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  1. Bman says:

    Reminds me of my ex-wife when she would plop herself in a chair….

  2. Van-a-gram says:

    RD on his way to Memphis apparently….

    “Man ‘high on bath salts’ arrested in bra, panties, accused of stabbing goat.”

    A US man found wearing women’s underwear and standing over a goat’s carcass told West Virginia police he was high on bath salts.

    RD Walker of Alum Creek was arrested at his home on Monday. A criminal complaint in Kanawha County Magistrate Court charges the 19-year-old with cruelty to animals.

    Sheriff’s Deputy JS Shackelford says witnesses reported Mr Walker standing near a neighbour’s pygmy goat in a bedroom. He was wearing a bra and female underwear. The goat had at least one stab wound.

    Corporal Sean Snuffer says Mr Walker indicated he had been high and “wasn’t in his right mind”.

    Mr Walker was held on $50,000 bond yesterday at the South Central Regional Jail. Jail records didn’t indicate whether he had a lawyer and no listed phone number was available.

    Read more:

    (Ok, maybe I changed the name in the story just a little…)

  3. TN_Cat says:

    Actually looking forward to the debate. My one wish is they remain respectful of each other, be honest and stick to policy and direction.

  4. TN_Cat says:

    My Man HC kicked butt!

  5. DarthJay says:

    So in a comment about deficit reduction, Nancy Pelosi said the following:

    “I don’t see how you can possibly talk about serious deficit reduction without talking about three things: cuts in spending; waste, fraud and abuse, which we are always on the alert for; and a change in the revenue scheme.”

    In another amazing turn of events, she released the following statement just a few minutes ago:

    “Yes, it’s true — my sh#t doesn’t stink”

  6. notamobster says:


    When you’re on the dashboard, look above the publish button. It shows a timestamp for the post. If you click edit and set the time for later (which I did) you can set items to auto post at whatever time you’d like.

    I changed it to 1830 hours. If you want to change it back to now, feel free. Enjoy your celebration and congrats on the closing, brother-man!

  7. notamobster says:

    At one point Brad had a post schedule for thanksgiving (or some other important day) like 10 months in advance.

  8. Bman says:

    Oh cool! Thanks Nota! Yep the deal is done! I am now part of the property owning gentry and Lord of the land!

  9. slaphappypap says:

    Happy Weekend Revoistas! Hope all you have a great time in your disclosed location in beautiful Vermont.

  10. notamobster says:

    Alright, we’re hitting the road. Got a bit of a late start, but I feel much better than I did the last couple mornings.

  11. locke n load says:

    drive safe guys, damn fine meeting you both.

  12. TN_Cat says:

    Did AFB make it?

  13. locke n load says:


  14. TN_Cat says:

    Yeah, that is. Have not seen anything from her in a while either. Hope our little Sis is doing OK.

  15. TN_Cat says:

    Their only 6 weeks late reporting this genocide. I guess if the Muslims only kidnap 50 to 100 women and girls a day it is not considered news worthy. Or burning down a couple churches a day and killing a handful of men and boys just doesn’t have the impact of mobs blowing up multiple churches.

    They are only Christians being harmed and that doesn’t quite fit the narrative of our peace loving democratic patriots that we supported. This administration is a fucking joke.

  16. R.D. Walker says:

    We have arrived back home. Nice visit Revoistas. It was very nice.

    Now back to business.

  17. TN_Cat says:

    Glad your home safe. Sounds like you guys had a blast.

    Your rookies did a great job of filling in.

  18. sortahwitte says:

    Sunday, 2152. Home and all is well. We spent a lot of time on the trip reflecting. And our conclusion: What nice people! And other things.

  19. sortahwitte says:

    Sorry. I tripped over the enter key.

    The other things include our feelings that the fiesta was a family reunion with loved family members we just hadn’t seen in a long time.

  20. slaphappypap says:

    Damn! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Sorry I missed it. Maybe next time!

  21. Uke says:

    Best make sure you plan for a 2012 RevoFiesta. I would be remiss to miss two in a row.

