Bulletin from the [RMC] Main Political Department – 10/20/1983


Comrade soldiers, yesterday 19th October, the masses of people led by Unison Whiteman broke into the home of Maurice Bishop in defiance to warning shots fired in the air by the soldiers of People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces. They then took Maurice Bishop into the streets of St. Georges They wanted to hear Murice Bishop speak. Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman, Vincent Noel, Fitzroy Bain, Jacquelin Creft and other people of the bourgeois and upper petty bourgeois strata, known counter-revolutionaries and Gairyites led the crowd onto Port Rupert, the Headquarters of the People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces where they forced through the main entrance, besting the Comrade Sister who was trying to prevent them from entering and over-running the Army Headquarters and disarming the Officers and Soldiers. Enstein Louison, former chief of the General Staff who had been suspended was called by Maurice and proclaimed Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff to the People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces. Enstein Louison then proceeded to issue arms and ammunition to the people. It must be noted that when Einstein Louison started distributing the weapons, Vincent Noel asked who were the trained militia in the crowd for them to step forward because there were some men that had ‘to be passed out’. Soldiers on Port Rupert took off their clothes and said that they could not take part in such an Army. Important to note that some of the comrade sister Soldiers were beaten and stripped by Maurice Bishop, Vincent Noel, Fitzroy Bain and their petty bourgeois and bourgeois supporters. One heroic sister, Pte. Racheal Abraham then went up to Maurice Bishop and in his face told him that he was responsible for all that had happened.

It is very important to note that when the masses of people called on Maurice Bishop to speak they were told by Vincent Noel that Maurice Bishop could not speak to them because he was in a very important meeting. Comrades, the masses had no intention to cause bloodshed but in their confusion they were led by Maurice Bishop and his petty bourgeois and bourgeois friends as cannon fodder to cause bloodshed. Comrades, it is very important to recognise the heroism of our People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces. When WO2. Rapheal Mason and Sargeant Byron Cameron were shot one sister Pte. Patricia Frank tore up her jersey to bandage the chest and leg of those wounded comrades. She then went clad in pants and bra to mobilise a fire truck to put out the flames at Port Rupert. She was prevented from doing this and she later went to get nurses to evacuate a sister who in her fright had jumped over the wall at Port Rupert and was seriously injured. She also went to the hospital to explain to the people there that counter—revo1utionaries had opened fire on our soldiers. This is an example of true love and heroism, the qualities that we must develop further.

Pte. Lynessa Frederick stood firmly with weapon in hand preventing the crowd of people from going up to the Armoury to get arms until she was overpowered by them and her weapon taken.

Corporal Nerril Richards greately assisted in boosting the morale of the comrades there and inspiring them with his staunchness to stand firm.

Comrade Lance Corporal Godfrey Thomas advancing with WO2 Rapheal Mason to give covering fire to OC Mayers in the counter attack was told by comrade Mason that he comrade Mason had been shot. On reaching comrade Mason, Lance Corporal Thomas was pushed by WO2 Mason who told him to continue the advance. Comrade Thomas refused to go on without assisting comrade Mason. While holding comrade Mason, comrade Thomas said he saw a man suddenly rise up from behind a wall with a weapon and he heard a bullet strike the BTR and penetrate comrade Thomas’s pants. Comrade Mason then said that he had again been shot and told comrade Thomas that he could not make it and that he should be taken to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, comrade Mason collapsed and told comrade Thomas to take care of his son because he was going to die. Comrade Mason was taken by some civilians to the hospital where he later died. Comrade Thomas then pushed back to meet the BTR and on his way up saw Lance Corporal Martin Simon with his chest streaming blood. Even in that condition comrade Sixnon warned comrade Thomas that the masses were shooting at them and that he should be careful. While at the same time assisted OC Mayers, who was also shot. Comrade Thomas left comrade Simon in the care of some civilians who took him to hospital. OC Conrad Mayers led the first squad into the attack shouting “For the Defence of the Homeland”. He was clearing his way to move further on up the Port when he was shot by a man shooting directly.


Today our People’s Revolutionary Army has gained victory over the right opportunist and reactionary forces which attacked the Headquarters of our Ministry of Defence. These anti-worker elements using the working people as a shield entered Port Rupert.

Our patriotic men, loving the masses and rather than killing them since we understood that they were being used, we held our tire. However, the leadership of the counter revolutionary elements, led by Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman and Vincent Noel, knowing that we did not want to harm the people disarmed the Officers and Chiefs and soldiers and began arming people who represented their own minority class interest.

Comrades, these men who preached for us that they had the interest of the Grenadian people at heart did not have one member of the working class controlling their criminal operations. These elements although they used the working class and working people to gain their objective did not have any confidence in them and therefore had only businessmen, nuns, nurses and lumpen elements in the operations centre.

The presence of the people shows as clearly where they are coming from. Besides, Maurice Bishop certain that they had won, pointed out to the Officers that he did not want to have socialism built in this country.

These counter-revolutionaries who had given the assurance in the Party before to resolve the crisis peacefully — were on the one hand trying to give assurance to the unarmed soldiers that nothing would happen while on the other hand they were preparing to murder all Party comrades, Officers and Chiefs that they held. Again this truth was borne out when Maurice Bishop openly stated that he was going to build a new Party and a new Army — to defend the interest of the bourgeois.

However, because of the prompt action of the reserve force, guided by the Central Committee of the N.J.M. — these betrayers of the masses were crushed. The timely move of our Motorized Units dealt a devastating blow to these criminals, those opportunist elements who did not want to see socialism built in our country and who were not interested in seeing the masses benefit more and more.

Comrades, today Wednesday 19th October, history was made again. All patriots and revolutionaries will never forget this day when counter-revolution, the friends of imperialism were crushed. This victory today will ensure that our glorious Party the N.J.M. will live on and grow from strength to strength leading and guiding the Armed Forces and the Revolution.

This victory is ongoing progress and for socialism. But in giving this victory, one of our soldiers, Sgt. Byron Cameron was wounded, while O. Cdt Conrad Mayers, WO2 Raphael Mason, Sgt. Darrel Peters and L. Cpl. Martin Simon died a heroes death.

Let our comrades death be an inspiration to us, let it be a sign of the staunchness of our revolutionary Armed Forces and let us use it to strengthen our resolve to defend the Revolution and to build socialism.

Let this moment be proof to counter—revolution of our firmness, discipline and staunchness to the Party, the N.J.M., the working class, working people and to socialism. Let this be testimony of our unity behind our Party and Revolution.

We have won a victory comrades, but let us stand and be united to ensure that we achieve other victories.


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