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This off topic thread brought to by Dr. Leonard McCoy and the real reason they called him “Bones.”

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  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Whatever you do, don’t fall in!

  2. jacksonsdad says:

    I’m gonna miss Raquel. She gave me good feelings every time I saw that pic. Time spent with Raquel is always too short.

    I’ll bet even Andy Dufresne, with sweet freedom beckoning just around the corner, was torn about leaving her behind.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    Congress refuses to support Obama’s Libya mission and then refuses to defund it. In other words, no change. This isn’t even worth a front page post.

    Oh, and JD? Here is Ann Margret in Danang to cheer you up.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Times sure change. I was browsing The Pittsburgh Press of Jul 1, 1913 and saw this in the help wanted section… Check out the ads.

  5. slaphappypap says:

    For the record:

    It’s 1:47am.

    Pabst Blue Ribbon does the trick.

    Bman is right.

    That is all.

  6. jacksonsdad says:

    Just in case you haven’t had your daily head explosion, here’s one that’s sure to deliver…

  7. BaconNeggs says:

    F-ing savages!

    Jihadist blow up a maternity ward, but its okay folks, it was an accident.

  8. Notamobster says:

    RD – why, pray tell, were you browsing the Pitt press from 1913?

    The training regimen of champions is beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals, I suppose.

  9. BaconNeggs says:

    The Captains women.

    I know there has been so many, but honestly ole Tiberius Kirk sure did get into the clinches with some fine women.

    I have been trying to pick just one and damn its hard. Hahaha.

    Check the link…

  10. BaconNeggs says:

    F-ing savages! Part 2 and 3

    Jihadist dupe and then blow up an 8 year girl “suicide” bomber.

    Jihadist husband and wife dress in Burkas blow up police.

    These are the people with whom our politicians are currently making shady deals for “peace”.

  11. R.D. Walker says:

    Nota: On the Internet, one thing leads to another. The Grand Army of The Republic coast-to-coast highway runs near my home. I decided to look it up. That led to a discussion of the GAR in general. That led to a discussion of the 50 year Gettysburg anniversary encampment of old vets from both sides in 1913. That lead to looking up the contemporaneous news accounts of it. That led to looking at the Pitt press from 1913 and browsing over to the want ads.

    Check it.

    See? I ain’t nuts. 🙂

  12. sortahwitte says:

    Wow, I just spent 2 hours in 1913 in Pittsburg. The news reports of the soldier re-unions were very touching. The visiting between the north and south was remarkable.

    I have seen an old newsreel that was recorded either in 1913 or at the 75th re-union in 1938. It shows the old gentlemen reaching from each side of the stone wall and clasping hands. Most had long, white beards.

  13. BaconNeggs says:

    In view of Chavez near death experience in Cuba under “the best Health Care system in the world”, I got to thinking.

    One of the things that is pretty common in the Government run NHS Hospitals, in the UK and Canada, is periodic epidemics of patient contracting diseases they neaver had until they visited a Government run Hospital. Most of these diseases come from Bacteria passed by staff, patients and cleaning staff who spread these germs around the Hospital.

    Given that most of these Government run systems also enforce clean air clean water and clean environment you would think that they would at least be able to keep their government run Hospital building clean and germ free. Alas for Chavez and others…

    So, I am curious, how do US Hospitals compare, do US Hospitals also have these outbreaks that kill tens of people every couple of months like our government run NHS run hospitals do in Cananda and the UK seem to?

    Here in Niagra Falls Canada, yet another C-Difficle outbreak.

  14. Van-a-gram says:

    Great Clip….

  15. slaphappypap says:

    The City of Chicago spinning a story????? Say it ain’t so!!!

    Hope you bought a sling shot Brundog.

  16. Bman says:

    I read this on a “fact check” section of a newspaper. This was in response to what Bachmann said
    “One. That’s the number of new drilling permits under the Obama administration since they came into office.” — Comment to a conservative conference in Iowa in March.

    The Fact Check-

    “The Obama administration issued more than 200 new drilling permits before the Gulf oil spill alone. Over the past year, since new safety standards were imposed, the administration has issued more than 60 shallow-water drilling permits. Since the deep water moratorium was lifted in October, nine new wells have been approved.”

    Someone explain this to me.

  17. BaconNeggs says:

    Here in the UK we recently had an outbreak of online Hackers attacking prominent websites.

    It turned out to be the usual “Skiddies” in their parent bedrooms and basements, F—ing around for kicks and treasure.

