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  1. Jim22 says:

    A slightly tardy but sincere Christmas wish for our troops:

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    I am shocked that the Ann Margaret dance before Elvis shows up hasn’t been made into an Old Navy or Gap ad yet.

  3. Jim22 says:

    16 US Cities Facing Bankruptcy If They Don’t Make Deep Cuts In 2011

    San Diego
    San Jose, CA
    Cincinnati, OH
    San Francisco
    Washington DC
    Newark, NJ
    Reading, PA
    Joliet, IL
    Camden, NJ
    Hamtramck, MI
    Central Falls, RI
    Patterson, NJ
    And as a bonus,

    Despite holding title of second most dangerous city in America, Camden recently received approval to lay off half of its police force.

    Hamtramck city manager Bill Cooper was denied permission to declare bankruptcy.

  4. notamobster says:

    Detroit’s not ALREADY bankrupt? Damn.

    That ultimate luck video was GREAT!

  5. Locke n Load says:

    That Ultimate Lucky vid was AMAZING. Too bad we didn’t have a cam when I watched a buddy hit his first and only hole in one… the wild shot careened off a tree brach into a golf cart then bounced across the cart path onto the greeen…and rolled in.

  6. Jim22 says:

    RE my post above about bankrupting cities: I found this about how Illinois teachers are paid:

    ” * A Phys Ed teacher $191,124 for a 9 month work year.
    * 19 who made more over $1,000/day including 6 Phys Ed and three drama/music teachers.
    * A Drivers Ed teacher who salary is $18,205/month to teach teenagers how to parallel park.
    * Six teachers make more than the Governor’s $177,500.
    * Top 100 Teachers average $17,603 per month salary.

    And all of that is for a 36-week work-year.

    These Top 100 Salaries Do Not Include Massive Amounts of Fringe Benefits.”


  7. Locke n Load says:

    Doesn’t just looking at that make your face turn colors Jim? To think your nephew teaches in a school district not far from there. They have nothing even close to that in pension benefits, etc but still manage to get better performance out of their marginally better students. Makes me wonder if those salaries are counted into the cost per pupil calculations. Even more it reminds me that ALL PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS should be OUTLAWED. Damn but I hate Unions. Fuck.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    On the other hand, here is a 1950s, USDA aerial photo of the school where my father received nine of his ten years of formal education. My father who is well read and a life long business owner and employer of others. This is it. How much do you think the one teacher there who taught first through eighth grade made?

    Funny. Nobody has ever considered my father under-privileged because of his “substandard” educations.

  9. Jim22 says:

    My grandkids went to a three-classroom elementary school in a rural area. Grades 1-3 in one room, etc. Sometimes the eighth-grade graduation was five kids. They got a great education there. All the kids are good kids.

    Another thing that’s interesting; the school uses the adjacent church for its programs.

    Good kids.

  10. Bman says:

    What the heck?….it says its not available in your area

  11. R.D. Walker says:

    The changed the link. Here is a shorter version of the same thing.

  12. notamobster says:

    Now, that was funny!

  13. notamobster says:

    This one was just too easy:

    Feds go on a witch hunt.

  14. R.D. Walker says:

    I missed one. That still put me in the 99th percentile.

  15. locke n load says:

    46,000lbs of beer on the trailer, 46,000lbs of beeeeeer, ya take one down, pass it around….

  16. locke n load says:

    That Pew questionaire got 2 things wrong. Defense is NOT BIGGER than medical expenditures (1.1 trillion vs <900 billion for defense) and TARP is NOT more than 1/2 paid off, not by a long shot. If you use $862B as the TARP figure, yes, but it was revealed recently that theb real figure was over 3 TRILLION and 1/2 of that went overseas. NOT paid back.

    if one of those is what u got wrongh Nota, recalculate your score πŸ™‚

    here are the numbers
    and no, i only looked to confirm my answers were correct and Pew (lefties) was WRONG

    then again, maybe the healthcare Q was designed to be a snarky trick question….

  17. R.D. Walker says:

    I said Medicare was bigger than defense and got it “wrong.”

  18. Locke n Load says:

    i give us both unqualified %100 scores RD. screw Pew

  19. R.D. Walker says:

    Well, it will be bigger in 2011 for sure.