    Welcome home, Revoistas.

  22. locke n load says:

    Glad to hear you put it like that Sorta. That was exactly how I described my first meeting with Brad and RD..
    Felt much the same this time in between the alcohol induced delirium.
    JD, I am SO gonna wage an epic payback next year.

  23. jacksonsdad says:

    1:45 EST … got home about an hour ago. Hey LnL… 805 miles in 12.5 hours. Not bad for a rookie, huh? I hope everyone enjoyed mucho safety on the roads. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions for my trek.

    I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed meeting such a great cast of characters. Good folks all… interesting and diverse and funny as hell. If we truly are judged by the company we keep then I say “BRING ON THE JUDGEMENT!” I’m proud to call y’all my friends.

    Many thanks to everyone but a special SHOUT OUT to RD and MB for creating something truly special… a place where good people congregate and communicate. Having now met several Revoistas face to face the verdict is in… The Real Revo is a treasure. I now cherish it more than ever. Like SORTA said, it felt like family (only BETTER)!

  24. jacksonsdad says:

    I look forward to it bro…. I’ll make sure to bring the recipe for “Call-a-Cab”. ;o)

    Better yet, I’ll mix up a few gallons in my home blender and bring it to the next Fiesta. We can call it “No Need To ‘Call A Cab’ Punch”…. the ‘Punch’ that really packs a punch!

    Of course, the PUNCH could be a reference to ‘the day after’… when you feel like you got your ass kicked (and punched).

    How ’bout this…

    “No Need To ‘Call-a-Cab’ Punch and Kick”…. the ‘Punch’ with a ‘Kick’ that makes you feel like you got punched AND kicked…

    That stuff hurt so good… an aptly named beverage if there ever was one.

  25. notamobster says:

    It was a great time! Great folks. I am so glad you all made it.

    As for the tales of drunken debauchery, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. πŸ˜‰

  26. R.D. Walker says:

    Sometime when we were in Memphis, the Revo received its millionth uniquie IP visit.

  27. notamobster says:

    That’s awesome. A million unique hits and none of us were around to see it. Figures.

  28. jacksonsdad says:

    Hey TN… the dipsticks in CA ‘passed’ on my invention so I’m on to option #2. If you know someone who you think may be interested I’ll be considering that option #3 before I go back to square one.

    The CA firm wanted me to refine/develop the prototype further but I don’t have the skills or money to do much better than what I already made. I’m gonna need someone with the vision to see the potential and gamble a little for a HUGE payoff.

    Meanwhile, my belief that this product will be as well known as a ‘post-it note’ is undaunted. I’ll get it there the hard way if I have to but…. I’m still hoping to catch a wave and ride it in.

    Anyway, I re-posted my contact info on the protected thread from May 4th. Please let me know if you have any advice/suggestions.

  29. TN_Cat says:

    Hey JD
    I’ll call you tonight and share my thoughts.

  30. jacksonsdad says:

    That’s a big 10-4 good buddy. I look forward to hearing your voice and your thoughts… perhaps we’ll even get around to talking about the invention. ;o)

    Have you ever met LnL in person? Never have I been so wrong in my minds-eye picture of what a person (who I feel like I know but never actually met) is gonna look like.

    He could be the son of the guy I had pictured. Factoring in how young he looks I would even say he could be the GRANDSON of the guy I had pictured.

    I hope that’s not offensive in some unforeseen way cuz I mean it as the highest of compliments. His writing reminds me of my father. Dude possesses wisdom FAR beyond his years and yet… somehow… it doesn’t show on his face. It’s remarkable (hence i remark).

    He’s a bit older than me but NOBODY would pick me as the younger one in a lineup. I think that “Call-a-Cab” might have added a crease or two tho…

    Look forward to talking to you TN and Thank You for taking the time.

  31. Locke n Load says:

    no offense taken, Sounded like a compliment to me actually. Can you imagine what my clients thought back when I was in the markets and my 20’s and 30’s?

