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  1. Notamobster says:

    Lnl. I got me a button buck and a nasty case of poison ivy and took the 4 wheeler for an upside down swim in the creek.

  2. slaphappypap says:

    Everone should have goals Nota.

  3. sortahwitte says:

    Probably a neighborhood in some kind of distress: flood, hurricane, tornado, but with no police presence. They are taking care of their own. When the first police car does finally show up, he will probably tell them to go home, put up the guns, or he will arrest them. So, why do a lot of law abiding citizens not trust the police anymore?

  4. SemperFi says:

    I wish they would have put an address on that sign. This seems like a real nice place to raise a family!

    I especially like the hog the third guy from the left is holding. I think he should be using both hands to hold that monster!


  5. BrunDawg says:

    Letter to WSJ.
    Since 2004, candidates for public office are required by law to state that they have personally seen and approved any campaign ad. I think it would be reasonable—and truly should garner full bipartisan support—to demand a law which simply requires our legislators to read the laws that they pass.
    Suppose a “yes” vote also requires a signed statement, before the vote, that says, “I have personally read this law, in its entirety, and approve its content.”

  6. Bman says:

    So here I am….Minot North Dakota. Im currently in a hotel room, typing on a complimentary keyboard directly to my TV screen/the internet. Unbelieveble to me. There are no wires at all! How cool is that? Free internet on my TV screen. What a country!

    With all the doom and gloom out there, WE are still a Great Country! There are so many stories out there that gives us a ray of hope. RD, Madbrad, Nota, James, Jim, Van, WH Man, Roy, LnL, and Slap and the others (if I didnt mention your name, please dont be offended), We all appreciate what you all do. I come to this website for the truthfullness, and honesty. This site is loaded with integrity. I like that.

    God Bless each and every one of US!

  7. Vanagram says:

    “Oh, by the way, study the Constitution, idiot,” said the judge. Or so I am guessing the conversation went…..

    DES MOINES (AP) – A federal judge has ruled an Iowa sheriff violated a man’s First Amendment rights when he denied the man’s application for a permit to carry a weapon.

    U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett ordered Osceola County Sheriff Douglas Weber on Wednesday to issue a permit to carry a weapon to Paul Dorr of Ocheyedan.

    The ruling states that Weber approved a permit for Dorr in previous years when Dorr traveled the country to protest outside abortion clinics and only denied Dorr’s request after he began working with a taxpayer’s group questioning county spending in 2007.

    Bennett also ordered Weber to take a college level class on the U.S. Constitution.

    Weber declined comment.

    • notamobster says:

      Van – seeing judges become emboldened and grow a pair again just made my day. I think the constitution should be annual training for all police, military, and elected public servants.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    Just checking in. I am still, for the most part, blissfully unconnected in North Carolina. It sure looks like everything is under control here.

  9. jacksonsdad says:

    What part RD? Let me know if you make it near the far SE corner.

  10. MadBrad says:

    RD, you won’t believe it. Yesterday I deleted a comment made by someone who violated the ROE.

  11. Locke n Load says:

    Limon Co, 8am at the Flying J. Seen on prominent display by front door:
    Pop Up 2 man tents in army green, big Communist Star, and the logo LONG MARCH. Yes, made in China…
    Asked every employee in the store if they’d sell anything celebrating the communist revolution of 1917 in Russia, all said Hell No. Asked same employees if they had ANY idea what the Long March was..not a soul. Ignorance is no longer Bliss, its Embarrassing

  12. notamobster says:

    LnL: Abso-fucking-lutely disgusting!

    Have you seen walmart (Chinese outlet store) latest fashion trend by ‘Faded Glory’?

    Notice: all it says is ‘Faded Glory’ 2009. Seems the chinese are getting a sense of humor. I guarantee someone is laughing at our collective ignorance.

    I was with my wife back in October (ish) looking for a winter skull cap. When we passed a wall of MMA and other stylized t-shirts I noticed that the symbolism and words were all communist icons and anti-religious latin text. The only one I remember specifically is “deus mori”. I had planned to go back and take pics, then do a piece on it. I don’t why I didn’t….

    The chinese are laughing all the way to the bank. Most folks just don’t have a clue. How’s about a little nazi clothing from wally world?

    To be clear: Do I think wal-mart is indoctrinating our children into the ways of communism? NO!!!! Wal-Mart is as capitalist as they come! Do I think they are anti-religion? No! They are a corporation with alot of moving parts. Do I think the designers know what they’re doing? yes!