  20. Locke n Load says:

    here’s FY2009 then. Same story. They are tricking us into conflating ALL govt expenditures with Federal OR breaking out just medicare. either way they are playing drty with common understanding of HC costs.
    notice the “cost savings” in the budget for HC 2010 vs 2009? up 20few%

    That quiz was more about MSM storyline recollection than facts.

  21. notamobster says:

    I got 96%th percentile. TARP & Medicare both got me because they are wrong. πŸ™‚

  22. Bman says:

    My neighbors to the south are in some fine company. With a little more effort, perhaps they shall overcome….

  23. Bman says:

    And that reminds me….You guys remember talking about how the feds want to ban thoes alcoholic drinks that have caffine in them? Well, in St. Petersburg on the Puget (King County, Seattle Washington) They want to ban these…

  24. notamobster says:

    This Boy is a Bonafide Basketball Badass!

  25. Bman says:

    Enjoy it while you can kid….the puberty blues are right around the corner. Good shit though.

  26. Locke n Load says:

    Oklahoma humor as Americana Overload.
    This little town cracks me up.

    Snapped this at around 11pm while driving through.
    BronTo HO HO!

  27. Bman says:

    It would have been really cool to have Santa rigged up to some mechanical device that would have him sliding down the tail and saying “Yippee dippee doooooo!

  28. Locke n Load says:

    And a sleigh with a trap door for his bare feet? I know what YOU were watching as a kid πŸ™‚
    I’ve got a decent camera with me now, will keep an eye open for the esoteric and oddball…this one was just too good to pss up

  29. notamobster says:

    Did you know the bikini is named after the atoll of the same name?

  30. R.D. Walker says:

    Funny video. If you are a man and decide to do it to your buddy, you can dispense with the replacement swim suit and peace offering. Those parts are for chicks only.

    The guy version would include daring your buddy to go swimming in icy water, a camcorder and a locked car door.

    Did you know that swimming trunks are NOT named after Truk Atoll in Micronesia?

  31. Locke n Load says:

    isnt Truk the Battleship graveyard? buddy of mine spent a week there and at some crazy jellyfish atoll…brought back video of brain coral the size of VW Bug hoods if I recall

  32. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah. I could have got a straight hop to Truk from Guam. I was always going to do it and dive there but I could never coordinate with my dive buddies. Opportunity lost. Needless to say, it is an SOB to get there from Iowa.


    Incidently, if you want to sound really worldly, call it Chuuk. That is what its real name is.

  33. R.D. Walker says:


    You guys going to post your 2011 predictions or are you going to puss out?

  34. Locke n Load says:

    Puss out? Me? Pleeeease. Just ran 1600 miles from tues afternoon to this morning on 4 hrs sleep a night. That and 3 cases of pinkeye, viral infections taking down the wife and oldest etc have kept me unbelievably busy. And despite having to set up for tomorrow night’s party, smoke a few racks of ribs, trim the fruit trees for the wood, whip up a few batches of mini-stuffed pizzas, a few loaves of Raisin bread, chicken soup for the ailing, AND reformatting this laptop I’ll get one up nevertheless. Even if it is only a “mixed bag” result πŸ˜‰ Hard to compete with Roy’s insanity…

  35. slinger says:

    A particularly disturbing example of cheating from the left:

  36. Locke n Load says:

    Slinger, I wouldn’t call it cheating but it IS an interesting turn. Someone on the left obviously remembers Rush’s Operation Chaos.

  37. BrunDawg says:

    Is that when everyone was supposed to vote for Obama because he was unelectable?

  38. Locke n Load says:

    Actually, I think the plan was to vote for Hillary in order to tie the Dems up in electoral knots, infighting, and confusion as far into the elction cycle as possible. Worked to some degree but Obama was the Chosen One of the Democrat Oligarchs so it really didn’t matter much.

  39. Locke n Load says:

    Littlest one decided yesterday that it was time to walk…no more baby steps, actually walking across the kitchen and living room. Kids are awesome!

  40. notamobster says:

    That’s awesome, Sir! I remember each one. It’s a blessing and a ‘curse’… Once they get those legs under em, they never stop.

  41. Locke n Load says:

    ribs are in the smoke, bread is underway, kids banging away at drums and piano, wife ran off for beer and some more wine… yup, gonna be a good day

  42. notamobster says:

    How should airport security look?