  32. R.D. Walker says:

    Charlie Sheen Locke was exactly what I expected. But of course we have met before…

  33. slinger says:

    any chance the 1 millionth visit was from Norway?

  34. R.D. Walker says:

    I haven’t identified the exact visit. Why?

  35. slinger says:

    Just curious πŸ™‚

  36. Bman says:

    I’m betting it was Germ

  37. Jim22 says:

    No wifi last night. Tonight, in Nebraska, I have to say a couple things:

    1. Great to get to now the other Revoistas. Faces to names and that sort of thing but it made me understand what’s important. Friends like Nota and his brother Eric the red, Brad, and Sorta. Those are people who want to be involved in a friendship.

    Brad has his share of BS but that’s OK. He’s a good man. Mrs. Jim22 thinks he is a delight.

    Sorta and Mrs. Sorta, are delightful people. I will never be alone as long as I know people like them.

    Nota and his Bro. are complex and I approve of their sympathies. If the world could take lessons from them we would get along better. Their opinions that we should hold the next get-together somewhere outside of a city suits me fine.

    Of course Locke was a big part of the get-together, as was Mother Load, and Mrs. Jim22 wants his recipe for the green salsa.

    Jacksonsdad was there and contributed a tremendous amount to the meet-up. Thanx Chris. We’ll never forget you and I hope Mrs. Chris was OK with you missing Mother’s day. Give her a kiss.

    Thanks to RD for the dinner on Beale St. It was unexpected. We all planned to pay our own way but you did call the meeting. Thanx and we are looking forward to next time.

    For those who missed it, plan to attend next time. It probably won’t be in Memphis during a flood.

  38. R.D. Walker says:

  39. BrunDawg says:

    Chicago; No [Free] Breakfast For Kids Wearing β€˜Wrong’ Shoes At Grade School. Which begs the question, is withholding handouts that you have been trained to depend on punishment? Is it torture? Is it all welfare programs? Nice little community you got organized there.

  40. jacksonsdad says:

    Thanks for that vid RD. I’m still dryin’ my eyes.

  41. Sortahwitte says:

    My hat is off the the ladies of the Revo in Memphis.

    Mrs. Walker. Longsuffering, beautiful sense of humor. Neat, neat neat lady. Did I say I like her a lot?

    Mrs. Jim22. I fell in love when I first saw her. And conversation confirmed it. A beautiful match with Jim.

    Mother Load. What a fortunate guy is Locke. A beautiful, smart lady for a mother. And I think he got be with his mom on Mother’s Day. I think.

    Mrs. Witte. Loving, patient, very longsuffering, always up for an adventure. “You’re going to Memphis to meet your little friends from the right wing internet? Sure I’ll go.”

    Don’t miss the next one.

  42. jacksonsdad says:

    “The Right Wing Internet”…. I Love It! That goes in “The Memphis Chapter” for sure!

    Ditto on the RR Ladies; total packages all. In the timeless words of Crash Davis… “Long Legs and Brains”.

    They leave nothing to be desired.

  43. TN_Cat says:

    Wow, she grew up fast. There is no girl left, that’s a women.

  44. Bman says:

    She looks like the Punky Brewster chick

  45. MadBrad says:

    With just a few thousand dollars I could send her to the Funk Pro Wrestling Conservatory in Ocala, Florida to let Dory Funk Jr. and associates break her into the business. I’ll bet she could work like a natural. She’s good on the dance floor so that’s a big head start.

    I can see it now…

    Billionaire Brad Bush, the most hated manager in ALL of Independent Pro Wrestling presents Bristol Pistol, the Killa from Wascilla.

  46. MadBrad says:

    Now back to the Revo Ladies, yes they all exhibited grace while participating in this most unusual but as it turns out completely natural good time. Seriously, it is easy for us to under appreciate how good it is to have the lady of your dreams accommodate her man like the Revo Ladies do. That’s some good stuff right there.

  47. TN_Cat says:

    Kill a from Wascilla! That’s awesome Brad.

  48. Jim22 says:

    “There is no girl left, that’s a women.”