    But in trying to understand this story I came across an individual who seems to be locked in war, and is actively fighting back against these online idiots and some quite dangerous people, be it Jihadists, wikileaks or just general Skiddie assholes, by giving them a taste of their own medicine, and bringing down their sites and crashing their computers.

    Check it out…

  18. slinger says:

    If you need a laugh, watch Brian Regan talk about the ironing board:

  19. Bman says:

    Worst. Name. Eva.

    His BFF’s name is David Gaywad

  20. Notamobster says:

    I Apologize for my absence but finding intertoobs in the sticks is hell!

  21. Kenneth says:

    Dear Revoistas,

    I think I’m officially done with the internet. Please, carry on without me.

  22. jacksonsdad says:

    My back has been aching more and more since January 2007. I wasn’t sure why until I happened upon this pic and the light bulb went off…

  23. BaconNeggs says:

    This is almost like a scene from Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear, …an idiotic do gooding couple, go to live among remote jungle tribes and becomes….

  24. R.D. Walker says:

    BNE: That report can’t be true. Don’t you know that all primitive societies are good and decent and moral and loving and caring and far superior to anything from the West or the Modern Era? Haven’t you seen Dances With Wolves, the Last Samurai or Avatar?

    The pin-cushion guy and his whore must have been, you know, exploiting the tribesmen.

  25. BaconNeggs says:

    Hey leave Avatar out of this, hahaha.

    Damn good movie of Jonah versus Goliath and not some quasi socialist plot, others claim to see.

  26. Uke says:

    Aw hellllll no. Avatar isn’t a “David v. Goliath” trope at all. It feeds into the pure “Noble Savage” mythos. Anything and everything that the primitive culture does is better and more righteous than the technologically-advanced-but-corrupt race.

    Now, if you’re looking for the “David v. Goliath” ideal in movie, look no further than the Rocky or Star Wars movies.

    (I still liked Avatar, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pure “Noble Savage.”)

  27. BaconNeggs says:

    @Uke, Aw hell yeah, I wanna see Rocky or Luke Skywalker just try and use the force to ride a Terradactyl at blinding speed, straight down a mountain canyon face, hahaha.

    Seriously though, yes Avatar does go heavy on the “Noble Savage” and the wisdom of the “ancestor network”. But if you really think about it that “ancestor network” could be likened to a moral tradition of the ten commandments, because it was mostly about a code for protecting and guiding “the people”.

    Anyway its a fictional movie, but for some reason a lot of “conservative wisemen” choose to view Avatar as some kind of sinister commie plot and others seem to jump on that band wagon because…

    So when I actually got around to watching the movie after all the hullabaloo, I had to wonder what some of these people were smoking.

    On reflection maybe I conceed somewhat to RD, as Avatars “hero” does turn his back on modern civilisation and go “primitive”. So in that sense, yes it is the elevation of the noble savage above the evil civilisation.

  28. BaconNeggs says:

    I make no secret, I like Anne and her spirit and her spirituality, which is saying something for a non beleiver. Anyway…

    Powers, Principalities, Prayer & ’78 Chryslers (2)
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – June 28, AD 2011 5:28 PM MST
    If ever there was a 16 year old who needed a car, it was me. I was taking 12 hours of college classes and working 30 hours per week, with half of those hours in a town 25 miles away. If you’re wondering why I wasn’t in high school, it is because I dropped out at 15 after watching gang bangers pull pistols on each other in the hall, three girls being raped in quick succession by said gang bangers, and finally a gang banger in my study hall looked at me and said in full voice within eight feet of the teacher, “Girl, you uptight. You need a good f***.” Given those events coupled with the fact that I hadn’t actually learned anything in years, I determined that Leavenworth High School would no longer be burdened with my presence. So yes, even as a tender child, I had balls like church bells and was a fearless, aggressive decision-maker. Deo gratias.
    Anyway, my father bought a 1978 Chrysler Cordoba for my use in February of 1993 for $1300. And, like all of us poor things produced in the United States in the late ‘70s, it was a real piece of crap. It had the 400 cubic inch V-8 with the 4-barrel carburetor. Oh, the carburetor. It had a dead spot in it such that it wouldn’t idle and upon acceleration from a stop would give you just enough power to get you exactly in the middle of the intersection or sitting perfectly astride the train tracks before coughing and dying. I’m pretty sure I pushed that car farther than I actually drove it. As a remedy, we installed a manual choke, but the car was so physically huge and the choke knob was so far under the dash that I literally had to duck my head completely under the dash to reach the choke. Thus, many an old lady was horrified by the yellow Chrysler next to them at a stoplight with huge truck tires on the rear, being powerbraked to 2700 RPM (no joke) with no visible driver. That car built character.