    Like this?

  43. MadBrad says:

    The first shots of New Years Eve in da Hood were fired at 7:38pm East Coast.

  44. sortahwitte says:

    LnL. I love it. When they walk and talk are milestones. They are starting to change into those precious creatures that continually ask why? And into those ones who were here a second ago and are now flushing the contents of the bathroom down the head. Kids are the best people I know!

  45. slaphappypap says:

    I just set up my Kindle. I can’t wait to my first book with it. I’m thinking Thomas Sowell…

  46. R.D. Walker says:
  47. R.D. Walker says:

    “I’m thinking Thomas Sowell…

    Then make it “A Conflict of Visions.” It was the most politically impactful read of my life.

  48. BaconNeggs says:

    Gotta to say I am really impressed with this feat of Engineering.

    Apprently the “Nawlins Pontatrain Bridge” is pretty damn long itself and something I’d probably like to see oneday.

    Anyway for 4 years I have been here watching and suffering the daily drive, as the local British workmen screw around on a 3 mile section of highway supposedly widening the lanes and it still doesnt look anywhere near to being finished.

    In the meantime the Chinese have built this…

  49. notamobster says:

    Here you go BNe…It’s alright, but I wouldn’t go out of my way if I were you.

  50. TN_Cat says:

    I used to travel to China 4 to 5 times a year for 3 to 4 weeks a trip. Starting back in the mid 80’s, last trip was in 07. They build so fast and it is all manual labor. One trip I watched them build a 10 story building. They poor concrete by pushing it up scaffolding in wheelbarrows 10 stories. One side up and one side down. One long line of men pushing concrete up ramps. During breaks they build the bamboo scaffolding higher. Absolutely amazing to watch.

  51. notamobster says:

    Saudi’s arrest vulture for spying. Yes, they arrested an actual vulture (the bird) for spying on behalf of the evil Joooos!


  52. Jim22 says:

    Year to date statistics on Airport screening from the Department of
    Homeland Security:

    Terrorist Plots Discovered 0

    Transvestites 133

    Hernias 1,485

    Hemorrhoid cases 3,172

    Enlarged Prostates 8,249

    Breast Implants 59,350

    Natural Blondes 3

  53. R.D. Walker says:

    This is good I suppose, but why in the hell must it be the feds? Damn! What is wrong with the New York Attorney General?

    NYC blizzard: Feds open criminal probe into alleged city worker conspiracy during storm response

  54. notamobster says:

    I used julienned deer shoulder roast and red & yellow sweet peppers to make some incredible fajitas for dinner. My family went through 4 lbs of fajita meat.

    Glad my kids like venison. πŸ™‚

  55. locke n load says:

    In case any of you are wondering, I AM alive. Barely. After 2 glorious weeks of peekaboo, baby’s first steps, presents, smoked ribs, blah blah blah I’m finally back on the road, meaning back online. However I brought a souvenir I wouldn’t wish on anyone but Barack and his cronies. After dealing with FOUR cases of pinkeye and a couple of flu bugs without incident I have finally succumbed. Badly. Hopefully by the time I make it out of Montreal Thursday I can stop pumping every medicine known to man down my throat and MAYBE, just maybe, get my voice back as well as this raging fire out of my chest and head. That would be nice. Really. Very nice. Not that all these drug interactions aren’t interesting….

    Assuming my eyes stop blurring sometime soon I have a lot of catching up to do. in the meantime, consider this
    QE3 will commence in the fall.

  56. Bman says:

    Pinkeye huh? Who farted on your pillow?? πŸ˜‰

  57. Locke n Load says:

    Ha! haven’t heard that one in a while Bman πŸ™‚ Perhaps I wasn’t clear, I meant my HOUSEHOLD got all the bugs and I didn’t. Now its all caught up with me and its viral armageddon being waged in my immune system. ust got a call. Oldest girl now has conjunctivitis, baby sick again as well. We’re playing pinkpong with the damned bugs. Arrrgh.

  58. Jim22 says:

    Oh, one of the joys of kids. They bring every bug home to share with the family. It make them stronger and their parents pissed off.

  59. sortahwitte says:

    LnL, prayers for you and your sweet family going up now.

