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  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Karmic justice….

    Man dies while raping elderly South Texas woman

    During the assault, he said he wasn’t feeling well, rolled over, and died.

  2. BrunDawg says:

    Phu Cat? That explains a lot.

  3. Jim22 says:

    “Congressman Anthony Wiener has approached US Attorney General Eric Holder for the a VP slot for a possible 2016 Presidential run.

    That would make it the Wiener-Holder campaign, now that would be the ticket…even I would get that bumper sticker! Hah!”

  4. Kenneth says:

    Some days, you just don’t have any luck:

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    That is one bad day. I can’t even imagine the chain of events that led to that outcome.

  6. DarthJay says:

    America CEOs…please watch this and learn a valuable lesson.

  7. jacksonsdad says:

    Great view of the eclipse…

  8. Bman says:

    Cool site Jackson. I had the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse back in ’77 or ’78 , in Goldendale, Washington. I was about 4-5 years old. I remember 3 things about it
    1. It got dark
    2. There were a bunch of hippies chanting and praying to the moon, and
    3. This guy was there.

    I recall he had a John 3:16 sign

  9. jacksonsdad says:

    I always thought this was quite a coincidence (in reference to SOLAR eclipse from wikipedia)….

    “The Sun’s distance from the Earth is about 400 times the Moon’s distance, and the Sun’s diameter is about 400 times the Moon’s diameter. Because these ratios are approximately the same, the Sun and the Moon as seen from Earth appear to be approximately the same size: about 0.5 degree of arc in angular measure.”

    So… our moon just happens to be the perfect size and distance from our sun so that (from time to time) the moon precisely blocks out the sun so that we landlovers on Earths surface are reminded to chant and pray. Hmmmmm….

    The Good Lord works in mysterious and (and wondrous) ways indeed.

  10. slinger says:

    Why is it that all of my children have an intense desire to shove beads or goodly eyes ( up their noses and get stuck?

    I am thankful for long, skinny tweezers …

    FWIW, beads are much easier to retrieve than googly eyes.

  11. TN_Cat says:

    Choking Hazard
    This package contains small parts that may present a choking hazard.
    Not suitable for small children

    I’m even tempted at times to push up a few googly eyes myself.

  12. slinger says:

    Vegetarians rejoice! Now you too can eat tasty meat and not feel the least bit guilty. It is also “green” … Bon Apetit environmentalists.

    Is this real?

  13. Air Force Brat says:

    Slinger — sort of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Eat shit”, doesn’t it?

  14. sortahwitte says:

    But not as vitamin enriched as Soylent Green.

  15. Uke says:

    Thank you. That is all.

  16. Bman says:

    Whateva Uke…Whateva….

  17. notamobster says:

    Red Wings!

  18. Kenneth says:

    I’ll just leave this here…

  19. Kenneth says:

    The house is incredibly warm without air conditioning. I love Texas, but that summer sun beats down on ya like crazy.

  20. BrunDawg says:

    9:30 am CST – Weiner to step down (rumor)

  21. Uke says:

    Friggen Canucks.

    Yeah, I’ve always held high distaste for violence and destruction in the wake of sporting events. Far preferable to engage in acts of creation, instead:

  22. R.D. Walker says:

    Kenneth makes another gain in the writer rankings!

  23. R.D. Walker says:

    ‘I woke up in the wrong life’

    Naomi Jacobs went to bed a 34-year-old mother – but the next morning was convinced she was 15 again. She describes how she fought a rare form of amnesia to find her way back to the present

  24. Kenneth says:

    Sweet! Spot eight, I have my eye on you.

  25. notamobster says:

    And they’re solid contributions. Good onya, Kenneth. The more content you put up, the more load we take off of RD (though he is the main attraction around this joint).

  26. R.D. Walker says:

    Without the other Revo Writers, I would have given up long ago. Thanks for all you do to keep this site alive.

  27. Uke says:

    As has been said before, thanks for creating this home for us in the first place.

  28. Uke says:


  29. R.D. Walker says:

    That is a great photo Uke but it just has to be a Photoshop, right?

  30. Uke says:

    I’d like to think so. But sporting event rioters can be really retarded sometimes (read: most of the time). I wouldn’t put this past ’em.

  31. R.D. Walker says:

    I meant the couple making out on the street. I am sure the cop car molotov cocktail is real.

  32. jacksonsdad says:

    Headline at The Daily Caller…

    The End of a Headline Era
    Weiner pulls out after long and wild ride; member couldn’t keep it up any longer, limps away

    Read more:

    lmao! This has been one for the time capsule for sure. It still makes me chuckle so I wish it had lasted a lil’ longer but alas… all good THINGS MUST COME to an end.

