Grenada: Rescued From Rape and Slavery


In 1984, shortly after the US invasion of Grenada, this comic book was produced by Commercial Comics of Washington, DC. The conventional wisdom is that the comic was a CIA black operation. It is difficult, however, to see the point of the operation. By the time it was published, the invasion was long over. Some have speculated that the target audience wasn’t Grenadians but others in the English speaking Caribbean. Others argue it was intended to pacify Grenadians during the year after the US action. When you consider that more than 80% of Grenadians supported the invasion, however, it is difficult to see the need. It is not clear, exactly, to whom this book’s message would be targeted.

I have yet to speak to any Grenadian who remembers seeing a copy of this book anywhere on the island. Nor did I see it during the three months in 1984 I spent on the island as part of the US Military Support Element. I acquired my copy only a few years ago on eBay.

The story in the book is narrated by Antonio Langdon who was an actual a prisoner in Richmond Hill Prison for four and one-half years. The book tells the story of the coup in March of 1979 until the time of the US invasion in 1983. It is not clear what role Langdon had, if any, in publishing the work.

The comic itself is only moderately reflective of actual history. The representation of the March 13, 1979 NJM coup is especially misrepresented. The coup, in reality, was almost bloodless which is very much in contradiction with how it is represented here.

If anyone has information on this comic book – who had it published it and where it was distributed – please contact me.Here is the comic book in its entirety.

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2 Responses to Grenada: Rescued From Rape and Slavery

  1. sampson says:

    Worst then fashists , slaughtering poor unarmed people of grenada
    just because of the way they decided to live.

  2. Zilla says:

    The comic book is pretty much the same as what I heard from my Grenadian relatives. The commies were indeed doing abominable things to innocent Grenadians.

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