  60. Locke n Load says:

    Much appreciated Sorta.
    This could be the drugs talking but i’d swear I just heard the most bizzarre duet ever..
    AM1570 Montreal is a French language station playing an ecclectic mix to say the least. Normally I’d turn off a talking frog but before I could switch off the host he segued into Linda Ronstadt’s version of That’ll be the Day then, swear to god, a french language 50’s rockabilly homage to the banjo. Yup. He had my attention by then.
    Next up? Nora Jones and Willie Nelson(??) doing Baby its Cold Outside. See, thats where I thought maybe I was hallucinating…
    Now they’re playing the Beatles..just wtf IS this station’s demographic exactly??

  61. Bman says:

    Speaking of weird duets…remember Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy? Whats up with that?

  62. sortahwitte says:

    I saw that video. Way too creepy.

  63. BrunDawg says:

    Cracked me up!

  64. R.D. Walker says:

    On the road and off line today. Gonna be little from me today.

  65. TN_Cat says:

    Today, at the local beer store, I got in to a real disturbing discussion with the owners. A little background, they are recent “legal” Christian immigrants from Egypt. Real good people, salt of the earth. I could tell they were real concerned about something so I asked “what wrong”? They told me that today and tomorrow is the Egyptian Christian celebration of Christmas and they were very concerned. Of course the Muslim, Christian war going on is an atrocity and that is a whole different topic but what they told me on a related matter really bothered me. The young son asked me if I was aware of the bus crash on Dec 26 that killed Americans. I said I remember reading about an accident. He said it was no accident. It is a Muslim terrorist group that attacks as many American tour groups. It is only one of many attacks. According to those in Egypt, the terrorists place a truck on a hill next to the road and wait for the tour busses carrying the Americans to come by, radio to another group that they are coming and they roll the truck into the street before a curve in order to kill Americans. They
    Muslims then celebrate locally of the kills they attained.
    I spent some time checking out the reporting for the most recent crash in sharm el sheikh. Then decided to search Egypt bus crash. Most disturbing is the reporting of this and all the others that occur. I am sorry but the frequency this occurs is sickening. Take a look at all the Americans killed in crashes. No reporting, no mention on Muslims terrorists, makes me wonder just what goes on that no news organization has the guts to report.

  66. notamobster says:

    The JakPak is awesome!

  67. sortahwitte says:

    How cool! A Snuggie that’s worth something!

  68. TN-cat says:

    That poor congresswomen, Gabby, in AZ. I just wonder if it is related.
    Dec 23 Sheriff Baboe authorizes legal force with drug runners.
    Dec 24 AZ state Congressman is brutally beaten and tied up at his business.
    Now Gabby shot.
    Will have to monitor news close.
    Prayers going out to her family.

  69. notamobster says:

    I began reading “Class” by Paul Fussell before Christmas, got a hundred pages in and got distracted.

    I picked it back up yesterday, determined to finish it. Yesterdays events got in the way, so I finished it today.

    I can officially say that LnL and RD are NOT, in fact, full-of-shit when it comes to recommending books. At least books that I would like.

    This book offers the reader an opportunity and means for identifying which of the social strata people reside in and gives concrete signals for identifying as much. It is helpful if you are a student of people.

    If you like watching interactions and understanding the motivations of others, this book is for you.

    While it will make you self-conscious as you read, wondering if what is being said applies to you, it is always a net-plus to do some introspection.

    On a scale from 1 to 5 for non-fiction, informational books, I’d give it a solid 4. Any drudgery of excessive linguistics are far out-weighed by the author’s sense of humor.

    Good book.

  70. R.D. Walker says:

    Its a little dated but it is good stuff. I’d say “self-conscious” is an understatement.

  71. Bman says:

    Speaking of books…has anyone ever read Patrick McManus? If youre looking for a little relief from the political scene, I highly recommend his works. Funny stuff.

  72. TN_Cat says:

    I am a reader as well. Love it. I decided for 2011 I am going to read the Bible cover to cover. I downloaded ETV version. I only have one goal, trying to get to know God better. After 46 years, occasionally picking it up to review passages after mass I felt it was time. I am early into it, book of Numbers, and am more confused and perplexed than I have ever been. The Catholic church does not cover these early books, only scratches the surface on Genesis.

  73. notamobster says:

    I did it back in my “searching” days. It’s best for me to set small goals and achieve them, as opposed to “gonna read it all”. I did one book at a time and tried to understand it.