  13. Locke n Load says:

    Yeah, its pretty clear the buyers of this stock for the stores are too young and too ignorant to either know or understand history. I only fault the stores when, if confronted, they don’t rethink the product lines.

    Heres the tent. Its actually a pretty cool tent, decent price as well. I love that the truck stop wanted to sell tents but c’mon guys, was there another design?tent

    As for the Faded Glory tshirt, that just makes me scream. it was probably an “engrish” type screw up but again, can’t the buyers catch this crap? The tshirt is offensive…the tent is….i don’t know, bizarre?

  14. MadBrad says:

    L&L, that is some serious man on the street (or interstate) reporting. That’s some sick shit.

    By the way, I am told that there are some serious labor strikes going on in China right now. Imagine that. I thought that by now the Chinese had figured out what happens to protestors.

  15. Locke n Load says:

    China STILL has to produce jobs for 25 million people a year. This explains their complete lack of interest in minimum wage crap, green energy, and unions. Yeah, Communist dogma would suggest these should be part and parcel of the labor environment but, frankly, China is still waging a revolution. If the Big Red Machine were to go down this road they would be overthrown. China may be in the midst of a generational shift, may be undergoing a capitalist surge, and may be testing its newfound powers in global circles but really they’re more concerned about holding it all together. They have a billion and a half people living in the same space as our 300 milion. They have a Demand based economy, in an international sense, just like we did in the 50’s. They are however saddled with an intractible problem. China is growing proud, not of it’s govt (which by the way is also a growing trend) but of thier POWER. They see themselves as finally, after 2 centuries of subservience, becoming PLAYERS. You might not se this as a problem but as the wealth illusion spreads (and it IS an MASSIVE illusion over there) the beleif that they ALL should participate in the riches does as well. In order to keep those people under the illusion the Govt has to keep pushing the job growth machine. Without constant job production the illusion falters, the govt loses power, and the riots begin in earnest.

    Remember this well. Remember it because THE basic law of economics is consumption drives production. Consumption, whether from need or want, is the engine that powers the world. if we stop consuming…if the WORLD stops consuming…China is in one HELL of a pickle.

  16. R.D. Walker says:

    Here we have the traditional photo of the finger up the nose of the bullet ridden bust of Hitler at the 82nd Airborne Museum on Ardennes Road in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

    Life would be bleak without our cherished traditions.

  17. BrunDawg says:

    In the world of sports;
    It appears that Jesse Jackson fears LeBron James is being viewed as a runaway slave.

  18. Bman says:

    Al Franken Elected by Convicted Felons?

    “That’s the finding of an 18-month study conducted by Minnesota Majority, a conservative watchdog group, which found that at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul voted illegally in the 2008 Senate race between Franken, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, then-incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman.”

  19. R.D. Walker says:

    Today’s “WTF?” moment….

    Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reveal exclusively in the new Us Weekly that they are getting married.

    And, they tell Us Weekly, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been kept in the dark about their plans … until now.

    “We got engaged two weeks ago,” Bristol, 19, tells Us Weekly. “It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents.”

    I suppose I am glad the mother and father of a child will try to make it work but, damn, I would have thought that Levi had pretty much burned all the bridges behind him.

  20. BrunDawg says:

    Professor Kenneth Howell at the University of Illinois has been fired from his position as Adjunct Associate Professor of Religious Studies for sending an email to his Catholicism Studies students stating “…in other words, sexual acts are only appropriate for people who are complementary, not the same,”. This comment apparently offended at least one student.
    Meanwhile, the University of Illinois at Chicago continues to employ non-offensive professors like Bill Ayers.

  21. Van-a-gram says:

    Harry Reid is even losing DEAD voters. Charlotte McCourt is pissed….from newspaper….

    Her obituary, printed in Tuesday’s Review-Journal, reads in part, “We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.”

  22. notamobster says:

    I happen to know that the dutch word for horse dick is ‘paardenlul’.

    No one does political satire like the Onion!

    Congress, 1924: Rep. Demands Horses Wear Dresses To Hide Foul Penises

  23. notamobster says:

    last one…..maybe.

    “The IHOP must stay open all night bill”,17473/

    nobody does it like the onion…….
    Mrs Nota once sent me an email she thought was soooo wrong! She wanted me to find out if it was true or not. This is the video:

  24. Locke n Load says:

    Ha! thanks nota, needed the laughs.