    Anne kindda reminds of Madbrad, both are spirited, check out the rest below, click the link and scroll down for the rest of the story.

  29. R.D. Walker says:

    I did a review of Avatar before I actually saw it. It is here…

    I have since seen it. My review holds up well.

  30. sortahwitte says:

    BnE, you have GOT be at the next Fiesta.

  31. BaconNeggs says:

    Happy Independence Day, hope you enjoy this fitting anthem the National Emblem…

  32. BaconNeggs says:

    Thank you Sorta, I’ll ask RD to invite Anne B,(can you imagine Anne B and Madbrad in the same room, hahaha) and I’ll definatley be there in person and not just spirit.

  33. sortahwitte says:

    New, confirming information just in! Osama is really dead. He just registered to vote in That Shithole formerly know as chicago.

  34. Uke says:

    That is really damn cool.

    I wonder though… with that exoskeleton, does that make soldiers light infantry or now mechanized infantry? Hmmmm…

  35. R.D. Walker says:

    I sure hope Notamobster gets that Internet connection figured out. The place isn’t the same without him.

  36. R.D. Walker says:

    Just so you know, the Real Revo Spam watchdog caught 6,980 spam messages in June alone. This site would be unusable without it. Here is a random sample of the sort of wonderful spam posts you are missing out on…

    Thanks sharing outstanding informations. Your current websiteis thus cool. We have been impressed by the main things that you’ve for this blog. The item reveals just how nicely anyone perceive this specific subject. I’m attracted to this fantastic website given and it has now presented me a dedication to have success for a number of purpose, and so thanks.You should keep it up forever! Good Luck. http://spam.url.con.

  37. Kenneth says:

    At least the spam likes what we’re doing 🙂

    I hope no one minds, but I’m taking the week off. I didn’t intend to initially, but I’ve had a lot of stuff come up. I’ll still lurk in the shadows this week. When I return, I will move up another spot 😀

  38. BaconNeggs says:

    7th of July 2005 London.

    The mass bombing of the London Underground Rail by Islamic Jihadists who killed 56 people.

    Today, I hardly heard a mention of it here in England. Endless celebrity drivel and phone hacking storms in a tea-cup, its almost like this event never happened.

    I mentioned it at work only to be tolde said… you are always picking on the Asians. I had to quickly school them by pointing out the person who killed the most people that day (27) was a 19 year old drug dealing Jamiacan convert who came to Britain age 5, hated white people and yet had married two white women and had children, by the time he killed those innocent 27 people on 7th of the 7th 2005.

    Lest we forget!

  39. R.D. Walker says:

    Hurry back Ken.

    Nota too.

  40. Jim22 says:

    Trailer for Palin’s new movie, ‘The Undefeated’:

    The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

  41. TN_Cat says:

    LNL too RD.

  42. R.D. Walker says:

    Yep, this place has the summer vacation blues.

  43. sortahwitte says:

    Every time I go down US75 toward Dallas/FW I look for LnL’s truck, but I don’t know if he traded vehicles.

  44. Jim22 says:

    He’s still using the same truck. he wants to change but not yet.

  45. R.D. Walker says:

    Here is a comment from a post….

    I’m pretty sure that at least half of these people are actually having orgasms.

    My guesses from top to bottom: Laughter, orgasm, orgasm, huge orgasm (probably a squirter), orgasm, toss-up, orgasm, laughter, laughter, multiple orgasms.

    Now here is the post. (It is safe for work.)

  46. R.D. Walker says:

    Anybody here ever have anybody offer them a million dollars for a couple hours of work? No? Suckers.

    Casey Anthony Offered $1 Million For TV Appearance

  47. sortahwitte says:

    The pictures of the ass kissers include 2 morons, 1 pinhead and 1 weenie wagger. The rest do terrible things to small animals.

  48. R.D. Walker says:

    Sorry music fans. I had a busy non-blogging week and what with my co-bloggers off on vacation, I just didn’t have time for a hit parade. Back next week.

  49. BaconNeggs says:

    Sign o the times… shitheads stealing power cables, public sculptures and manhole covers, etc to sell to shitty scrap metal dealers.

    But now it seems that some have sunk even lower, and are stealing home AC units for scrap metal value.

  50. BaconNeggs says:

    As much as I like the simple life, I know I wouldnt do this myself, wins $3.4M but choose to live life pretty much unchanged.