  33. Uke says:

    Oh the couple? Hell if I know. I wouldn’t put that past rioters either. But as with all such cases, I am far, far from a Photoshop Sherlock. I rely on a basic smell test and that’s about it.

  34. Uke says:

    In a whole ‘nother dimension of screw-loose:

    Someone at the RTB sent me these pictures with a story about how this guy showed up for his son’s graduation from basic training at Fort Benning dressed like this.

  35. notamobster says:

    Wow, Uke! That guy helped liberate everybody! Ever! And he’s a qualified, paratrooper, sniper, pilot, EOD (master level), and apparently made the first moon landing.

    They should’ve punched him in the face…

  36. Kenneth says:

    Maybe I’m just tired, but this is making my sides hurt from laughter:

  37. Kenneth says:

    And in Texas to boot. Awesome!

  38. R.D. Walker says:

    Uke: Ha! He only has senior parachutist wings. Pogue.

    I really want to know the rest of the story with Rambo there. WTF was he thinking?

  39. R.D. Walker says:

    Good God! Check out the sponsor list for the Netroots Nation meeting! It makes my hair stand on end.

  40. RJ Murphy says:

    New Encouragement in the American Way of Life

    Makes me proud of our American principles.

    RJ: I went ahead and moved that here where it is better suited.


  41. RJM says:

    Works for me! Thanks!

  42. Uke says:

    More info on Soup Sandwich up there from SOCNET:

    A little background; this picture was taken in the foyer of my Battalion HQs. My SDNCO came and got me, and I was addressing this guy when I’d had enough and told a Company XO to get a picture of this clown.

    He came looking for my CSM to file a complaint because a Drill Sergeant had shown him disrespect…We had a little Q&A before I called the MPs, and his claims were so outlandish I’m not sure where to begin. From head to toe–

    -He wears the Green Beret because he was ‘assigned to JSOC’…as a loadmaster.
    -He was medically retired (you know, cause he was wounded and all) and cannot tell me the circumstances of his Purple Heart nor his Silver Star (or BSM-V).
    -He says he served in Iraq and AFG, so that is why his CIB has two stars…

    I’m fairly certain he served in the Air Force for a little while, and probably was a loadie; he knew too much to be a civilian. I had the SD photocopy his driver’s license before the MPs took him.
    He showed up to OSUT graduation this morning in cutoff multicams, a cheesy ‘Death from Above’ tshirt, and a Special Forces baseball cap…His 28 year old stepfather/PFC is married to his 54 year old mom.

    More here.

  43. R.D. Walker says:

    Awesome. Purely awesome.

    I seriously don’t think this qualifies as a stolen valor incident. Too absurd to be taken seriously…

  44. notamobster says:

    He’s probably a stoner whose friend married his MILF and was triiping when he showed up to the graduation.

    What a tool.

  45. notamobster says:

    Netroots sponsors:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the word “underserved”

    (community, demographic, market, whatever)

    and think it should say, “undeserved”? The projects in my town have free wireless internet. Winning the future, over?

  46. Uke says:

    Winning the future, over?

    I see what you did there.

  47. notamobster says:

    Starting some time this weekend, I will be incommunicado for the next week or so. Incogneto, even. I have some super-special, ultra-top secret, G-14 classified shit to do.

    I’m moving… to a big house out in the country (no land line or cable internet available) to make Mrs Nota happy and the sattelite internet won’t be hooked up for a week.

    Maybe Brad can try to close that gap I see up on the right. Just sayin.

  48. Kenneth says:

    Nota, while you’re gone, I will steal your spot. I just have to come up with a thousand decent posts. Although, if you think about it, it can’t be that hard. That’s only, what? Just shy of 150 posts a day for a week? πŸ™‚

  49. Kenneth says:

    My survival saturday post will be about the 7.62×39 round and the firearms that use it. I’ve owned a CMMG AR-15, but I don’t have a lot of experience with the 5.56×45 round. Would someone like to cover that? I just don’t think I could do it justice, but if we’re talking of the one round, it wouldn’t be right to not do the other.

  50. Kenneth says:

    The May issue of G&A covered a stress test on piston-driven ARs. Pretty cool results. I think it proves that the AR, with few changes, is every bit as reliable as an AK. Of course, IMHO, the reliability issues of the AR were always overblown.

  51. BrunDawg says:

    –I’m not clowning around.–
    A guy tries to rob a clown in Chicago last night. Then produces gun to prove that he is serious. The clown is an off duty cop who grabs the gun and kills the robber.,0,5829475.story

  52. sortahwitte says:

    In the Chicago I used to know and love, the cop would be given an award for pest control.