    Spotted In Montana, jeez what a state:
    Chief DULL KNIFE College. Insert your own joke here..

    And on sale at the broadus IGA, Methane Pellets, .59 cents a can. Van Camps brand…

  25. Bman says:

    Broadus, Montana? I learned never to wear a Cleveland Indians hat there again…

  26. R.D. Walker says:

  27. R.D. Walker says:

    Big news in Iowa

    Police Investigate Bridge Graffiti

    CEDAR RAPIDS – Police discovered graffiti on a bridge this evening. Officer Janae Rubino says she noticed the graffiti on the bridge, which connects I-380 over 29th Street NE, around 7 p.m. tonight. She says she doesn’t know if it’s new or old paint.

    The police department will investigate the graffiti to see if it’s related to other incidents around the city, said Sgt. Jeremy Paulsen, the commander on duty.

  28. notamobster says:

    RD – You need to call the Cedar Rapids police and tell them of the scourge infesting their locale. It seems that “633” is the same year that Jamadevi, Queen of Hariphunchai was born.

    If they aren’t stopped now, these “Jamadeviants” will put ugly faces up all over until they control the world!

    It’s nice to live in a place where graffiti is so seldom a problem that the police actually notice it, isn’t it?

  29. R.D. Walker says:

    All day in the car today. Mrs Walker and my youngest came up to Northern Minnesota to visit my folks for a few days. I am in the Park Rapids area so am in Bman’s neck of the woods. Be up here for a few days and will still be posting. That is all.

  30. Bman says:

    Cool RD…If you were closer to GF, I would offer to buy you a beer. I’m bartending tonight so drinks would be on the house. That goes for all Revoistas by the way. Your money is no good here…for drinks.

  31. notamobster says:

    I spent a summer in St. Cloud. I loved Minnesota.

  32. Locke n Load says:

    Braggadocio, Missouri: Are the men here particularly adept at telling tall Fish tales or were the founders just convinced they were endowed like equines? Inquiring minds want to know.

  33. Bman says:

    Oh my God! It must be a local Tea Party chapter responsible for this vandalism, symbolizing the desire for small government. Take that mailman!

  34. R.D. Walker says:

    Younger son and older son’s dog on grandpa’s boat in Northern Minnesota.

    Good times.

    Click to enlarge

  35. Locke n Load says:

    Damn. that looks like more fun than sweating in a semi driving through traffic.

  36. Bman says:

    I hope the dog isnt getting in position for a good ‘ol fashion leg hump…. kidding 😉

  37. slaphappypap says:

    I was actually crying/laughing in the car this morning listening to the most qualified democrat in the country give a speech to the NAACP.

    I just can’t get enough of it.

  38. sortahwitte says:

    After my mailbox was run over two consecutive Saturday nights, I bought a 3 inch steel pipe to mount it on. 7 feet tall. I put 3 foot in the ground and ran a little over 2 yards of concrete down in the hole. They evidently were in jail the next weekend, but a week later the assault continued. We were awakened about 1am by the sound of the Liberty Bell ringing. Looking out the window, we saw a car limping away with the headlights in the trees. In the morning, there was oil and anti-freeze on the pavement. Haven’t seen them since. I guess they found somewhere else to play.

  39. R.D. Walker says:

    Don’t know what to make of this except to say that Brad has a new favorite show.

  40. MadBrad says:

    This is AWESOME! Yes, this is definitely must-see TV. Whatever the producers of this fine programming are getting paid to generate this art is certainly not enough.

  41. Bman says:

    I’m sure that movie, when it comes out, will be nominated for an academy award…wow

  42. MadBrad says:

    The only problem I have with it is the method of propulsion used by Sharktopus. An Octopus uses a totally different method for getting from one place to the other quickly but I’m not sure how you could do that effectively on the shark torso and have it understood by the viewer. I must give them credit for at least trying to portray Sharktopus as manipulating its tentacles as a means of moving forward. Regardless, this would be highly inefficient and creatures of the sea are not inefficient. That is the only thing that I find to be unrealistic in this production.

  43. MadBrad says:

    Does anyone here realize how Sharktopus will advance television entertainment? Up until now THIS was only thing on television that shark lovers had to chew on…

  44. jacksonsdad says:

    thanks for my morning belly-laugh! i would have loved to have seen that!

  45. Bman says:

    I’m surprised a hockey game didnt break out….

