cooperation at all levels.

2. Continuously to exchange experience in party work and party guidance of the social, economic and cultural development of their countries, including regular exchange of information and materials on the aforesaid topics.

3. Regularly to exchange delegations of party workers, to conduct consultations and exchanges of opinion on international matters, problems of the world revolutionary process and present—day social development, and other matters of mutual interest.

4. To promote cooperation in the training of party and government cadres and in furthering political competence.

5. To develop contacts between the party press and other mass communication media, to inform the public of their countries about the activity of the two parties, and of their home and foreign policy, and resolutely to combat hostile imperialist and reactionary propaganda.

6. To promote all-round development of inter-state relations and ties between mass organisations of their countries.

7. Periodically to coordinate and implement concrete plans of inter—party ties, including initiatives that are not covered by the present Agreement.


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Moscow, 27 July 1982


7 Responses to Agreement Between NJM and Communist Party of the Soviet Union

  1. Richard says:

    What the point ?

    Care to show agreements between US and China..Nixon/Kissenger ?

    US/Iran Kissenger and the Shah,re oil in 72?

    Or US and Iraq, with saddam?

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Richard: you probably won’t find a lot of language like this in the documents you mention…

    Guided by the desire to deepen relations between the two parties in a spirit of friendship solidarity, [illeg.]offng that common commitment to the ideals of peace, national liberation, democracy and [illeg.]socialism creates favourable opportunities for cooperation,

    That is really the point. There exist historical revisionists who would have us believe that the NJM was not a Marxist/Leninist party. That is nonsense and the totality of these documents prove it.

  3. Richard says:

    Seems to be an agreement to partnership etc. not a statement on political ideology.

    Also,the origins of the said doc ?

    The US was supposed to have ” all “tucked away somewhere,and you have access?

    Or is it just another manufactured one
    like others that have showed up over the years?


  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Treaties regarding disarmament, non aggression, minimal trade, no-fire zones and so forth are most certainly not partnerships. The NJM was a Marxist/Leninist party partnering with another Marxist/Leninist party in the Soviet Union. That is in no way similar to treaties between the US and USSR who were politically hostile to each other. To suggest the opposite is foolish.

    The documents are here:

    “The Grenada Documents Collection”
    Record Group 373, National Archives Microfiche T1280.

    National Archives II modern facility, College Park, Maryland.

  5. Richard says:

    Your imagination has gotten the best of you.

    Treaties, no fly zones,etc. etc.

    Especially when no one came to to help Grenada when it was invaded by the US,eh?

    Again,the facts don’t agree with your statement…..much like your candidate, McCain.

  6. R.D. Walker says:

    Tell you what there Dick, McCain isn’t my candidate and you, apparently, are unable to keep up with the conversation. The NJM’s treaty of partnership is radically different than any treaty between the US and the Soviet Union post World War II. It is moronic to argue otherwise.

    Still got your undies in a bunch over Urgent Fury huh? It was exciting times. I remember the warm welcome Grenadians gave us when we arrived. An old woman in Grenville told a group of us through tears, “God bless your mothers’ wombs.”

    So. Are you an RMC supporter?

  7. Richard says:

    RMC…? hell no.

    Nothing to do with that bunch,recently elected to office.

    Again,change of topic……like Palin ?

    That 72 year old is going or has gone senile…re his own comments about experience,who is ready etc.
    Like Biden said, we don’t need a good soldier,we need a wise (in this case) person, lol

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