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  1. Locke n Load says:

    My kids play this one all the time. Still can’t believe I ditched my Coin-op Asteroids game when I got married. What the hell was I thinking…

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Because married men aren’t generally allowed to have pinball machines, fast motorcycles, large taxidermy, Mossy Oak or Realtree bedding, subscriptions to Playboy or coin operated video games. Didn’t you read the terms and conditions?

  3. Locke n Load says:

    Hell no! My wife is Chinese, its a special exemption if I’m not mistaken!

  4. Locke n Load says:

    She buys me GUNS for gifts for cryin out loud. Guns, video games, and always has a case of beer waiting for me when I get home. What, you guys didn’t get the same deal??
    8 years in December and counting. My wife ROCKS.

  5. Nobody says:

    Under the “Previous Off Topic Threads” – the link for the previous thread (Nov 3-14) actually links to THIS thread. Can one of you guys please fix that so I can see what I missed?

    Also, where do I get me one of those Chinese wives?

  6. notamobster says:

    I have original (1981) Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Raiden, and some racing/shooter game (don’t remember the name off-hand)coin-ops in my garage. I’m refurbing them for resale…..There will be extensive testing involved.

    All in very good condition, I’m refurbing the electronics.

  7. notamobster says:

    With all due respect, Locke’s wife is H.O.T. too!

  8. Locke n Load says:

    lol, Nota, that reminds me, I should send you a few pics. Get a load of the wife’s halloween costume.
    BTW, name a price on the Galaga machine. I want it.

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    Link fixed. Sorry ’bout that.

  10. Van-a-gram says:

    For those of you with high school or college age kids, I would encourage you to check this out. It is FREE financial education for teens and young adults. I know some people who will not let their kids get a credit card / (insert any other requirement) until they pass these online modules.

  11. Locke n Load says:

    Bman! Thats awesome! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them when driving through

  12. Locke n Load says:

    No argument. That girl makes me eyes sweat..

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    Hey, I topped 4,000 posts on the Revo’s birthday! Hurray for me!

  14. Locke n Load says:

    Like I said, hand cramps. Carpal Tunnel, he we come..

  15. notamobster says:

    Bman: awesome link!

    “Turd Burglar – business that profits on shit

    Obama – President that shits on business profits”

    Obama Administration = Turd Reich
    (consider this one plagiarized)

  16. notamobster says:

    I got a nice sized doe today. Not a monster, but nice.

  17. R.D. Walker says:

    You gonna post any photos of the doe or what?

  18. notamobster says:

    I’ll have to wait til my brother gets out there tomorrow to take a pic. I don’t have a camera phone anymore. My wife is a jealous guardian of her iphone. I have a $10 dollar store phone with an at&t sim card in it. (I hate cell phones)

    I saw 17 deer today! I watched two of em mate right in front of me (30yds). I let a 6 pt and a 10 pt go free and shot my doe instead. I don’t do trophies (I get buck fever like the rest of ya, I would rather have a doe)… I hunt for the meat, not the horns.

  19. notamobster says:

    hey RD’s not on the most commented anymore…

  20. R.D. Walker says:

    Took my name off the list again.

  21. notamobster says:

    sweet, take mine off too, please…everybody sees that I have no life. πŸ™

    No offense intended, of course. πŸ™‚

  22. R.D. Walker says:

    Ya sure?

  23. notamobster says:

    Yes, please.

    I’ve been self-conscious about that damned thing since before election night (when I got hammered and commented like 90 times). I’m odd with the things that make me self-conscious.

  24. R.D. Walker says:

    Done. Now don’t everybody ask me to do that. I will do it for the main contributers so as not to wreck the curve. K? Call it handicapping.

  25. Air Force Brat says:

    I guess #8 on the list isn’t all that bad. For one brief shining moment, though, several months ago, I think I was either #1 or #2. (sigh)

    Of course, the fact that it was like the second day of the month had nothing to do with it . . . πŸ˜€

  26. R.D. Walker says:

    You know, I forgot how much Underdog frickin’ rocked!

  27. Locke n Load says:

    Quick now, before watcing the vid, how many of you can hum the song? Had a great friend in college who’s band used to play this theme song as part of their warmup. Cracked me up every time.

  28. R.D. Walker says:

    This long distance dedication goes all the way out to Oklahoma to a man I know will appreciate it: The Real Revo’s own Sortawhitte.

  29. notamobster says:

    I saw what I think was part of a nipple. …sweet.

  30. R.D. Walker says:

    Sorry for all the stupid shit but I am drowning in a whiskey river and there is another half an hour yet before bed time.

    Now, having said that, here is the Hues Corporation.

  31. Locke n Load says:

    Hey, all you folks in columbia SC, your christmas trees are on their way. I’ll be headed out early AM

  32. Locke n Load says:

    You ever going to reveal the secret of Beer to Whiskey distilling RD or do I have to put up the Homemade Still article first?