    Alot of context missing due to the fact that I don’t speak Hebrew. Also a Good Book. (wink, wink)

  74. TN_Cat says:

    It is a good read. I will try to understand the deeper meaning later on after I get through it all.

  75. R.D. Walker says:

    Here is an article custom made for Locke to comment on.

    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

  76. sortahwitte says:

    Just a thought.

    Last year, I started reading the bible through in one year. Our whole church committed to doing it. We used (really) The One year Bible. It’s laid out through the year in a daily read. Each day contains Old Testament, New Testament, and words from the Psalms. If you get one, it wouldn’t take long to get up to date for the year or just start on the current date. I really enjoyed it in that you will not get bogged down in Leviticus and some other places. About $18.99 paperback from Tyndale, New Living Translation.

    I am also a fan of Patrick McManus. My favorite is “They Shoot Canoes Don’t They”

  77. Bman says:

    very good sorta- my personal favorite is “Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink”

  78. R.D. Walker says:

    I think I have read every book Patrick McManus has put out. Started reading him when I was in the Army in the 80s.

    The best all around book I have ever read? Tough call, but I really, really, REALLY enjoyed Undaunted Courage.

  79. R.D. Walker says:

    In case you are not aware, WIC stands for Women, Infants, Children. It is welfare for women with children.

    My daugter – you know her as Pumpkin – works at a grocery store in Iowa City. For the last several weeks she has had a heavily accented Mediterranean or Middle Eastern looking guy coming through her check-out line and attempting to buy products using WIC that don’t qualify for the program. Unlike foodstamps, WIC is very specific in what can and can’t be purchased with it. For example, this guy has been trying over and over to buy extra large eggs but WIC can only be used to buy Grade A large eggs. You get the picture.

    My daughter says she needs to tell the guy about daily that he can’t use WIC to buy this or that. Here comes the fun part: Lately he has been trying to chat her up and putting the moves on her.

    Can anything be more pathetic or sad than a man who has children, can’t support them and really has a hard time understanding the rules of the welfare system that pays for the feeding of his children flirting with an 18 year old college student?

    Pumpkin, for her part, finds it less funny than cringe inducing.

  80. notamobster says:

    Pumpkin works? On top of being a first-rate student at the UofI? Bravo, Pumpkin!

    As for the tool…so sad. I worked with a guy (very briefly) offshore, some years back. He was the same age as me and had 13 children by 9 different women. He got a job to satisfy his P.O. It didn’t last long, because as it turns out, he wasn’t much a fan of work OR responsibility. Shocker, I know.

    He was however, very funny, and charming to the ladies (obviously), but only in a very superficial way. He wasn’t none too bright, either.

    It’s just sickening to see a man father children he has no intention of caring for. Mandatory sterilization, I say… (yeah, yeah…liberty and all that.) πŸ™‚

  81. TN_Cat says:

    My stupid thought before going to bed after spending the last 30 minutes sorting and matching the socks from the laundry.

    Why the hell can’t they make these damn things reversible!

  82. R.D. Walker says:

    Yep. I bought her a condo in Iowa City and pay her tuition, but she has to pay for the utilities, groceries, gas for her car and whatever else she wants. She needs a job for that. Might as well get used to carrying the load early. Its not like it gets any easier.

  83. sortahwitte says:

    Kudos to Pumpkin! Good job little sis!

    How about a Real Revo Bookshelf? Everyone send their top 5 favorite books? Not the real books; just by like e-mail, like.

    Anybody heard from AFB? Are you out there, sweet thang? We miss you.

  84. Bman says:

    I thought socks were reversible! Somedays I wear them smooth, and the next day I wear them fuzzy. I keep my socks at the foot of my bed. It’s actually quite convinient. I have a tendancy to wear my socks when I get under the covers. After several minutes I end up using my big toe to peel them off, leaving them in the smooth/fuzzy state. And there they sit until morning just waiting for me to get dressed. If I remember, on the third day, I place them in the dirty clothes hamper, although I must admit that I have been known to lose track of days.