  49. BaconNeggs says:

    Hey guys, I’m back in the Revo house after a close call with my mum, who after a huge scare three weeks ago, is now thankfully, almost back to normal health.

    From my remote destination, I did on occasion catch little bits of the news from Memphis and even drank a couple shots of Caribbean Rum for our departed pal “Bin Leadead”.

    Anyway it sounds like you all had a super time and its good to be back home and in Revo land once again.

  50. R.D. Walker says:

    I was wondering wear you were BnE. I know for a fact they have the web in Grenada! πŸ™‚

  51. TN_Cat says:

    Glad your Mom is OK BNE and good to have you back.

  52. Bman says:

    Good to see ya BnE! Now, if we can just find Rudejude!

  53. BaconNeggs says:

    >> I know for a fact they have the web in Grenada! <<

    RD you dont know how fustrating it is to be looking up from the seashore valley, at not one but two cell towers, perched on the side of a mountain and yet my cell phones wouldnt work, unless I was a couple miles away from my mum's home.(I'll have to ask Big B about that, hahaha).

    The few times I went to the Internet Cafe I had to be quick. Anyway I could see as usual, you guys hitting the targets pretty good.

  54. Bman says:

    I like Bristol Palin’s “Before” picture….

  55. notamobster says:

    Welcome back, BNE. Glad to hear your Mom is okay!

    I will try to email RJ – Bman…

  56. R.D. Walker says:

    Bin Laden had a huge porn stash.

    A stash of pornography was found in the hideout of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. commandos who killed him, current and former U.S. officials said on Friday.

    The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive, according to the officials, who discussed the discovery with Reuters on condition of anonymity.

    These radical Muslims gotta be the most sexually dysfunctional people in the world.

  57. notamobster says:


    Osama bin Jerkin it.

  58. R.D. Walker says:

    Me, I don’t even own a pornograph to play the stuff on.

  59. BaconNeggs says:

    No show, only tell.

    Bin Leaded Raid was all caught on headcam according to media spin.

  60. Locke n Load says:

    Osama bin Jerkin it? lol, love it.

    I’ve lost track of all the stories being circulated reagrding Osama’s death but now Porn? It wouldn’t surprise me at all but I wonder if it isn’t just counterintel noise? If it isn’t true its a stroke of genius just the same, lol.

  61. Locke n Load says:

    btw, been home doing the birthday thing, out next week. gobs of honeydo’s to make up in the meantime.

  62. R.D. Walker says:

    Changing everything you know about chopping wood.

  63. jacksonsdad says:

    Dayum… how nice is that?

  64. Locke n Load says:

    One girl’s off shopping for party clothes, while I got some time with the 6yr old.. not bad form, eh? First time with the Red Ryder

    1st time

  65. notamobster says:

    Looks like she’s doing great. Daddy should teach her better handling of firearms than to lean them haphazardly against a plastic chair. πŸ™‚

    Is she left-eye dominant? Looks like she might be trying to focus with her left eye while shooting right handed.

  66. notamobster says:


  67. slaphappypap says:

    Who do I have to ask to be in the “The Real Revo Inner Circle?” Or does it contain some sort of hazing.

  68. slaphappypap says:

    Bman’s beer tutorial.

  69. notamobster says:

    slap: check your email… I sent you the super-double-secret-handshake.

  70. sortahwitte says:

    Hey! This weekend in Dallas at Cabelas I bought one of those shrimp, chicken, okra, etc breading shakers. Yes, please, the name of the seasoning. I don’t think I could ever do as good as shrimp that Brad made, but we’re gonna make some anyway.

  71. MadBrad says:

    The name of the stuff I used on the shrimp is House Autry Seafood Breader.

  72. R.D. Walker says:

    It is a southern thing… Not available in OK, MI or IA. No wonder I never heard of it.

    Looks like you can order it online from Wal-Mart.

  73. BaconNeggs says:

    I used to be a big MLB Fan, but over the years much like the NFL my intrests have waned as the money and greed have come to dominate both Baseball and Football.

    Anyway an interesting financial article that probably is true not just about ticket prices in baseball and sports but in general but other areas too, as the economy force people to wise up.