    In Shitcago, he’s probably in BIG trouble and al notsharpton and jesse the molester have chartered a jet and are on the way.

    And I’m not crazy about most cops from that city. God have mercy on him.

  53. BaconNeggs says:

    So this is Obamas route to “draw down”, do like the spineless British Government and start buying the Taliban off with cash payments. Pretty please, dont hurt us, we just want to be your friends.

    This is yet another in a string of insults lately, to those who gave up their lives to oppose these evil Jihadist.

  54. Jim22 says:

    Didn’t see Doreen in Memphis:

  55. TN_Cat says:

    Not the biggest jazz fan but really enjoyed this clip. Thanks for posting. She can play!

  56. TN_Cat says:

    Texas Revoistas, Perry made a very impressive speech at the RLC. What is the scoop with this guy? Does his history support his words?

  57. Kenneth says:

    Perry is a Rino. He’s not interested in much if anything but the continuation of his own power. Some of the crap that he’s signed into law is simply beyond belief.

    Although I will say that I tend to like him on budget issues. We had a $10 billion rainy day fund until the damn demonrats decided to start raiding it.

  58. Notamobster says:

    Tn – look up on the Revo – Rick perry

    Dude tried to steAl tons of private land for nafta highway til the tea pRty folks stood up.

    Then he decided to. Co opt same.

    Damned iPhone and it’s little squRes.

  59. R.D. Walker says:

    Is your pool guy insured and bonded?

  60. Bman says:

    Apparently you can’t find RD’s favorite song on youtube anymore….but I found this gem.

  61. R.D. Walker says:

    Much as I hate to link to the Daily Kos, you really need to read this post over there. It is the most concentrated cocktail of sanctimony, ignorance and self-parody I have seen in a long time.

  62. Bman says:

    Enjoy the day folks. From here on out, the days are going to get shorter and shorter. It’s so damned depressing

  63. Uke says:

    @RD: I considered picking it all apart for the garbage it is, but realized it’d have to be longer than the article itself.

    What a load.

  64. R.D. Walker says:

    Funny you should say that, Uke. I was going to fisk it myself and even started. Quit for the same reasons. Most of it was just straw men bullshit anyway. For example, “I like health care, I don’t know why, I just do” sort of crap. I mean, WTF? Who are these people who hate health care?

  65. Uke says:

    Clearly conservatives and libertarians.

    I also loved that line about how he doesn’t own guns, is probably ideologically opposed to them by the way he speaks, but is planning on getting a couple for self-defense anyway.

    Shit, need to stop. Dismantling and/or harping on retarded arguments is addictive, I tell ya.

  66. sortahwitte says:

    Bman, I really like the ‘song’ and video. And I am looking forward to the weekend!

  67. BaconNeggs says:

    An interesting account of the Iowa Army National Guard in an ambush by over 100 plus massed Taliban Jihadist, having fire rained on them from all direction, yet…

  68. R.D. Walker says:

    As a veteran of the Iowa National Guard and the current partner of man who is the father of one of the soldiers in Afghanistan in that unit right now, let me just take this opportunity to say “hooyah!”

  69. BaconNeggs says:

    Social Security and Medicare Solution.

    Another one Anne knocks outta the ball park.

  70. Kenneth says:

    Will do, Bman.

  71. Kenneth says:

    Definitely feeling the void from lack of Nota and MB in the comments πŸ™

  72. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, and Locke too. This is the fourth June of this site and each and every June hits and comments drop to a low. Every year June is the slowest.

  73. Kenneth says:

    hmm… Wonder why that is? I can’t really think of anything that would directly cause that.

  74. BrunDawg says:

    Post office can’t afford to contribute to employee pensions.

    WASHINGTON (AP) β€” The financially troubled Postal Service is suspending its employer contribution to the Federal Employee Retirement System.

  75. Mad Brad says:

    It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach.

    A human hair can hold 3kg of weight.

    The length of a penis is usually about 3x the length of the thumb.

    The femur is as hard as concrete.

    A woman’s heart beats faster then a man’s.

    Women blink 2x as much as men.

    We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand.

    At this point, a woman has read this entire text; a man is still looking at his thumb.

  76. jacksonsdad says:

    We’ll see just how much attention this gets on the alphabet networks…

  77. Jen says:

    MB – haha! Great text.

    Maybe posts are fewer in June as the warm weather is finally here and people are spending more time outside and less time on the computer. My lame excuse is that I’m 9 days away from having a baby and my energy level is almost completely gone. I keep thinking about writing a post and that is as far as it goes. πŸ™‚

  78. R.D. Walker says:

    That is DEFINITELY NOT a “lame excuse.”