  33. R.D. Walker says:

    Cinco de Mayo in Memphis. Mariachis singing the blues…

  34. R.D. Walker says:

    Unlike Big Rhonda, when Cheryl Lynn handled your junk, she meant it. Why? Cause Cheryl got to be real.

  35. Locke n Load says:

    Dude, seriously. if you like Mariachis then Second Annual Revopalooza has to be held in San Antonio. Seriously. You have no idea what you’re missing

  36. R.D. Walker says:

    Columbia, South Carolina. That’s where I inducted into the Army. At the Fort Jackson Reception Station.

  37. Locke n Load says:

    They aren’t getting any. They have manly men there to cut their own trees πŸ™‚

  38. R.D. Walker says:

    I’m up for San Antonio. I was there once. I parachuted into Camp Bullis, damn near landed on a gathering of cattle and then went straight down to the River Walk.

    Okay, but I better see a fine turnout in Memphis. Did I ever tell y’all that Memphis was scientifically chosen as the shortest distance for the greatest number of Revo regulars? We actually ended up in Humnoke Arkansas but I figured that, you know, Memphis had more to offer than Humnoke so I called an audible and Memphis it is.

  39. Locke n Load says:

    I know why you chose it,lol. Just saying we should aim for serious crazytown on number two. I’m trying to get the family onboard for the trip so your boy will have some friends to play with but DAMN, Memphis isn’t exactly Disneyland πŸ™‚ Ok, maybe for Heroin junkies…

    BTW, how’d you like the wife’s Halloween costume? Me, yeah, I liked it πŸ™‚

  40. R.D. Walker says:

    We got more Spam than the Boy Scout Jamboree! What the hell is going on all the sudden?

    Click to enlarge.

  41. notamobster says:

    I went to boot camp in San Antonio. In September. HOT!

    More spam than all the Hawaiian Islands combined?

  42. Locke n Load says:

    Week of 10/11? What was the topic dujour? Is that the week we caught the GB nod? Maybe it has something to do with the links we post to.. those Spam bots are serioius about tracking back to sources of links, aint they?

  43. Locke n Load says:

    Also, that was the final month before the elction. You don’t think there might have been a bit of coordination on the part of leftists to harrass the hell out of right wing sites now DO you? Quick, when did Freedon Works get blistered and taken down?

  44. Locke n Load says:

    San Anton in May. Beautiful.

  45. R.D. Walker says:

    Guam baby! Guam is the number one per capita consumer of Spam. It is everywhere. I used to get a Spam shushi roll for lunch at the Circle K in Dededo on Guam. Hell, the number one breakfast value meal at McDonalds is Spam, eggs and rice.

  46. Locke n Load says:

    Lol! must be in the islander blood.
    Now Guam, THAT would be a place for a Revopalooza

  47. notamobster says:

    I think they had to get rid of twenty-seven gajillion cans of it after WWII. Closest places to send it? The islands it was already on!

  48. Locke n Load says:

    That would explain Hawaii being such a gung-ho Spam market. They treat it like we do Bacon. Seriously though, thats some fucked up bacon… something just aint right about spam

  49. notamobster says:

    Diego is smaller, just as pretty. I’m kinda partial to the Azores… Puerto Rico has my heart.

  50. R.D. Walker says:

    Damn I miss Guam sometimes. I love those people. Chammoros are just damned fine folks.

    You know, there is nothing wrong with fried Spam. It is good.

  51. notamobster says:

    I’ve only ever had one spam I could handle … fried spam sandwiches are actually good.

  52. Locke n Load says:

    Oh my fucking GOD, Linguica and rice? THREE BUCKS! I would have LIVED there! Linguica is only the single greatest spicy breakfast sausage EVER. Best friend growing up is Portuguese. Family introduced me to that delicacy… whenever I’m in Cali I buy it by the CRATE

  53. R.D. Walker says:

    Spam only sucks if you eat it straight out of the can. It is good if you fry it or grill it.

  54. Locke n Load says:

    Ok, I’ll give it a shot on the grill. Fried…meh. I use it in emergencies in fried rice when I’m dirt poor on the road. It works admirably in fried rice. if it ever came down to it I’m sure I could come up with plenty of good uses but shit, as long as we’ve got all those pigs in Iowa and fat steer wandering around texas…

  55. R.D. Walker says:

    Okay. I gotta stagger off to bed and dream of Spam shushi rolls dipped in finadene sauce. Damn.

  56. Uke says:

    Scarlett Johansson, Spam, RevoPalooza, PacMan and Underdog.

    This is a good thread.

  57. notamobster says:

    How many are planning to attend Revopalooza numero one?