  74. BaconNeggs says:

    LnL nice to see you and your girl having some fun times. I wonder what the rabbits and chickens were thinking about all this target practice.(Hahaha).

    I am guessing Granma still does the dispatching.

  75. notamobster says:

    I see that a Kroger in Kentucky sells it. That means that the Kroger 15 miles from my house will get it for me, when I request it.

    Or….. you can just buy it here:

  76. TN_Cat says:

    Are we witnessing the beginning of an all out middle east war? If Obama doesn’t step in immediately and show support for Isreal, how long until this test escalates?

    Scary shit!

  77. notamobster says:

    working on it, right now….

  78. R.D. Walker says:

    Sortahwitte and Mad Brad demonstrate the need for House Autry Seafood Breader.

    Click to super-duper enlarge.

  79. notamobster says:

    Quote of the week:

    “Thanking Obama for the death of Bin Laden is like thanking Ronald McDonald when you get an extra cheeseburger in your bag. It’s the guy at the counter you should thank, not the Clown in the picture!”

  80. R.D. Walker says:

  81. R.D. Walker says:

    One of the mysteries of nature: Why do whales sometimes beach themselves?

  82. notamobster says:

    That’s so wrong.

    Don’t worry, I haven’t turned all sensitive. It’s wrong, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. πŸ™‚

  83. sortahwitte says:

    I see moose knuckle, but where is zero? It looks like she lost a lot of weight. Good for her!

    In the picture of the shrimp, notice Brad’s technique of safety first. If hot oil should splash on his right hand, he can immediately apply the cold beer bottle to the burn. Of course he wasn’t drinking beer, only holding the first aid bottle.

  84. Locke n Load says:

    Interesting. isn’t that the hand with the nasty boiling oil burn on the finger? lol

  85. R.D. Walker says:

    I am dealing with personal matters that will keep me out of the loop most of the day. My posting will, therefore, be light.

  86. jacksonsdad says:

    Trump’s out. He gets my vote for MVP (Most Valuable Patsy) for finally flushing some stubbornly floating BS and placing some reluctant red meat directly on the front burner.

    A Big Gold Star to The Donald for taking one for the cause.

  87. R.D. Walker says:

    Top story in the local news…

    Shot Reportedly Fired In Iowa City

    That this is a big deal and newsworthy is probably one of the best aspects of living in Iowa.

  88. Van-a-gram says:

    L&L: Vanagram’s oldest daughter out with her weapon of choice: Pink BB Gun
    (Note that she accessorizes well with matching pink shoes….)

  89. R.D. Walker says:

    Sharing photos of our kids with guns, huh? Okay. That is my son – the tallest one in the second row – at the Blackwater Compound in Virginia when he was in the 1st Ranger Battalion.

  90. Locke n Load says:

    Van, very nice! I’ll look for the pink version next time. I set the girls’ cause back a little bit yesterday by making a rookie mistake during lessons. After telling them about making sure to consider everything downrange when firing, how to carry, when to shoot, etc, …I went and pulled a double ricochet and took out a neighbor’s window. Fuck. ManI tell ya, didn’t hear the end of that crap for about 3 hours.
    Next job when i get home again: build a stinkin pellet-gun target trap. Duh.
    And RD? Your sones a good lookin guy and all but lets not hurt him by comparing him to a couple young ladies. Not fair to the boy… πŸ™‚

  91. R.D. Walker says:

    I was just tweaking you guys since, between the two of you, there is an infantry fire team of girls but nary a son. πŸ™‚

  92. Locke n Load says:

    Yeah, aint that a bitch? We can launcha PMS brigade tho, I wouldn’t screw with them THAT week of the month.

  93. R.D. Walker says:

    Don’t need no guns for that. The PMS Brigade could kill with icy stares and interlocking fields of bitchiness.

  94. Locke n Load says:


  95. Van-a-gram says:

    Dawg– a design flaw that the Hall of Justice and Zombie House have in common–the zombies can still get in the pool during lock-down mode.