  51. Notamobster says:

    ThAnks rd. I’m working like a fking slave. Not a minute to spare. I will tell all. Upon my return. Damned iPhone.

    Just let it be known… All you union bitches combined … Got NOTHING! On me. Fking bitches.

    I will give full disclosure upon my intertoob return.

  52. sortahwitte says:

    BnE, my favorite stories are those where the expendable people go into an active transformer sight. As they are trying to steal wiring, etc. they are turned into crispy critters, aka greasy smudges. They are so numerous now, they don’t receive so much as an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards.

  53. Locke n Load says:

    Pefectly understood Nota. Life doesn’t intrude on the Revo, it simply takes its rightful role occasionally 🙂 Get that new place set up, get your wife and kids comfortable, and kick some Union ass. See ya when you get back.

  54. Locke n Load says:

    Damnit! heard this song today and for the life of me can’t get it out of my head! Only one cure for this torture…pass it along to YOU.

  55. sortahwitte says:

    Thanks a lot, LnL. I hated that song when it was new.

  56. jacksonsdad says:

    I know I’ve posted this before but I felt like I needed a laugh today and this always delivers…

    Sign text reads:

    Due to the frequency of human-bear encounters, the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch is advising hikers, hunters, fishermen and any persons that use the out of doors in a recreational or work related function to take extra precautions while in the field.

    We advise the outdoorsman to wear little noisy bells on clothing so as to give advanced warning to any bears that might be close by so you don’t take them by surprise.

    We also advise anyone using the out-of-doors to carry “Pepper Spray” with him is case of an encounter with a bear.

    Outdoorsmen should also be on the watch for fresh bear activity, and be able to tell the difference between black bear feces and grizzly bear feces. Black bear feces is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear shit has bells in it and smells like pepper.

    rotflmao… it works every time!

  57. TN_Cat says:

    I have to share this experience last night flying out of Phoenix. Let me preface this by saying that never, in decades of traveling the world, have I witnessed anything like this.

    Going through security, on the right side, was a line of 8 beautiful young ladies, all in nice little flimsy sun dresses. Of course, being a guy I cue up. A security officer taps me and points to the line on the left. All guys going through the old magnetic scanners. The girls, all going through the naked scanner. I walk through, collect my shit, and stand back and watch. Sure as shit, every young pretty girl is being put through the new scanner. To make things worse, as the girls exited the machine they had to push through a line of male TSA agents lined up watching the parade. I wish I had a video on my phone.

    Are we still in America?

  58. R.D. Walker says:

    Sick shit right there, bro.

  59. TN_Cat says:

    It is RD. I can’t imagine witnessing this in another country. So blatantly obvious in their actions and no worry whatsoever. It was absolutely numbing. Don’t have another adjective to describe it.

  60. Locke n Load says:

    TN, if you had filmed that you could have helped those girls get some assholes reprimanded. That tape would have gone viral. Bummer ’bout that phone…
    If they pulled that shit on my wife and girls I’d probably be in jail for assault

  61. TN_Cat says:

    I was flying alone and had to bug out after a few minutes or I was going to jail. I think what bothers me as much as the actions of the TSA is the complacency of the girls. Like they didn’t care. The only thing that seemed to bother them was having to say excuse me to get through the line of agents. I don’t think they even realized everyone in their line was young, female, pretty and in a thin dress.

    I just have this twilight zone feeling. What the fuck is going on?

  62. Locke n Load says:

    Exactly what you’re thinking TN. Or what i think yer thinking…
    Government is bad enough, intrusive enough already, but as it grows larger and more tentacled it also grows more distant from its source of power. Its true purpose gets obscured and each tentacle redefines its reason for existence. With little or nothing of its daily activities tethered to an original mandate the entities become like malignancies on the system, ethics and mores develp into dept specific systems. In that insulated world ethics can be fluid perversions of the universe that mandated the department’s existence in he first place. Until or unless an outside check is put on their behavior there isnt much liklihood of self correction.

  63. TN_Cat says:

    Exactly LNL. Glad your back because I couldn’t have written it as you. Perfect!

  64. Locke n Load says:

    Cant believe i spit that out with a migraine. At 65mph.
    thanks tho. glad it was coherent 🙂

  65. TN_Cat says:

    I can only write from personal experience. Even in the Philippines, one of the most corrupt, overbearing governments I have ever seen (RD spent time and can back me up) the airport security separates men on the left, women on the right. You go through 2 or 3 checkpoints depending on the airport, stand on a box and get wanded and patted down. If they tried to integrate, the men would tear that country apart in revolt. Even the most corrupt country knows their boundaries. What have we become?