  58. R.D. Walker says:

    I got 42 as of now. Uke needs to come too. Hook him up guys. I am out.

  59. notamobster says:

    nite, Sir.

  60. Locke n Load says:

    Good thing too RD. You do NOT want to get me talking about food. That sauce is a staple of more than Guam btw. It has 1000 variants across the Pacific rim and into China. I make something close for dumpling dipping πŸ™‚

  61. BaconNeggs says:

    Truly sickening!

    This definately not the feel good post of the day, in fact I woke up to the news that the British Government is paying millions to Islamic Jihadist for being held in detention at Gitmo, and felt as though I had been kicked hard in the nuts.

  62. sortahwitte says:


    Thanks for the music and pictures. All I can say is nnnnnnn. Also, thanks for another look and listen to Cheryl Lynn. Like us old guys say, hubba hubba. A beautiful woman and just as sexy as the ladies in the first video. As a young man I always watched Soul Train when I could. Good music, fun trying to talk like Don Cornelious.

  63. 95 FLTC says:

    Hmmm, Memphis might be kinda nice in some respects…provided everyone stays in Nashville hotels. heh heh heh

  64. 95 FLTC says:

    Ummm, did I miss the DATE for this occassion?

  65. notamobster says:

    I got this in an email…Hat-tip to TommyZ

  66. Uke says:

    There are pictures, and there are epic pictures. Sir, you have provided one of legendary quality.

  67. BrunDawg says:

    Today in Chicago, where it is a crime to possess a handgun, you can be shot walking down the street by a non-criminal.
    A 14-year-old boy died Tuesday night after being shot in the head on the Far South Side in what police were calling a “non-criminal” death investigation.

  68. BrunDawg says:

    I gotta quit reading the local Chicago papers (I’d rather read Chicago news from, say, Billings).

    Chicago’s public pension funds are teetering on the brink of insolvency in large part because city officials and union leaders repeatedly exploited the system, draining away billions of dollars in the last decade to serve short-term political needs, a Tribune investigation has found.
    As a result, the funds soon may not be able to keep promises that are codified in the state constitution, threatening the retirements of tens of thousands of rank-and-file union members and leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars owed to teachers, police officers, firefighters and others.

  69. Uke says:

    Non-criminal… homicide…

    I’m struggling to wrap my mind around this concept. Clearly I’m too sober for this rationale.

  70. Van-a-gram says:

    BrunDawg– How many times I gotta say it? You KNOW what I’m gonna say….


    Obamaland is fiscally and morally corrupt and the upsides of Obamaland do not come close to the downsides.

  71. BrunDawg says:

    Loud and clear. Just hope I’m not shot while trying to grow a pair. Difficulties negotiating compatible landing zone.
    btw – how does one get their benefits written into the state constitution?

  72. jacksonsdad says:

    Y’all check this one out when you have a few minutes….

    I’m guessin’ nobody died but a bunch of ’em sure as hell spent mucho time in the hospital.

    Sure wish I could come to Memphis to meet you motley muthers but it’s not in the cards for me this time. No way I’m gonna be able to plant enough subliminal seeds to connect the dots to anything except Disney.

    My boys will be 4 and 6 and that’s that.

  73. 95 FLTC says:

    Got the link RD, tango…..

  74. sortahwitte says:


    Come on down to Oklahoma. A lot of people down here are not crazy as a shithouse rat.

  75. notamobster says:

    Jacksonsdad: That was a great video!

  76. 95 FLTC says:

    “not crazy as a shithouse rat.”

    Too funny!!! Like to peed…..


  77. Slaphappypap says:


  78. Locke n Load says:

    Ya know JD, it seems there might be quite a few kids at the ‘Palooza. I understand the Disney thing having done it this summer but if you’re reconsidering because of the kids, don’t. I’m trying to figure out a way to bring my girls.

    Cmon, who could resist a bunch of THIS????

  79. BrunDawg says:

    Sortahwitte; For a nanosecond, in a previous career, I called on Quick Trip in Tulsa. Good People, great area. I’m afraid we like to shovel the white stuff. Maybe it’s the cold weather that keeps the stench down in the shithouse.

  80. jacksonsdad says:

    wow LnL. I’m speechless. She’s absolutely adorable! I’ll bet I could find 20 tickle spots on her.

    My boys are helpless to resist a good prodding right in the middle of the hamstring. We call it ‘the sweetmeat’ and you can literally make them pee their pants if you keep it up too long.

    It’s a shame that they have to grow up. Here’s a few pics.

  81. notamobster says:

    I could resist it…I’m allergic to children.

  82. BrunDawg says:

    A driver is stuck in a traffic jam going into downtown Chicago. Nothing is moving north or south. Suddenly a man knocks on his window.

    The driver rolls down his window and asks, ‘What happened, what’s the hold up?’