  79. Kenneth says:

    Congratulations, Jen! I had no idea.

    Looks like Bman has his eyes on McLaren’s spot. I try to do four posts per day, but I never realized how time consuming that actually is. I still take Sundays and Mondays off, though. I got so used to going to the revo for the day’s news, I actually have forgotten many of the good sites I once visited on a daily basis. Some women are golf widows, my wife may be turning into a revo widow πŸ™‚

  80. Locke n Load says:

    wise words for Nota, straight from Mr Prine πŸ™‚
    congrats on the new place

  81. Locke n Load says:

    RD and Ken,
    if I’m any indication then June is one of the busiest times of the year for shipping and stocking. Unfortunately I’ve been underwater with 3 months straight of catofreakinstrophic repair bills, clusterfucks, mortgage nonsense, real estate search BS, looking for a new truck and haggling with the corners of the continent,.. Jesus, it just doesn’t end. I’ve been getting hammered from every which direction for 12 weeks now and frankly I’m fried. Whats the point of posting if I can’t add anything to the discussion? Ya’;ll are doing a bang up job but I cabn barely even keep up with Drudge at this point.
    Case in point: truck fried Sat, spent next 3 days chasing down parts countrywide as the shops didn’t think it a priority. Finally get it all together andf they try and deny a warranty and charge me 3 grand. Finally get THAT shit straight and accelerate north out of Cheyenne to Alberta and back to Billings in 28 hours. Drove 25 of them. Zero sleep.
    next up: find a way into Chicago to get my brother moved out west then somehow get back to the house for July 4th THEN get out and make up for 8 weeks of massive repair ills before comeing home for a few days.
    Absolute fucking HELL.
    Sorry I haven’t been by but it’s nice to know I’m missed. When I can be, I WILL be back.

    PS: Is the middle East a glowing slag heap yet? I’ve missed so much…


    Whoops, time zone lag.
    twenty NINE hours out and twenty SIX driving. Calgary aint worth it.

  82. Kenneth says:

    Wow, Locke, that does sound pretty damn hectic. Best of luck with all that… What’s the word? Fun? πŸ™‚

    No, the middle east is not the world’s largest glass exporter yet. Honestly, news from the area hasn’t changed much.

  83. R.D. Walker says:

    Good God Locke! Hang in there man. The Revo can wait out the June doldrums. I hope fate stops conspiring against you soon.

  84. Kenneth says:

    Watching commodities and the stock prices today, I can’t help but be reminded of the lead up to the crash of ’08. Interfere with free market fluctuations and you will always pay the price. Bastards.

  85. Locke n Load says:

    Thanks RD, me too. Time to either drive this rig inbto a lake of Holy Water or get a new one. As the first seems unlikely, the second is the game plan.

    Ken, what I said here about Gold prices applies to ALL commodities. First a slump, then the run up.
    Oil prices are doing exactly what we should expect in a situation when demand takes center stage.

    markets seem to be digesting the “stimulus” idea floated recently and the lack of Fed bond buyers… Thisshould be a very very interesting summer. The PIGS are getting worse too. “Contagion” is such a dirty word to the Euro traders….

  86. Jim22 says:


    If you think you are tired now wait until the nightime feedings begin.

    If this is not your first child please disregard. You already understand.

    Best of luck, hope everything goes well.

  87. Jen says:

    Thanks! This is actually number 4, so I know many more sleepless nights are ahead. I’m also obviously not heeding the advice of Al Gore on “fertility management”.

  88. TN_Cat says:

    That is so exciting! We all have a new Revoista on the way. In some kind of strange way, I feel like an uncle.

    Glad to see ya back. Wish your time away was for a few weeks on the beach, sipping on cold ones and rating the bikinis. Stay positive as usual buddy. Things will rebound.

  89. Uke says:

    Jen about 8 days away now? That’s outstanding, congrats!

  90. Jen says:

    Unless she decides to come a bit earlier, Hannah Margaret will be joining us on July 1st. We’d decided the middle name would be Reagan if a boy (after Ronald, of course) and Margaret if a girl (after the Iron Lady).

  91. Jim22 says:

    Good for you. Sorry for trying to tell you what you already know.

    I love the name(s).

    Again, good luck. Childbirth is a lot safer than it used to be but I’d like to wish you luck – and a Godlike child.

  92. Jen says:

    Thank you!

  93. Bman says:

    Jen- try and encourage a July 4th birth. Best wishes!

  94. MadBrad says:

    This is awesome. Some good stuff gets shared here. I will be joining the other Revoistas in prayer for a happy and healthy delivery. Another Warrior will soon be joining us.