  46. Treber Snoyl says:

    Don’t wear a Cleveland Indian hat in Lame Deer, either.

  47. Locke n Load says:

    i’ll try and remember that treber,lol. So, is this an occasional thing with you two or is messing with natives a family tradition?

  48. Bman says:

    No, no, LnL. We don’t mess with anyone. We’ve just learned to wear proper apparel in certain areas. It creates less stressful potential situations is all….But it is safe to wear Fighting Sioux apparel on the Spirit Lake Reservation here…They support that.

  49. slaphappypap says:

    Never wear Cubs clothing in a bar on the south side. Only I can do it and get away with it.

  50. Bman says:

    Never sniff a gift fish

  51. R.D. Walker says:

    Here we go again.

    Iowa Dam Fails Causing ‘Catastrophic’ Release of Water

    Two years ago my son helped save businesses when downtown Cedar Rapids experienced an epic flood. Now he is dealing with this one. The parents of his wife and her grandmother have homes along this river. Her grandmother’s house was was virtually destroyed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Still, it is another terrible disaster.

    I am so sick of flooding.

  52. BrunDawg says:

    It’s the summer of love in Germany:

    At least 19 squeezed to death in Love Parade 2010.

  53. Jim22 says:

    So, RD, how is Delhi pronounced in Iowa? I have heard it pronounced several different ways on the news.

    The midwest has its own rules for word pronunciation. Cairo, IL is not pronounced like the city in Egypt. Des Plaines, IL is not pronounced like the French would do it.

    Just wonderin’.

  54. R.D. Walker says:

    It is Dell-high.

    We also have Nevada, IA. Nuh-Vay-Da

    New Madrid, IA. New MA-drid emphasis on the Ma with a short-a.

    We have Monticello, IA pronounced Mont-a-sello.

    So, yeah, you are right. We do it our way.

  55. Locke n Load says:

    hayti missouri: Hay-TIE

  56. Locke n Load says:

    Boerne tx: burr-knee, as in hey bernie, get me a coney!
    Austin is the most deceptive of all of ours though…
    Austin, pronounced LEFty-SNAKEpit

  57. MadBrad says:

    Cairo, Georgia pronounced Kay-Row.

  58. MadBrad says:

    Vienna, Georgia pronounced Vy-Anna.

  59. MadBrad says:

    Ti Ti, Georgia pronounced Tie Tie. I’m sorry, that’s just funny. There is a town in Georgia named Ti Ti.

  60. Air Force Brat says:

    Miami, OK = Mi-am-uh (not Mi-am-ee, like they say it in Florida).

    Vici, OK = Vigh (as in “vie against”)-Sigh

  61. Locke n Load says:

    Unreal, I’ve been all of those places, including RD’s, except for Vici…
    where IS that?

  62. MadBrad says:

    Actually old school Florida Crackers DO say My-am-uh. Damn, we have linguistic likenesses with Okies.

  63. Bman says:

    we have Tokio, ND. Pronounced Toe-key-oh…like Tokyo Japan

  64. R.D. Walker says:

    When I was a kid, really old folks used to pronounce Iowa, Ioway. I think in the 19th century everybody pronounced it that way and then, somewhere along the way, people started pronouncing it like they do today.

    Of course there is the whole Missouri/Missour-ah controversy…

  65. Bman says:

    Funny RD…just watched the Music Man a couple nights ago..

    “Next stop, River City, Ioway!”

  66. Jim22 says:

    Yeah, I went to high school in Belleville IL just across the river from Saint Louis (San Lewiee in French). I can still remember kids drank ‘sody pop’. But being born in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota (Ish Tak Ha Bah in Lakota Sioux), I remember lots of clever pronunciations.

    I never could understand why Minnesotans were upset with the accents used in the movie Fargo. I thought they had it down pretty well.


  67. Locke n Load says:

    Say ah, wats dat ja gor d’ere? Is that Hardees?
    oh, ya?

    Having driver through Brainerd several times I’d say the Cohens got it almost perfect

  68. Locke n Load says:

    ok, i understand some folks need to put their names or initials on their license plates but really, does everyone?
    i’m stuck in salt lake traffic behind a minivan with thi: MCPOOT
    must be awkward at cocktail parties or any fubnction when your name is announced as you enter. sorta like that poor guy down at the CBOT, Phil. Phil McCracken.

    I dated a Candy Graham for a summer…