Complaint Of Russell Budhlall – 09/30/80

50th September, 1980


On the 18th September 1980 I complained to my Lawyer Tillman Thomas that I was beaten on my abdomen and I received punch, kick and they beat me with Gun butt. They had an instrument burning me with. They burn me all different parts of my body and then push it up through my bottom. They handcuff me from behind. My hand was behind my back and they handcuff it there and they pull the handcuffs tight then they held the handcuff and pull it and I get two cuts on both wrists from the handcuffs. I receive a kick on my face and I bleed through my nostrils. Some of the spots of blood can still be seen on the wall. That is all I told my Lawyer on the 16th September 1980. It was the first time I told him about it. These incidents took place on the 2nd July 1980 when you were arrested.

I complained to a Security Officer by the name of Chicken sometime around the 24th July 1980 and as a result, Doctor Purcell came and examined me a few day after. The Doctor gave me some treatment.

I also complained to a Security Officer named Francis around the same time I complained to Chicken. I also told Francis what they did me when I was arrested and asked him to get some magnesia for me. I did not get the magnesia.

The reason why I did not tell my Lawyer about these incidents before is because I did not get a good chance to do so. On the 16th September 1980, I was allowed an interview with my Lawyer, a private interview and it was then that I told him about it.

I think that the reason why the matter was brought up in court this morning, 150th September 1980, by my Lawyer for the first time is due to the fact that I told my Lawyer that I was having some problem with my abdomen which I feel was caused by the incidents of the 2nd July 1980 when I was arrested and asked my Lawyer to request the Magistrate to order that I be examined by a Doctor. That is the reason why I think the matter was raised in Court this morning.

When I was arrested on the 2nd July 1980 I was taken to a place that I don’t know. I don’t know the place because I was blindfolded. In that place I was questioned by some persons but I do not know who they were. They questioned me about the bombing in Queens Park. I told them that I don’t know about it. I started receiving punch, well say blows and burns. Then the blindfold came off from my eyes, it fell off and I manage to see about six to eight men around me. Two of them had something in their hand that they was burning me with. Justin was one of the men but I don’t know the name of the next one. While they was burning me the others was punching me and some was hitting me with gun butt. Then I receive kick and the feller that kick me name Bread, I don’t know he right name. I receive a kick on my nostril when I bleed. The same Bread is who kick me because he show me the boots a few days afterwards that he kick me with. After the blindfold fell off I was sitting on a chair and while they were burning me I fell on the floor lying on my back. They take off my underpants and what they had burning me with was pushed up through my bottom. Since that I am seeing some trouble to pass my stool.

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