  85. Bman says:

    Good idea Sorta- a Revo Book Club would be pretty damned cool. Im just finishing up The Roots of Obama’s Rage by D’Souza. I would recommend that one

  86. R.D. Walker says:

    A book club you say? Hmmmmmm…. Let me noodle that one over. Get back to you tomorrow with thoughts. Must… sleep… now……

  87. notamobster says:

    I am particularly fussy about my socks. I detest dirty socks or socks with holes (other than the entry hole, of course). I bought a new pack of dense, form-fitting, ankle socks (with the gray bottom from heel to toe) last week and have been reveling in their wonderous glory for a week. It’s a celebration each morning when I put them on. My wife thinks I’m nuts.

    (in my defense, I took a nasty cut to my right calf when I was 14 or 15 and it required an amb-a-lamps and 17 stitches. When the EMT removed my shoe, I had a hole on the toe of my blood-soaked sock. NEVER AGAIN!) πŸ™‚

  88. Bman says:

    Church Socks (holy socks) are bad news. Nothing more irritating than a big toe sticking out. Through the years I’ve learned that occasionally cutting toenails helps prevent such an abomination

  89. TN_Cat says:

    My wife hates the job of sorting socks. She throws them all in a basket all week then bats those big brown eyes and asks “can you separate the socks?”. Yep, I’m a sucker for those eyes.
    Last Christmas The kids asked me what I wanted, I told them socks from all of them but they had to all get the exact same socks. It helped some but dammit it is a bitch to always to have to either turn them right while dirty, or after washing.

    Love the idea of the book club!

  90. slaphappypap says:

    If I didn’t have to wear shoes to work. I would wear sandals. No Socks!!

  91. Locke n Load says:

    Book club sounds like a great idea. And quite…less than manly. I don’t give a damn, sign me up. I’ve seen enough of the literary references in here to know we aren’t a bunch of fluff readers. That said, Orson Scott Card is AWESOME. If you have a 10 yr old with a taste for sci-fi/philosophy, turn them on to the Ender series.

  92. Locke n Load says:

    I’m spent. Forgive me guys, it’s been one hell of a battle. Hurricane Flu has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm but I still need the sleep or this bitch is gonna regain steam.

    RD, I read that article. Yer right. I owe you a response. That makes at least 3 posts I need to get to finishing. Sorry, just. No. Energy.

  93. Bman says:

    Here ya go Locke- pleasant dreams, sweetpea πŸ˜‰

  94. R.D. Walker says:


  95. Locke n Load says:

    Think that guy has ANY idea how big a moron he is? Almost made the shallow end of the gene pool a little shallower…

    Bman, that song is fantastic. The whole soundtrack is really. Considering the meaning of the song I’d say it was damned appropriate. After spending 7 days in a truck with NO HEAT at temps hovering in the 10 degree range AND fighting that flu I did in fact consider death preferable to the intense misery. No shit, I flirted with the idea of a hospital for a while there. Something tells me the truck heater going wasn’t helping things too much. Spent all of yesterday tearing my truck apart trying to find the culprits and found two. Proud to say I managed to diagnose and repair the whole mess myself. Now if I could just get out of the rain in Laredo…

  96. sortahwitte says:

    I thought I could pick my 5 favorites. Too hard. Here’s 5 of my favorites in no particular order.

    “Alas, Babylon” Pat Frank. 1959. A walk through a small Florida town at TEOTWAWKI.

    “The Art of War” Sun Tzu. about 2000 years ago. On the reading list for Marine officers and NCOs.

    “The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks” Donald Harington. 1975. Pure escapism.

    “Guns, Germs, and Steel” Jared Diamond. 1997. The fates of human societies.

    “My Utmost for His Highest” Oswald Chambers. 1935. Daily prayers and devotions.

  97. R.D. Walker says:

    Today: 11:11 1/11/11

    That is all.

  98. R.D. Walker says:

    Hey! That trucker didn’t pay the toll.

  99. Locke n Load says:

    Daaaaamn. That folks, is why we 18 wheelers obsess over our brakes. Interestingly the Feds have brake condition LOWER on their penalty scale than shocks and suspension stuff. Your govt at work: 5 times the regulations and dozens of changes, a complete reworking and networking of all national records keeping, no grandfathering of old rules, re-adjudication by proxy of any past violations and what do we get? A new rulebook that no state police understand, a nation full of PO’d truckers, no improvement in safety, and even less respect for the system. Damn fine job CSA!