  66. Locke n Load says:

    Caligula’s Rome?
    Honestly man, i don’t know. We’re so far off the Constitutional Republic path that i have trouble defining it anymore

  67. TN_Cat says:

    Damn, that was funny. Almost choked on that one. With that, I have to hit the sack. Drive safe buddy.

  68. R.D. Walker says:

    “We gotta eat our peas.”


  69. jacksonsdad says:

    I’m so damned disappointed…

    I thought of that 15 years ago and never pulled the trigger… almost identical design in my minds eye. Using the inertia of the car to trigger the light bars’ warning enables it to be added to virtually any car independent of the existing electrical/ braking system of the car.

    A great idea that is simple, inexpensive, improves on current offerings AND is a huge safety upgrade… and I thought of it 10 years before the guy who was granted the patent.

    Shame on me for sitting on my hands on that one.

  70. BrunDawg says:

    A must read on history repeating itself. Do you really want to use food stamps as a down payment on a house?

    …the government has ordered bank defendants to post in all their branches and marketing materials a notice informing minority customers that they cannot be turned down for credit because they receive public aid, such as unemployment benefits, welfare payments or food stamps.

  71. R.D. Walker says:

    Holy shit! This is written syrup of ipecac! You should print this out and keep it in your medicine cabinet in case the poison control hotline tells you to induce vomiting. Reading this nearly caused me to pass out due to swirling nausea. Seriously, this is the written equivalent of a bloated, maggot infested, week-dead skunk floating in the containment pond at a hog confinement facility. Read it at your own risk.

    How Can We Not Love Obama?

  72. R.D. Walker says:

    Eighteen years seemed a little harsh until I read what this guy did. He earned every minute.

    Minnesota Wi-Fi hacker gets 18 years in prison for terrorizing neighbors

    By the way, you will notice it was the victim’s employer who cracked the case, not the police.

  73. Bman says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat….

  74. R.D. Walker says:

    The croc sure looks very dry for coming out of the water like that. What happened to its right foreleg? Seems to be gone. The light on the arm of the guy with the pole is on the top but the light on the beast is from the side. It seems to me that in order to get that high he would have to launch out of the drink like a Polaris missile. That is a pretty small splash for a Polaris missile.

    Otherwise I would say it is definitely real.

  75. Bman says:

    I thought at first it was fake…but then look at where all the eyes of the people are focused; right at the crocks head.

  76. R.D. Walker says:

    It looks like it is about a 25% exaggeration. Still impressive. So is my eye for Photoshop. 🙂

    Click to enlarge (The photo and the croc.)

  77. jacksonsdad says:

    People would DEFINITELY be shitting themselves being so close to a maneater that size. No way they would be calmly taking snapshots.

  78. jacksonsdad says:

    I’m still not buying it unless the friggin’ thing was long dead and they were just dragging it along.

  79. R.D. Walker says:

    It is a real leaping croc but it is grossly exaggerated in size. I believe even more so than the 25% indicated above. I’d say twice as much.

  80. R.D. Walker says:

    Here he is in video. I still say greatly exaggerated in size in the photo.

  81. R.D. Walker says:

    Remember Suzy Bogguss?

  82. Locke n Load says:

    Damn RD, I don’t know how well you know that woman or her work but you managed to pull out one of Mrs Jim’s favorite songs. Gotta admit, I’m more familiar with the Ian Tyson original. He’s worth digging into, great stuff. Sometimes dude I’m just amazed at how many odd coincidences there are represented in this forum..

  83. Bman says:

    How can a guy like a girl like this….she’s ugly!

  84. Bman says:

    Today is Bastille Day

  85. trebor snoyl says:

    Has anyone noticed how much we are being bombarded on radio & TV with “Helpful advice,” from the Federal Government? There are ads from HUD, FEMA, H&HS, Dept of Agriculture, FBI, Homeland Security and other Federal agencies, along with assistance from the Ad Council. Recently I learned that the National Institute of Health was sending out two one dollar bills to encourage folks to fill out a questionaire on AIDS. I wonder what’s next from the Obama propaganda machine…”Geben sie mir das papieren?”

  86. R.D. Walker says:

    Here is some video from folks I imagine to be friends of Mad Brad. The audio is NSFW. The rest is pretty funny.

    Dumb asses…

    On Independence Day…

    “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty; it ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” ~ John Adams