    ‘Terrorists have kidnapped Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rosie O’Donnell, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are asking for a $10 Billion ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection.’

    The driver asks, ‘On average, how much is everyone giving?’

    The man replied, ‘About a gallon’.

  83. notamobster says:


  84. Locke n Load says:

    Allergic, right. Sorta like Keith Richards is allergic to heroin,lol

    JD, those are some good lookin kids man. The dogs nose in the ear pic is priceless

    BD, i’m stealin that!

  85. notamobster says:



    Iran is officially running a pro-nazi website. Obama seen nodding in approval.

  86. Bman says:

    The worlds smallest hat…

  87. notamobster says:

    it links to a man who had to eat his beard…oh…he has an ENORMOUS HEAD!

    Southern style!

  88. notamobster says:

    When the Music Stopped…

    (For those who are unaware: At all military base theaters,the National Anthem
    is played before the movie begins.)

    This is written from a Chaplain in Iraq :
    I recently attended a showing of ‘Superman 3′ here at LSA Anaconda. We have a
    large auditorium we use for movies, as well as memorial services and other large
    gatherings. As is the custom at all military bases, we stood to attention when
    the National Anthem began before the main feature. All was going well until
    three-quarters of the way through The National Anthem, the music stopped.

    Now, what would happen if this occurred with 1,000 18-22 year-olds back in the
    States? I imagine there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments,
    and everyone would sit down and yell for the movie to begin. Of course, that is,
    if they had stood for the National Anthem in the first place.

    Here in Iraq, 1,000 Soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed
    forward. The music started again and the Soldiers continued to quietly stand at
    attention. But again, at the same point, the music stopped. What would you
    expect 1000 Soldiers standing at attention to do?? Frankly, I expected some
    laughter, and everyone would eventually sit down and wait for the movie to

    But No!!… You could have heard a pin drop, while every Soldier continued to
    stand at attention.

    Suddenly,there was a lone voice from the front of the auditorium, then a dozen
    voices, and soon the room was filled with the voices of a thousand soldiers,
    finishing where the recording left off: “And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

    It was the most inspiring moment I have had in Iraq and I wanted you to know
    what kind of Soldiers are serving you. Remember them as they fight for us!

    Pass this along as a reminder to others to be ever in prayer for all our
    soldiers serving us here at home and abroad. Many have already paid the
    ultimate price.

    Written by Chaplain Jim Higgins. LSA Anaconda is at the Ballad Airport in Iraq , north of Baghdad.

    Please share only if you are so inclined. God Bless America and all of our
    troops serving throughout the world.

  89. sortahwitte says:

    LnL, What a sweetie! One of the cutest pictures I have seen! Yes, she has to be in Memphis. Even if you can’t.

  90. sortahwitte says:

    Hey jackson’s dad! Beautiful kids!

  91. vanagram says:

    A friend of mine just started his own business, making land mines that look like prayer rugs.

    It’s doing well.

    He says Prophets are going through the roof.

  92. jacksonsdad says:

    I can’t remember if I ever posted this link here. Y’all check out my boy Max and have a listen to my wife. She’s country as a collard green (just like me).

    She also looks as good as she sounds but that’s a whole-nother-video ….

  93. Bman says:

    Jackson, very cute. How can one not smile while watching that?

  94. BrunDawg says:

    And he fesses up to it. How cool is that?
    Never fib to Moms, they know everything.

  95. Bman says:

    Better watch it Jackson…it starts with a few bites out of lunch meat and then someday it will be a few sips of beer and screwing the cap back down on the bottle.

  96. Air Force Brat says:

    LnL!!! You’ve gotta bring them!!! If anyone can think of a way to do it, it’s you. πŸ™‚

  97. notamobster says:

    Cute kids JD… My wife is a Texan girl through and through. My yankee family gets a kick out of her accent. They say she sounds like the voice in this commercial.

  98. Locke n Load says:

    Fascinating choice for Presidential Freedom award. A man who wants to steal ours…

    Have fun with that Brad πŸ™‚

  99. Locke n Load says:

    JD i’m dyin over here watchin that video, roflmao. I love it when they get to the stage where they think they can lie…its almost impossible not to laugh.

    And Nota, if your wife really has that good an accent I want to hire her to teach my girls. They have the most bizarre ‘non-regional dialect’ thing goin on. If they’re gonna be proper texas girls they better start getting the voice down NOW, lol.

  100. Uke says:

    @JD: That was hilarious. Firecracker material there.

    @Nota: I really do love that commercial. Guilty pleasure.

  101. Slaphappypap says:

    Sometimes you just gotta feel sorry for hippies. When your 69 years old you shouldn’t be in a tree.

  102. Slaphappypap says:

    Dennis Miller won me over last night on HBO. As usual the left hates his guts now because he wants to save some money.